Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How does Turkey affects the Middle East and especially Syria Essay

How does Turkey affects the Middle East and especially Syria - Essay Example Turkey has been relating very well with most of her neighbors and acts as a model of moderation and mediation in the Middle East. This writing focusses on the position of Turkey regarding Syria as well as her relation with other countries in the region. Turkey is a contiguous transcontinental country lying between Western Asia and Southern Europe making it to act as a link between the Western region and the Middle East region. Turkey has had an increasing involvement with the Middle East in her broader frame of her foreign policy which extends to her relation with Western Allies. Turkey represents a n Islamic democracy which is integral for Western and the Islamic powers. Turkey’s position in the Middle East is seen by some other leaders as unwavering and does not represent the true spirit and opinions of many Turkish (Balci Web). Turkey is one of the powerhouses in that geographical location and neighboring countries wants to better their relationship but we have an unstable and volatile Prime Minister who is drunk and deranged with power so Turkey should not get physically involved with Syria or interfere with their internal affairs. Turkey is such an important nation not only in the Middle East because of her position to expend pronounced efforts to enhance peace, stability, democracy and tolerance in the Middle East. ... The country further plays a major role in distributing energy from Middle East to Europe which is very critical in the global economy. Also Turkey is seen as promoting Islamic democracy because it stands as a modern Islamic country which connects both the Western and the Islamic world (Demirtas Web). Turkey has always acted as a mediator and peace facilitator with her neighbors. It has attempted to democratize the Muslim world in the Middle East. Although seems to be uncertainty concerning her relations with neighbor after the introduction of the â€Å"zero problem with the neighbors† by the AKP regime, Turkey’s conflicts with her neighbors happen to eliminate the doctrine (Demirtas Web). The country has had several concerns which have seen it in an international unwarrantable situation by the fact that Europe tries to ignore her interests such as request for membership in the European Union. Even as Turkey was using her economic and political predominant role amongst h er Muslim neighbors to enhance peace in the region, her neighbors feel that Turkey is alienating them. For instance there has been deterioration of relations between Turkey and Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia which may negatively impact the country (Candar Web). Entrance of Erdogen as a Prime Minister in 2004 was a major comeback for turkey as it tried to court her neighbors such as Syria and Iran and Ankara too reconciled with Damascus. However, tie between turkey and Syria was very close such that their forces conducted joint maneuvers while their foreign ministers came up with strategic cooperation council (Candar Web). They even signed huge economic contracts but the relationship did

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