Sunday, September 8, 2019

Information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Information system - Essay Example These products are obtained through the food products manufactures. Fine Food Company finishes and packages these products for resale. This research is based on the detailed analysis of the new technology support implementation at the different business divisions of the Fine Food Company. Here I will present the detailed analytical and technological analysis of the new business and information technology based systems implementation at Fine Food Company. This report will be composed of the different analysis regarding assessment of the feasibility of the new information technology implementation. This will also specify the some of the leading technology solutions for the business setup. The business of the Fine Food Company has obtained a steady growth in the business and organizational structure and offered a better business handling and operational support for the all departments. Despite of extensive enhancements the currently operational paper based working structure; the performance of the business is still lacking high performance. This makes the overall working structure less effective. The management of the business desired to implement a new technology based structure that offers the business enhanced performance and working capability. FFC management desired to implement the new information technology at four main departments or these are listed below: The main strength of the new technology based system implementation. This new technology based structure will standardise the overall business operations and management handling. These systems will automate the overall business operations and will offer the easy handling of business data recording and effective management. The main weakness behind this technology implementation is need for the effective human resource regarding the implementation of the new technology based platform. This will require the extensive investment in all areas. These can be human

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