Monday, September 23, 2019

Public smoking bans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Public smoking bans - Essay Example There are a number of reasons for banning smoking in public places. First, such smoking endangers non – smokers, by exposing them to side stream or second hand smoke. Such smoke has been seen to cause dangerous ailments to the person who inhales it. Second, an undesirable example is set for the suggestible children, when smoking is permitted in public. Third, such prohibition enables smokers to discontinue smoking, thereby enabling them to lead a much healthier life (Khilawala). Fourth, banning smoking had legal and moral basis, which has proved to be successful in preventing young adults from falling prey to this deadly habit. Fifth, the proscription of smoking in public places has made it much more attractive to visit a discotheque or bar. Finally, the forbidding of such smoking has significantly reduced the number of individuals with cardiac complaints (Khilawala). There is consensus amongst the scientific community that smoking is extremely hazardous. It has now been confirmed that tobacco smoke results in cancer, cardiac ailments and strokes. However, it is essential to recognize that smoking harms the non – smoker, who happens to be in the vicinity of an individual who is smoking, to a much greater extent. Such passive smokers are at a considerably greater risk of contracting deadly disease (PROS vs. CONS). Furthermore, the non – smoker is forcibly exposed to smoke; and therein lies the iniquity and inequity of this untenable situation. Therefore, there is every justification to call for and impose a total ban on smoking in public. This is essential, if passive smoking is to be prevented. A recent report was categorical in declaring that approximately 440,000 denizens of the US die every year, due to the ill effects of smoking. Male smokers reduce their longevity, on an average, by 13.2 years; whereas, their female counterparts achieve a reduction of 14.5 years. The data on smoking reveals

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