Saturday, September 28, 2019

Benefits Of Becoming A Famous Sports Person Marketing Essay

Benefits Of Becoming A Famous Sports Person Marketing Essay In our vast world today, sport has become a rapid growing industry which most people regard it as a form on entertainment in their daily life. We live in an urban age where technology is so advance which enables us to watch live broadcasts of any sports we enjoy watching through various sports channels such as ESPN which cater to any sport fanatics needs. Firstly, people enjoy watching and playing sports as they wish to pursue their dreams in becoming a famous sportsperson one day. These enthusiastic sportspeople must persevere with full determination and concentration in excelling in their performance at the sport they have chosen. In my opinion, becoming a famous sportsperson brings many benefits to ones life as an individual would be able to reap special rewards, a countless sum of income, popularity amongst his fans, living an exclusive lifestyle and the ability to give training methods to inspiring athletes in the sports world. 2.0 2.1 – Rewards â€Å"I’ve won th e competition!† It is every famous sports person’s dream to be able to say this phrase. It is undeniable that winning in competition are crucial, whether for a famous sports person or an ordinary sports person. Everyone wants to perform well in their competition; the question is, what causes famous sports person work so hard for it? In my opinion, they want to get rewards from branded companies and government. 2.1.1 – Sponsorship From Branded Companies A famous sports person usually able to get sponsorships from branded companies. This is because they work really hard and almost win every competition. Examples of branded companies are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Yonex, Carlton and Reebok. Sports persons need a huge amount of money to carry out their daily training, buy their sports equipments and accessories. Without the sponsorships, they will face a lot of obstacles in their sports life. Our famous sports persons – Olympic gold medalist and Jamaican Sprinter Usa in Bolt, they had just renewed their sponsorship arrangement with Puma until the end of 2013 lately. So Puma became the official supplier of training, performance, footwear and lifestyle apparel for Usain Bolt. Now, Usain Bolt can focus fully in his career without worries. 2.1.2 – Government Incentive Besides, government incentive will be provided to the famous sports persons. This is because they have the responsibilities to take part in local, international and global tournaments. For instance, Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei is to be made a Datuk by the Penang Government. In the other hand, Malaysia Government also rewarded a cheque of RM300000 for winning the silver medal at the Olympic Games and a mock cheque for RM3000 as the pension reward. The pension payments are for life. In short, the famous sports persons definitely will get sponsorships from branded companies and government incentive as long as they maintain their excellent performances. Sports persons ach ieve iconic status instantly with awesome performance and hence are selected by top brands for endorsing their goods. 2.2 – Income Sports, apart from being a good way of testing an athlete’s expertise and skill, are also big money. Today, sports persons achieve iconic status immediately with excellent performance and hence are selected by top branded companies for endorsing their goods. Apart from prize money and salaries, this is also where many famous athletes make most of their money from. This has become a recent occurrence of paying millions of dollars to athletes as income, which makes most famous athletes filthy rich.

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