Saturday, September 14, 2019

Is Coffee Drinking a Social Problem? Essay

Social issues are matters that cannot be controlled by individuals and is most often created by the social environment that the individual is socializing in. Social issues are discussions that have a direct effect on the everyday life of society and are usually politically related. Some examples of social issues are poverty, violence, justice, and violation of human rights, equality and crime. A social issue usually involves discussions of conflicting viewpoints that create tension between the disagreeing parties. With this said, one may ask, â€Å"How then, is it possible for coffee drinking to be called a social problem? † Coffee drinking is a socially accepted norm that dates back to the 16th century when the first coffee house was established in Persia where it gained a reputation as a social gathering place. By 1652, the coffeehouses were places where the British would go to conduct business or read the daily paper. Eventually is provided a refuge for coffee patrons to discuss politics and ideas. Pretty much the same purpose coffee drinking serves society today. 1950’s America established coffee drinking and houses as places of intellectual gathering. In modern America, coffee drinking has provided a social alternative for the youth that are not allowed entry into bars due to age restrictions. It gives them the taste of being in a bar like atmosphere but without the dangers that those alcoholic bars usually present to under age drinkers. Coffee drinking is now considered a sophisticated social act with places like Starbucks creating sophisticated coffee drinks and atmospheres for the drinkers to talk about. There is no merit to the idea that coffee drinking poses a social problem. Coffee drinking is not a social problem but a social enhancement or solution in most instances. It is also a healthy alternative for most people who are withdrawing from real social problems like substance or alcohol abuse. It is an alternative lifestyle for those who dislike the disco and bar scene as well. Work Cited: Social Benefits of Coffee. Coffee and People. 2003-2004 Retrieved February 23, 2007 from http://www. ringsurf. com/info/Food/Coffee/Benefits_of_Coffee/Social/.

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