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Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Edgar Allan Poe The Raven - Research Paper ExampleIt was possible that Lenore was the deceased woman being referred to in the poem (Cummings , comparability 9). The poem tells of a bereaved man who is completely devastated by the preoccupied his loved one, Lenore. Suddenly in his moment of sadness, a raven appears who keeps on repeating the word nevermore, as if telling the man that he will never see his beloved again, not purge in heaven.As in most works of Poe, The Raven has a very black bile relish which is emphasized by Poes use of words such as weary, dreary, innocent, dying, sorrow, darkness, stillness, ebony and grave (Cummings , par 7). He also uses intrinsic and end rhymes and alliterations to enhance the theme of the poem.The Raven was first published on January 29, 1845 in the New York evening Mirror (eNotes.com, Inc. , par 1). It is said that the sources of The Raven are Elizabeth Barrett Brownings Lady Geraldines 1843 lawsuit, Charles Dickens Barnaby Rudge and the dickens poems by Thomas Holly Chivers, To Allegra Florence and Isadore (eNotes.com, Inc. , par 1). Poe revealed in his The Philosophy of Composition that he wrote nigh cobblers last in The Raven after asking himself what it is among the universal understanding of mankind is the most melancholy (Poe , par 20). Furthermore, he also asked himself what it is that is most universally appreciable and his answer was beauty (Poe , par 13). Having these two topics in mind, he then thought of combining them and writing a poem about the death of a beautiful woman which he considered the most poetical topic in the world (Poe , par 20).In terms of symbolism, Poe also considered using a parrot in the poem because it was capable of speech. However, he decided to use a raven instead since the theme of the poem is melancholy. A raven is cognize to be a bird which symbolizes ill omen thus, Poe decided that it was more

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Business Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Business Law - designation Exampleattentiveness, shunning conflict amidst their individual interest and those of the prevailing principal and submitting revenue collected on behalf of principal (Goldman & Corrada, 2011).Conversely, principal s duties entail compensation of the federal agent as agreed, indemnification of against claims, liabilities and corresponding expenses incurred in regard to discharging duties assigned by the principal (Goldman & Corrada, 2011). Due to the fiduciary relationship, a principal ought to declaration with agent faithfully and impartially.The principal is liable to indemnify the agent for payments undertaken during the course of the association regardless of the expenditure trustworthy and promoting the principals business enterprise.Conversely, an agent is normally liable to the principal when they act devoid of real(a) authority (Goldman & Corrada, 2011). Moreover, an agent is accountable to indemnification of the principal for the forfeit and de vastation originating from their actions.Employment at- will stipulates that when a worker lacks a written employment contract and the corresponding term of employment that possess doubtful period, then the employer can terminate the worker for good cause or no cause at all.The exemptions to the underlying employment- at- will entail public-policy exemption, implied-contract exemption and Covenant-of-good-faith exemption. Public policy exemption where a worker is use wrongly, when the cessation is in contradiction of the obvious, well-established public policy (Goldman & Corrada, 2011). Implied-contract exemption applicable instances where there is development of contract amidst a manager and worker without expression and written instrument of employment association. Covenant-of-good-faith exemption applies to the manager workers resolutions that are subject mainly to the ordinary reason or termination purely reached in bad motive.Anti-discrimination laws abrogate workplace disce rnment on the foundation of race,

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A Comprehensive research project into the next generation of the buzz Essay

A Comprehensive look for send into the next generation of the buzz word web 2.0 and the technologies that will define it - Essay ExampleIt is touchy to talk about internet without mentioning the Web.Internet started as a communication tool for U.S. military for manduction information over a distance. In 1958 the U.S. Department of Defense started the Advanced query Projects Agency (ARPA). The master(prenominal) aim of APRA was to develop defense technology but later it also became a hub for computer research and technology. APRA wanted to develop a method to connect its base site with its computer research laboratories dust at different locations in U.S. In 1960s, Paul Baran (at RAND) and Donald Davies (at UK National Physical Laboratory) developed a sweet technique called packet switching (as opposed to circuit switching) in order to make the data transmission system more reliable and efficient.In 1969, four computers (located at computer research labs of University of Cali fornia at Los Angeles, Stanford Research Institute, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah) were connected thus creating APRAnet. In 1971, more computers joined the APRAnet (including NASA and Harvard) and number increased to fifteen. The course 1973 saw ARPAnet going global and Norway (Norwegian Royal Radar Establishment) and England (University College of London) also joined the net. The networking protocol was called Network view Program. The total number of host computers connecting through APRAnet increased from 40 in 1973, to 111 in 1977 (Hobbes Internet Timeline). afterward APRAnet, other similar networks were created for special purposes. UUCP connected the computers having UNIX operating system and USENET (Users Network) connected academic community. Networks like CSNET (Computer light Network) and BITNET (Because Its Time Network) were also developed to connect universities and research centers. These networks had the capability to exchang e information with APRAnet and among apiece other. APRAnet was split into two networks in 1980s and a separate

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Management high performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management high performance - try ExampleIn autocratic lead, the attractions possess total authority over their team (Rao, 2010). different members of the team are incapacitated to air their views, even when such opinions may benefit the organizations. Most employees degrade this leadership form. As such, it leads to low work force turnover. However, it may be suitable in situations requiring right away decision-making processes. Autocratic leaders tend to be more than formal than informal and more centralized.Democratic/participative leadership model incorporates opposite team members in their decision-making process thought the final decision-making process is mandated to the leader (Rao, 2010). This capacitates the employees to tally time-to-time suggestions to their leaders for various improvements. Such leaders tend to be more informal than formal and more decentralized.In the article, Is Autocratic Leadership Relevant at present? Rao critically examines Autocratic lea dership over other leadership forms and its suitability in todays environment (Rao, 2010). Rao argues that though this form of leadership is hard-nosed in fields such as the military, it may be impractical to incorporate it in todays business environment, where employees call for incorporation in various decision-making processes and act as core partners, since they drama a key role in the goal achievement of an organization. Additionally, Rao argues that in case a trusty experiences challenges, the leader takes the sole responsibility. Rao also perceives Autocratic leadership to be marred with dissatisfied customers, and the recurrence of absenteeism in spite of appearance an organization (Walker, 2011).Autocratic leadership also creates a weak workforce, owing to the continued fear of the leaders directives. Wrong decisions may lead to unprecedented losses, since employees only follow such directives without questioning (Daft, 2014).Chois article attempts to put forward the key differences of

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How the Black Death Transformed the Role of States Essay

How the sable Death Transformed the Role of States - Essay ExampleThis paper discusses the impact of the Black Death on the role of states. The Response of the State to the Black Death From the 16th century, the state had persuaded the city government, the London Corporation, to perplex steps to stop the pestilence and other maladies. The frequently recommended solution was a kind of quarantine, where the afflicted were disallow to leave their homes.ii Theodore de Mayerne, the kings physician, produced a statement in the 1630s indicating a stricter regulation for food distribution, removal of beggars, and widespread cleansing. Furthermore, he suggested that a public health centre be formed, with power over issues of beggars, cleanliness and sanitation, and health assistance.iii Even though the physician received due respect from the kings counsellors, his recommendations were immediately miss after the plague had stopped. In the period after the 1640s deaths from pestilence wer e unusual, and the pesthouses where the afflicted were confined had been renovated for other functions. A lot of physicians, by 1665, had never observed the typical indications of the epidemic, and London stayed defenceless.iv The Royal College of Physicians, the certifying association for physicians, had been licensed by Henry VIII and had been an esteemed organisation. However, by 1665, its power was greatly diminished due to its historical connector with the state, oppositions from other associations, like the Society of Chemical Physicians, and the reality that totally a a couple of(prenominal) Royal College physicians were works in the city, and several doctors could simply be identified as frauds whose certification had been coerced by King Charles on the Royal College.v Yet, when the Black Death stormed, the Royal College suggested medications and public health actions to mitigate the predicament. The Royal College also financially supported medications for the infected pe ople who could not pay for them. Additional pesthouses were hurriedly constructed, and alleged plague nurses were assign to look after the afflicted, even though many thought that their major interest was to speed up their demise so they could steal from them.vi As usual, the state attempted to fight the pestilence by removing beggars and temperamental merchants from the streets, shutting down courts, schools, and other establishments, and implementing quarantine on the afflicted and their families. Londons economic creation was plunged into pandemonium, and countless animals were exterminated due to suspicions that they carry the virus.vii State-supported exterminators were hired to eradicate cats and dogs and received two pence for each animal as wage. This was a big pay at that time, and Daniel Defoe, who presented a description of the pestilence, assessed that 200,000 cats and 40,000 dogs were killed, and usually the system were left to rot in the streets, hence worsening th e already revolting reek in the city.viii These actions only made the rat population bigger, because nobody knew in during this time that these pests were the main virus-carriers. In September, the state uniform the kindling of flares to expel the epidemic from the air. Countless were dying successively that burying the deceased became a life-threatening hygiene problem. Digging of mass graves was the initial response of the state, but there were very few gravediggers.ix At last, when the October weather chilled, the number of deaths dropped and

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Middle East Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Middle due east - Essay ExampleThis perspective mostly refers to a conventional Muslim female whereby according to the belief ought to conduct themselves in a decent manner, which is having befog.A nonher meaning encompasses preferring hijab other than complete veiling whereby legion(predicate) current global regimes seem to prefer contending of security reasons as sound as in real settings like colleges and universities (Asser, 2006). Since, most people and especially scholars contend it reveals the face of an individual such without violating their rights. However, this argument change religious leaders have vehemently detested contending it is a mere segregation.Different interpretations across many scholars and people globally regarding the issue of veiling stems from varying cultures especially in Arab world as well as certain Koranic verses that are extremely ambiguous (Asser, 2006). Hence, leading to the emerging of numerous arguments concerning where to attracter lin e regarding veiling issue as well as accommodate certain practices that align with it (Asser, 2006).2) roughly Western states have created laws imposing limitations on veiling practices in public spaces. Choose a kingdom discussed in the articles and explain what kinds of limitations are imposed and the justification for those limitations.In this state, the regime barred full-face veil in public places whereby the president contended the practice was basically a way of oppressing the female gender, hence France was not ready to bear it (BBC News, 2014). According to the regime of the day, the female gender ought not to leave their houses while concealment their faces behind veils whereby in contravening this rule star risks a penalty of 150-euro. Those participate in compelling one to have veil in public subjects himself or herself to a fine of 30,000-euro (BBC News, 2014). This ban extended take down to barring of creed symbols in state schools with the intention of

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Stages of Japanese Post-war Economic Growth Case Study

Stages of Japanese Post-war Economic Growth - Case sketch ExampleEconomic Recovery Phase 1946-1950The first phase implying the recovery of Japanese parsimony from the uncomely effects of World War II started curtly after the year 1945. Teranishi propounds that in the wake of the piece War, the Japanese economy confronted with an arrant economical disaster in the form of declining GNP, mounting inflationary pressures, and collapsing production. However, soon after the chain reactorturn in the year 1946, the economy caught the track of recovery. In 1948, the inflation was cut down significantly and production was steadily improved. This recovery and stabilisation period lasted during 1945-50 (139). This period is crucial in the try out of the rapid branch of Japanese economy in the post-war era because this phase started a couple of eld after the war. Also, a study of these years economic activity suggests major changes made to the industrial structure that force on its gro wth. Japan was fortunate in the sense that although it had lost its economic and industrial vivacity as a consequence of the World War II, yet its efficient and effective human resource was still there to bring the country out of the disaster caused due to war. Seldon propounds that, it was not that Japan was building from Scratch True, attention and the industrial cities had been devastated. But there existed large resources of well-educated manpower with a strong determi dry land to become (271). The countrys human resource played a great role in lifting the country from economic downswing to the recovery period. Seldon illuminates that the long-term achievement was to steer the pre-war economy in new directions move slowly away from like to heavy industry such as iron, steel, shipbuilding, and chemical production (272). No doubt, the... This paper describes the rapid economic development in Japan after the year 1945 in the context of various phases it experienced bandage tra velling to the unprecedented levels of growth. This paper identifies several economic phases in the development of post-war Japan, each with some particularised characteristics.Japanese economic growth in the post-war period is considered to be an example for countries struggling against their economic disasters. It has excessively been termed as a miracle owing to the spectacular effort demonstrated on the part of a nation that had just suffered from war, yet that leaped rapidly towards the economic boom.The first phase implying the recovery of Japanese economy from the adverse effects of World War II started soon after the year 1945. In the wake of the certify War, the Japanese economy confronted with an arrant economic disaster. Soon after the downturn in the year 1946, the economy caught the track of recovery. This recovery and stabilisation period lasted during 1945-50This period was successful enough to curb the inflationary pressures as well as restore the production level nearly to the pre-war period. In this period, industries were strengthened by agency of demilitarisation and amendments to the labour laws. The boom of Japanese economy from mid 50s to the early 70s was very well manifested in the growth of the manufacturing capabilities in the country. Not only that, the economic growth even rose above the pre-war level during the mid-sixties and this rapid growth lasted till the early 1970s.

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Differentiate laissez-faire capitalism from state-directed capitalism Essay

Differentiate laissez-faire not bad(p)ism from state-directed capitalism - Essay ExampleThe policy is a passing of the industrialized economy in the modern society. Laissez-faire capitalism differentiates an economy from a state. As such, pivotal decision of the nation is designed to serve the economy. A minimal role for government is called laissez-faire capitalism, from the cut for Leave us alone, supposedly said by the French economist Vincent de Gournay (17121759) to a government administrative official (Dahlman, Carl & William, 472). Laissez-faire capitalism entails manipulating national budgets, redistributing income and formulating national policy for an overall harvest-feast and expansion of a nation.State-directed capitalism refers to a systematic policy where the government contributes largely to the trade affairs target to improve an economy. The expression entails nationalizing resources and incorporating productive enterprise to develop the economy. The state-dir ected capitalism dynamics include privatization of enterprises, raising business markets and providing investment capital for nation building. The program regulates trade affairs generating income downstairs controlled government schematics. This system targets to develop an economy under regulated approaches originating from the government. State-directed capitalism revolves around government involvement in economic developments. The government allocates the necessary resources to break revenues with assistance from other private markets. Direct government participation in the economy ranges theoretically from a communist system, in which both the natural resources and the productive enterprises are nationalizedthat is, owned by the government in the name of the peopleto a capitalist system, in which the state defers to private enterprise and a stock market raises and allocates investment capital (Dahlman & William, 472).. The American economy establishes a capitalist enterprise for national growth and

NesPaper Register Comparison (Linguistics) Essay

NesPaper Register Comparison (Linguistics) - Essay ExampleMore number of function run-in was used in the second article compare to the second article. Function words were described in the 2nd page of class 2 Words and Word Classes. Verbs, nouns, pronouns, were used in high component part by the author in order to describe the fatality and recovery of her father from an accident.The above three differences discussed shows the importance of the usage of grammar in day-to-day life. Words like thinking, excited, etc., usage of articles, function words, objective predicative, lexical words, etc., gives meaning to the descriptive methodologies. They provide different dimensions to express ones thoughts in phrases.ReferencesEllen Goodman. (2006) Much ado about the turkey cock Kitten. Washington Post. August 3.Agence France-Presse. US soldiers shot prisoners in Iraq, private testifies. Agence France-Presse. August 3.Biber, D., Conrad, S. and Leech, G. (2002) Longman Student Grammar of Sp oken and indite English. Essex Pearson Education

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Movie Reflection Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Movie Reflection - Research Paper ExamplePeople enjoy reflexion those pictorial matters which argon close to their dream world. Hence, different people like different genres of movies. People who are rule by emotions like romantic movies, people who take life lightly enjoy comedies and people who are aggressive love to watch action movies. Movies are nothing but a mirror of an single mind which is shaped by cultural beliefs, rituals, social environment, religion etc. Hence, analyzing or interpreting a movie is not an easy job. People project their internal make up on movies and assume watching those movies which are compatible with their emotional and psychological make up. Moreover, movie is not just around stories. It involves technical aspects like script, screenplay, sound, technology, light etc., which viewers are not aware of (Gordon, 1975, p.99). Hence, one has to keep in mind the technical aspects of a movie while analyzing one. However, as human being is trained to di sassemble things on the basis of his own point of view, the factor that dominates the process of analysis is the internal psychological ashes of mind of the analyst. This distorts the chances of analyzing a movie without prejudice and bias. Hence, an unbiased and honest analysis of a movie is attainable only when the analyst is capable of being completely independent from projecting his personal mind on the movie and, who understands the importance of the connection between the intention of the movie maker and the psychology of the audience for whom the movie is intended. Analysis And Interpretation Even though the words analysis and interpretation look similar in their meaning, there is a huge difference between them when they are applied to the art of understanding the movies (Metz, 2004, p. 7).

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Planning for further diversification and the sharing of good practice Assignment

Planning for further diversification and the sharing of wide practice - Assignment Exampley of Justice, Lord house, The Attorney General, Director of Public quests, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), The Lord Chief Justice, effective Service Commission and the Lawyers. Similarly, the report will also try out the structure of the judiciary in the English Legal System.Inherently, the work of the Ministry of Justice with regard to the English Legal System includes supporting the judiciary as swell up as providing legal aid and guidance on the constitutional reforms (Slapper, 2009). In addition, the Ministry of Justice is also responsible for ensuring that there are policies with regard to the civil, family, criminal, and administrative rightness system. More importantly, this also includes the Law commission. Moreover, the ministry of justice is supposed to ensure there is adherence to the sentencing policy, as well as provide support to both the coquettes and the tribunals and ma ke sure that they are fully operational.The Lord premier plays a pivotal role in the English Legal System. This encompasses being a member of the government, as a cabinet minister (Elliott, 2012). Secondly, the Lord Chancellor has a law making role since he is a member of the second legislative chamber the House of Lords. The Lord Chamber also serves as the head of judiciary, together with being a sitting judge and as such the Lord Chamber has the mandate to appoint judges, or recommend judges for appointment.Under the Lord Chancellor, there are capital judges together with inferior judges. The superior judges include the Law Lords, Lords Justice of Appeal, High court settle who sit in the House of Lords, court of Appeal and High Court respectively. Similarly, the inferior Judges include the Circuit Judges, Recorders, who are full time judges and agency-time judges respectively in county court and crown court respectively (Slapper, 2009). More importantly, the District Judges are also part of inferior judges who sit in Magistrates Court and county court.Notably, the

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3-1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

3-1 - Essay ExampleAs listed by Jackson-Cherry and Erford (2014), the common symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders and Acute Stress Disorder include palpitations, nausea, headaches, muscle tension, fatigue and increase consumption of alcohol and use of other mood altering substances. Other symptoms are reduced concentration, anxiety, impatience, forgetfulness, rumination, preoccupation, irritability, anger, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, detachment, dissociation and depression. The listed symptoms are actually the diagnostic criteria for the conditions. The difference that separates ASD from PTSD attributes to time when either occurs. As clear up by Jackson-Cherry and Erford (2014), diagnosis of ASD is possible if the related symptoms occur within a month of traumatic experience. diagnosing of PTSD is possible if traumatic condition or experience occurred one month earlier in advance manifestation of the symptoms. In addition, PTSD is chronic if the symptoms pers ist for over three months.With reference to the above analysis, Maryams situation relates to Acute Stress Disorder (ASD). This is due to the fact and understanding that Maryam began displaying traumatic symptoms such as anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea and increased use of alcohol and related substances before the setting in of the actual trauma. The reliable trauma occurred later and manifested through and through inability to drive car, concentrate in class and regrets for fashioning a terrible mistake that almost led to loss of life of her passengers. Furthermore, trauma evidenced through occurrence and expression of suicidal thoughts to deal with perceived stupidity and inferiority that led to

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Career In Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Career In Business - Essay slipThis cut across presents an analysis of the development gained from my work status as a result of three weeks actually life work experience with an organisation. Hence, the report evaluates my performance during the work placement and the attainment of predetermined learning outcomes from the work placement. In the second year of my studies, I got the opportunity to intern with one of the fastest maturement organisations in my home country. As an international student, I found this opportunity of mellowed value and desirable as I had a vision of furthering my career as an accountant back in my country, China. I believed that taking the internship in my country would provide me the experience I needed of working in a Chinese work environment, and would further help me network around in my workplace, which would be helpful in my career after graduation. My work placement took place at Shen Zhen Underground social system Company Ltd. The construc tion industry is one of the highly booming industries in China (China Infrastructure Report, 2012), with Shen Zhen being one of the high growth companies in the country. Getting a chance to work in an industry that has been changing the landscape of the country was quite an honour for me and I wanted to be a part of the growth process. I worked within the accounting and finance department of the organisation, where the primary responsibilities included maintaining the petty cash and performing former(a) tasks as directed by my supervisor. I did the work placement for three weeks this summer, and this report expound the actual activities done during the time period of my placement. The remainder of the report is divided into seven sections. The first part willing give a background and overview to work place organisation, Shen Zhen Underground construction Company Ltd. This is so as to understand the context within which the internship was completed. The send section will identifyi ng the intended learning outcomes from the work placement that I expected and thought I would gain from taking an internship with the company. The third section then details the work placement area and work activities as well as tasks completed. The fourth section analyses the wellness and safety policies as well as procedures within the organisation to understand how safe it was to work in the organisation. The sixth section will be the performance review of the work placement taking into stance my own perception of performance as well as actual achievements in the work placement. Finally, the report will conclude to sum up the report as a whole. Overview of placement organization As noted above, my work placement took place at Shen Zhen Undergr

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Language and regions of the brain that contribute to language Essay

Language and regions of the wiz that contri juste to language - Essay ExampleThis inability to speak is aphasia, while inability to produce talk is termed as Brocas aphasia or expressive aphasia. The individual displaying such stultification also display problem in understanding speech and they have gross grammar misunderstandings.Individuals with Wernickes area defect can speak well but are not adapted to recognize and understand what others are saying. This is also known as pervious aphasia and such individuals respond with strange or meaningless words. This area is also related with speech comprehension. Individuals have it difficult to name things as they are poor in mental dictionaries.Brocas area is intimately machine-accessible with the Wernickes area by band of nerves known as arcuate fascilicus. Some individuals display damage in the arcuate fascilicus resulting in aphasia called conduction aphasia, such individuals can recognize the speech, also they are able to crea te coherent speech, but cannot replicate the words they

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Relationship between money supply and inflation in saudi arabia Essay

Relationship between currency preparation and ostentatiousness in saudi arabia - Essay ExampleThis paper also label the author from whose books or journals ideas are taken and they are labeled according to APA framingat.The topic about ostentatiousness and money bring home the bacon in the economy was very vast. To prepare a good and comprehensive report, I have not only relied on my school textbooks and knowledge, but instead I have used various outside sources as well.In the beginning, I have used some of the data that was published in Saudi Arabia monetary Agency Report. This was a good mean to examine the overall inflation rate and monetary bring in KSA. The report states that in order too keep the inflation rate in the kingdom overmatch Saudi Arabian politics keeps most of its wealth in the form of United States Dollars. This is to way station any unnecessary leakage or money being pumped into the economy. This shows that Saudi Arabian government knows about the fa ct that inflation in the economy will rise if they let the money tend into the economy. (SAMA 44th Annual Report, 2007)In another report it has also been suggested that Saudi Arabian government keeps the inflation rate down by offering various subsidies to their citizen. As a part of this policy, in 2006, a heavy subsidy was given to automobile gas sector to cut down the prices by 20%. (Country Profiles Report, 2006)My research was not only limited only to these reports, but I tried to crack down the trend of inflation in Saudi Arabia. It was when, I was researching about the inflation rates in Saudi Arabia, I found out that inflation hit Saudi Arabia in those periods, when oil-markets showed a boom or price of oil rose sharply in the international market. (Index Mundi)I also reviewed various text books to arrive at the correct definition of money supply. In the end, I found these definitions very appropriate. unmatchable writer stated that money supply is actually the amount of m oney that is cumulatively held by the great unwashed and organization working in a country (Samuelson and Nordhaus, p.321)After finding the correct definition of money supply, I started looking for money-supply trends in Saudi Arabia. It was very surprising to see that in the last a some(prenominal) years Saudi Arabia has increased the money supply in the economy and it is continuing its policy, although the fears about inflation are very high in the country. (Country Profile Reports KSA,2008)In a report, it was stated that For the last few years, Saudi Arabian government is increasing the money supply in the economy by some 24% annually. Talking in the more absolute terms, the report further stated that M3 (broadest bill of money supply as it includes all the money that is circulating in the economy in the form of Cash or Bank Deposits) grew to 815.14 billion riyals ($217.4 billion), which in the preceding year was only lingering nigh 615

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Executive summary Essay Example for Free

Executive thickset EssayDonald, you provided a thorough discussion of what an administrator summary really is. Your method of presentation of examples that argon equivalent to an executive summary such as a business report or a one-verse summary from the Bible serves as a superb agency for the reader to totally appreciate what you atomic number 18 talking about (Marydee, 2004). You also provide the technical features of an executive summary, such as the general length and the scope of such documents (Penrose et al. , 2004).However, I would also want to commentary on the tone of your discussion. In your fourth and sixth paragraphs, I noticed that t present were a oppose of sentences that project a negative attitude among the readers of executive summaries. You mentioned in the fourth paragraph that executive summaries are designed for audiences that lack time or motivation to read the full report (Bovee et al. , 2003). I allude that you modify this sentence because this c onnotation of this phrase is not very pleasant for the reader.In the sixth paragraph, you stated, intimately executives habitually make quick decisions, well written executive summaries are arguably the most strategic information in the business report. This phrase of yours provides an impression that executives either are not interested in reading the full report, making these individuals not as energetic as they are perceived, or that executives are very gullible because their major decisions are all based on the executive summary.The problem here with your description is that if there is a substandard executive summary that has been generated by a fresh writer, either decisions that will be made by the executive will be significantly influenced by the piece of work produced by this immature writer. I suggest that you incorporate my comments and suggestions so that you will have an improved adjustment of your discussion.

Organizational Controls Essay Example for Free

Organizational Controls EssayThe case describes one of the about common problems that arise in cross-cultural business expansions without accounting for cultural and social differences across borders. capital of Nebraska is a well established company with a great concurrent control system which enables it to print swiftly through processes and end up with phenomenal figures of efficiency and productivity. The control system at capital of Nebraska is concurrent, although it can be argued that the system has certain similarities with the feed-forward control system.However, one thing is certain the system is immobile and flexible to change quickly which does not consist of the slowness of the feedback system. In particular such a system along with the diametrical types of reward schemes makes Lincoln gamyly successful in the United States. It would be really difficult to find an organization comparable to Lincoln in terms of the amounts and kinds of rewards given to its emplo yees.The different employee rewarding schemes are all tools and techniques which Lincoln has adapted to over the years because of the realization of the fact that employees in the US are highly motivated through pay-based rewards. (Susan Meredith, 2004) Essentially speaking it is this single factor which has contributed mostly to the success of Lincoln in the US and the different kinds of pay-based rewards only seek to satisfy all kinds of commonwealth with different ideas and expectations for pay-based rewards.It should be understood by the management of Lincoln when they are transporting the US approach to opposite cultures that the cultures of different nations maybe and probably are entirely different from the American culture. It is not necessary that the alike kinds of objects and pay-based rewards may drive them and motivate them towards high productivity. There are a lot of other inner rewards available at the disposal of managers to use to meet the demands of the workf orce.The same types of rewards may not work on different cultures due to the social and political circumstances of those nations. Employees may have different needs, which if met by the management, ordain motivate them to work harder and achieve levels of high productivity and efficiency. (Daft, 2001) The problem made by the management at Lincoln was to generalize that fact that pay-based and other monetary rewards willing definitely motivate employees to achieve high productivity and efficiency.Instead, the trading operations failed due to the different cultures having different motivational factors, which obviously were not identified by the Lincoln management. The suggestion here to be followed by the management is to identify through research and immanent mingling the factors that affect motivation and job satisfaction amongst the different cultures in which they have expanded their operations to and address specifically those issues to reap the same results as in the US. (R obbins, 2004)Employees would maintain their relationship and confidence in Lincoln only if the organization upholds its the expectations the employees and their unions hold from them. If Lincoln is unable to pay its US workers the inducement they deserve, Lincoln will be in deep trouble. The overall situation would go from bad to worse. It should be understood that the US employees had no share or tear in Lincolns expansions and that the losings arising as a result of the bad policies implemented in the new acquisitions was not transferable onto the US employees.Thus, Lincoln should not dishearten the US employees or risk the deterioration of employee satisfaction, morale and motivation which will affect Lincoln negatively in a significant manner. (Robbins, 2004) Therefore, I believe that Lincoln should embrace money to pay its US workers the bonus they actually deserve to take no risks in losing potential employees to its competitors or risk the loss of employee boost and motiva tion due to a break in evaluate promises.

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“GOD” and “DOG” Essay Example for Free

GOD and DOG EssayGrowing up, my summers were often spent at my uncles ranch. My mom would sweat me up and leave me for intimately 2 to 3 weeks. Those were the most fruitful and fun-filled summers of my life. At the ranch, I would be far removed from city life and its hectic schedule. Instead, I would spend my mornings in bed, often wakeful up late to have a rattling fine breakfast pre comparabilityed by my aunt. My cousins were very accommodating and my friendship with them remains to be part of my most-treasured memories. We still keep in touch by E-mail, and some time see each other when our schedules anyow.Idyllic and fun as it was, the most haunting and mulish memory I have of those summers at the ranch is that of Evan. Evan is one of my uncles farm hands son, and although he was tho slightly older than we were, he had al contemplatey started persisting at the farm since he was eight or nine. His friendship aided shape the way I am now, and made a positive impact in my life. His story and friendship became a personal cause for me, and I am hoping I could lay it nap to make it into a more than public advocacy. * * * At first I thought his name was Moe, because my cousins c altogethered him muted Moe. He was shy and kept to himself, and never went out of his way to talk to us. Mon, my eldest cousin, had a nonher, and simpler, nickname for him Stupid. I felt sorry for him. And maybe that was why I tried my best to befriend him. It was not diffused at first, but then he cracked a smile and the conversation went smoothly aft(prenominal) that. One thing that struck me to the highest degree Moe was that he was actually intelligent. He knew his work, and was really passionate virtually the horses he tended to. He knew a lot of things slightly(predicate) their nature, how to keep them, and how to pacify them if they were agitated.His hold upledge alike utilise to other animals. We had a great time talking virtually a lot of other things a bout his life, my life, current events, the news, and even the gossip around town. Just about anything and everything was up for discussion. Moreover, he had his own opinions about a lot of issues and I found that really admirable. Somemultiplication he taught me things like how to ride a horse, or how to jump into the lake without landing so painfully on my stomach. He also taught me about constellations, their label and how to identify them. I also found out his real name was Evan, but he had learned to live with Moe.One night, I ventured asking why he was not in coach. Evan just chuckled and give tongue to that those kids were evil. I later found out that Evan attended up to the first grade and then refused to go back. His last day at school was an ugly episode wherein some kids in his class called him all kinds of names and beat him almost to death. My cousins initially resented the time I spent with Evan, and even the few times I brought him along with us. He was an outsi der, they protested. And they were ashamed to be seen in town with the farm hand with no lights on up thither. But Evan eventually won them over, and with my cousins realizing that they have been wrong with the guy, they developed a demote relationship with him. Soon, his nickname was rarely mentioned among us, and we started using his real name. Evan is a dyslectic. During that time, however, he was just plain blockheaded. I doubt if his parents ever knew his condition or cared about it. Evan was taught at home by his mom, who used pictures and drawings to take down herself understood. Evan was alright with verbal explanation, but not written ones. I learned about his condition when we ventured into town with my cousins and stopped by a bookstore.He was looking at the sign outside the store and read the sign as bokos. I laughed and he immediately fell silent. I sensed something was wrong, but I kept quiet about it until we reached home. Because we were already close friends by that time, I asked him about it.. He admitted that he couldnt read, and I told him I could not believe that. He seemed to be a smart and intelligent person, there is no way he was illiterate. He shook his head and insisted that he could not read. He explained that when he read, he always read it wrong. Evan explained that to him, E, M, and W all looked alike, as well as G, O and D.So he reads GOD and DOG as OOO. He further said that there are times that he could see the letters, and fill in what they are, but that they danced around. Like if he sees the word CAT, he atomic number 50 identify the letters C, A and T, but he could not string it together. Sometimes hed see it as C, A and T, sometimes its A, C, and T. * * * Dyslexia is a disability that affects an individuals course session and theme skills, a condition that is present in 10% of the general population in unhomogeneous forms and degrees (Dyslexia Action, undated, online).Today, an estimated 15% of American students s uffer from dyslexia, and up to half of all Americans have some form of undiscovered learning disabilities. Other studies also report that as umteen as 2. 9 million school-aged American children have learning disabilities (Edwards, 2006, online. ) cusk Hardie, citing dyslexia expert Sylvia Moody, writes that dyslexia is simply difficulty with writing and indication, which may stem from short memory weakness, faulty information processing, and weak perceptual, spatial and motor skills. A dyslexic, therefore, can have problems with misfortunate concentration and poor memory.It may manifest subtly, like when a child is slow in reading certain words, but reads them correctly or it may be severe and obvious like in Evans case. Dr. Moody adds that a dyslexic may exhibit other symptoms and problems like bouts of forgetfulness, difficulties in governing body and in keeping time. (Hardie, 2006, p. 26). The overall effects are dramatic. To a child suffering from dyslexia, school work ma y suffer. Reading is such a basic skill thats required in nearly all school subjects that a dyslexic child is put at a great disadvantage, and often atomic number 82 to problems with learning. The child usually fails in school.It can also lead to low self-esteem, delinquency, aggression, behavioral problems, and social insularity (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2007, online). This was clearly seen in Evans case. He was extremely shy and preferred to work away from us and largely kept to himself. This was unfortunate, because his friendship made my summers at my uncles farm more memorable. I hate to think how many friendships were not developed because of dyslexia. How many children had wanted to reach out and say hi, but was stumped by the misgiving of being laughed at. The moniker and label dyslexic is bad enough, but being thought of as stupid is a million times worse.A child with dyslexia needs a supportive environment two at home and at school. A parent should explain to the child that it is not his or her fault, and patiently explain the condition to him or her, this will enable the child to cope and compensate for his or her disability. Parents of dyslexic children should also get in touch with teachers, and it might help if they find support groups that can suffer both emotional support and good information (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2007, online). Dyslexic students wrench up to be dyslexic adults, and in the workplace, dyslexia is not much kinder to those who suffer from it.In fact, Linda Goldman and Joan Lewis (2007) writes that information processing disorders, like dyslexia and attention shortage hyperactivity disorder, are considered legal disabilities, giving the suffered adequate legal protection against discrimination and requires employers to ensure fairness by making reasonable adjustments in terms of recruiting, training, employing and promoting employees with dyslexia (p. 16). Often a dyslexic worker produces below par work output, manifests poor timek eeping, and often fails to remember instructions.This puts him or her at greater risk to be modify from work, especially if his or her condition goes undiagnosed and unrecognized (Goldman and Lewis, 2007, p. 16). Even so, most employees with dyslexia need only more time to do their work and to correct problems related to concentration and coordination. This is what reasonable adjustments are all about (Goldman and Lewis, 2007, p. 16). However, I take heart in the stories of a lot of people who have succeeded in maliciousness of having dyslexia. Pamela Coyle (1996) chronicles the travails and successes of three of them Sylvia Ann law, David Glass and Jonathan Pazer.All of them are noted dyslexics, yet each one succeeded in their fields. Sylvia uprightness became a professor of, appropriately, law. She also teaches medicine and psychiatry. She is the author of several books and has served as lecturer, as well as strong influence in the fields of civil rights and poverty law. David Glass and Jonathan Pazer are both practicing lawyers. (pp. 64-67). Heather Hardie (2006, p. 24) adds businessman Richard Branson, comedian Eddie Izzard and architect Richard Rogers to the list. Their lives are shining examples of how dyslexia could be overcome, if only one does not give in to low self-esteem and engage in self-pity.More than that, a child with dyslexia should grow up in a supportive environment that would not only foster his development, but also instill in him or her the confidence needed to grow and live life. * * * The last time I saw Evan was more than two years ago. He had become a handsome and confident juvenile man, and has a steady girlfriend who, along with Evans mother, is helping him study for a high school equivalency test. At the time, he was also working at a local fast food ambit as a janitor, and at the local school doing odd jobs. But Evan still shies away from physical contact and conversation with strangers.For my part, I am happy to have met him at a time when I was exploitation up. He made me think and realize that people have their own problems, and it is difficult to judge them by what we see. Moreover, he made me realize that whats more important is what we do not see. If I had not scratched below the surface, I would still be one of those kids who continue to call him Slow Moe, and that would have take me of a friend who had made my summers at the farm richer and more fulfilling with his stories, tips, and jokes. In a sense, I know I could never thank Evan enough for the impact he had in my life.But I know that I am thanking him with every child, dyslexic or not, that I tutor on reading and writing as a volunteer for our neighborhood pre-school. I am thanking him by not being close to other people when they show a kind of weirdness or stupidity. I am thanking him by not judging people I meet right away. I wish I could do more. I want to tell Evan the next time I see him all about Sylvia Law and other people who m I think would influence him to do better with his life despite his disability. In fact, I hope to be able to tell people just how wrong they are at labeling dyslexic people stupid. What they need is love and support. They need all the leeway they can get to help them overcome their disability. They have all the potential to succeed in life, if wefriends, teachers, fellow students, employers, colleagues, and parentsonly give them the chance. Acknowledgments showtime of all, I want to thank (name of teacher) for giving us this assignment. This exercise has given me the opportunity to think about my life and appreciate a person who I never really thought much about before. Alvin John for proofreading all those drafts and giving suggestions that helped shape this paper.And of course, Evan for the friendship and the insights.References 2007. Dyslexia Complications. Retrieved July 11, 2008, from Mayo Clinic, Web site http//www. mayoclinic. com/health/dyslexia/DS00224/DSECTION=complicat ions 2007. Dyslexia get by and Support. Retrieved July 11, 2008, from Mayo Clinic, Web site http//www. mayoclinic. com/health/dyslexia/DS00224/DSECTION=coping Coyle, Pamela (1996). What Sylvia Law, Jonathan Pazer and David Glass confront when they read or write. ABA Journal, 82, 64. Retrieved July 10, 2008, from ABI/ protest Global database. (Document ID 10121349).

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Teachers in Nathaniels Life Essay Example for Free

Teachers in Nathaniels Life EssayLong after we contain shoal we remember our school teachers and experiences. We gain experience as a consequence of the situation or the people, who surround us. Our school teachers often help us to decide on important life natural selection and inspire us in our further pursuits. Nathaniel, the main character of the book The Soloist, written by Steve Lopez had some(prenominal) excellent teachers, who helped him with his experience in music and also in life. These three teachers helped Nathaniel during his personal difficulties and in the strivements he had along the way. Nathaniels starting line teacher was W milk-sickiam moonshine. lunation appeared in a complex and transitional item of Nathaniels life, when Nathaniels personality and confidence started to fade. Before Nathaniel turned eleven he was the happiest child. He had a complete happy family, but soon after his life took an unexpected turn. Nathaniels parents divorced. Nathaniel wanted to canvas his father, to be with him, share his experiences, but the child felt that theres no place in his fathers life or him. Nathaniel was shocked by these changes he couldnt understand wherefore his father aban dod his family.Floria Ayers, his mother remarried and Nathaniel and his two sisters moved to their mother newfound husbands house. Alexnader Mangrum, his new stepfather had four children. Nathaniel had very complicated relationships with his stepbrothers and stepsisters, who werent happy to see strangers in their house. Nathaniel considered to leave his mothers home. He told his little sister Lets run away. But she answered him Where are we handout to go? You dont think they are going to call our mother in a minute we got there? They spoke of running away to aunt and uncles home.Nathaniels confidence and extroverted personality slowly began to fade after a short stay at his fathers home, the young man returned to Cleveland more sullen, more broken and yet m ore grown-up, it seemed. And there, in Cleveland Nathaniel met him, his first teacher. William Moon inspired Nathaniel. He put into the student the love of music. Music became the escape from reality for the lonely teen. Mr. Moons daughter Marjorie was studying music at Ohio University and played a string bass. One day, when Nathaniel perceive how Marjorie plays the string bass, he told Moon Thats what I want to do.I want to do what she does. (p155) This conclusion has defined Nathaniels way forward. The aspiring musician did all his best. Soon Nathaniel became so good, that William Moon couldnt help him any longer. Moon had become attached to Nathaniel so ofttimes, that he even considered Nathaniel to be his son. He referred his talented student to Cleveland Orchestra, where Nathaniel met the next very important person and mentor of his life. Harry Barnoff improved Nathaniels musical ability, but also the teacher helped Nathaniel to believe in himself. Barnoff grew up in conditi ons, similar to Nathaniels.Their parents werent musicians. Nathaniel found his own way himself similar Barnoff many years before, thanks to fate and natural talent. pull ahead Barnoff helped his student to believe in himself during the hard repressive time in American history and cypher in Julliard. Probably, Barnoff was the most beloved of all Nathaniels teachers. Even many years later, when Nathaniel was mentally ill and needed to hear a familiar voice, Nathaniel called Barnoff. Lopez mentioned For many years Harry Barnoff was the man Nathaniel tried so hard to impress.It was Barnoff he called when he was in trouble, and it was Barnoff, whose phone number he still had committed to depot more than twenty years after the last time he dialed it. (p 175). These words show how much Nathaniel was attached to Barnoff. Barnoff wasnt an ordinary character in Nathaniels life. Barnoff was Nathaniels teacher, spiritual relative bespeak and friend for many years. The two previous teachers have been a part of Nathaniels past. They have done a tremendous job in a building of Nathaniels character.But thats non enough Nathaniel needed the help and support for the present. As such, Pete Snyder came into Nathaniels life for that purpose. Snyder is a famous musician, who consented to cause the lessons to Nathaniel. They met because of Steve Lopez. Snyder read the article and invited Lopez and Nathaniel to his concert. Snyder was going to help Nathaniel in finding his own way in his contemporary situation. The teachers purpose was to rehabilitate Nathaniel through music. Snyder was someone like a doctor for Nathaniel. He was a doctor, who treated Nathaniel without medications.Snyder did it through Nathaniels enthusiasm for music and it paid off. Lopez states It was a promising classify through. Nathaniel is confronting his fears and thinking more rationally (p. 179) Also with Snyders help Lopez tried to persuade Nathaniel to move in to an apartment after thirty years li ving on the streets and he did just that. At first Nathaniel refused to be in an apartment. He said Its non my room Im not going to be living in here. (p. 167). However, a week after holding the lessons with Snyder, Nathaniel started to like his new place.One day Nathaniel went out his new apartment to the yard and he saw his live James, who was smoking a cigarette there. When he finished, he threw a cigarette butt on the floor. Nathaniel dislike to see garbage on the floor, especially cigarette butts. When Nathaniel saw it he came to James and said rationalise me, sir, you cannot smoke here Nathaniel said it with such authority, as if he was a courtyard monitor. There stood in the yard and to Jamess question Who are you? You dont live there Nathaniel pointed on the window of his room and said This is my place (p. 186)I dont think that Nathaniel would go so far without Peter Snyder. One day, when Nathaniel had a dialogue with Snyder about the reason of refusing the room. Nathani el said that in the delve he hears the city and doesnt feel cut off from it like he does inside these four walls. Snyders answer had to impress Nathaniel and gave him a different point of viewThink of this as a clean quiet tunnel. Nathaniel got this point he agreed that the room is a good decision for his passion, not a prison as he thought of before. Each of Nathaniels teachers made an important voice in Nathaniels life.It changed it for the better I had similar experience. I was a very a sturdy child. I never listened to other peoples opinion and I didnt listen to my school teachers. Probably the main reason for my attitude to teachers was that my teachers didnt generally like their job and I comprehend that. However, after I met my math teacher all that changed. She as very kind and very helpful. professor Ahmatullaeva wasnt an ordinary teacher, who taught basic math. She also showed us why math is interesting. She inspired us to hold in math. Her attitude was completely di fferent.When I saw her I remembered my mother. Her eyes beamed pure warmth. When she saw that we cant do something she helped us, when she saw that we felt bad she took care about us. Farida Ahmatullaeva did her best for us. We were a big family for her. She incessantly told us that we are her kids. Even after our graduation we came to school just to visit her. She was always moved(p) that we loved and remembered her. Our teacher Farida remembered all of our names and everything we did in class. A couple days before leaving Tashkent I met her.She was also leaving my city to go to Russia. I remember this day as it was yesterday. I saw tears in her eyes. My teacher told me I know, you will do your best and achieve whatever you want. She became very close for me because she wasnt an ordinary teacher, she was also my friend and mentor. Theres no doubt that teachers are very important for the development of our personality. They take part in our educational and the clean-living foun dations of our lives just as our parents do. Our first part of life is at home as we grow up we continue our lives at school.Teachers become the next support and network by helping us to mature. Thats why becoming a teacher is a very responsible choice. Being a teacher goes beyond the delivery of the essential subject. It also means to be personally connected. Teacher is a attachment between the person, who teaches knowledge to students and the person, who provide with a life experience. Also teacher tries to put themselves into the students shoes, share own point of view. Teacher helps a student make a decision and devolve new ways of looking at some experiences. If we are more aware, we have a wider judicature of choices.

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Tourism Country Analysis-Germany Essay Example for Free

Tourism Country Analysis-Germany EssayIntroductionGermany is a country with staggering diversity with one of the richest historical heritage in the world, standing out as one of the tourer attraction features. Germany is the nearly centrally placed in Europe among all the European countries. It has a account of a disunited nation having distinct states and tribes. For this reason, Germany more that any early(a) European nation bears distinguishable names depending on the language used. For example it is called Deutschland within Germany in French it is called Allemagne and Niemcy in Polish. (Country profile)On October third 1990, Western Germany was unified with the German Democratic Republic. The leaving standards in the latter could not march those ones of the source it has been a major challenge to do this because of the inherent industrial enterprise inefficiencies that characterized the German Democratic Republic. some other major factor that has posed challenges in clude the difficulty in East Germany of resolving property self-possession and the lack of infrastructure and the environmental degradation that occurred during the communist rule. (Berghahn V. R. 1987)The extremist violence especially from the political objurgate that is usually witnessed in East Germany is always related to the economic uncertainty in this region. Most clock the violence is directed towards foreigners and in particular non-Europeans. (Berghahn V. R. 1987) governingGermany is considered to be a Federal, fantanary, and representative democratic Republic. The Grundgestz or the Basic Law is the framework that was laid down in 1949 that guides the German political system up to today. For any amendments to take place in the Grundgestz, a two-thirds majority in Parliament is required. (Country profile)The Chancellor heads the establishment and the position is currently held by Angela Merkel and she exercises executive powers that are similar to a Prime Ministers. Par liament that consists of the Bundestag and Bundesrat (Federal Council) is vested with Federal legislative Powers. Members of the Bundestag are direct directly and members in the Bundesrat represent the g overnments of the 16 states. These members are institute by the state cabinet, which possesses the power to adopt them any time. (Country profile)The Christian Democratic Party Union and the well-disposed Democratic Party of Germany are the dominating parties since 1949. However theres existence of other little parties, which include the Free Democratic Party and the Alliance 90/ The Greens (Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union).The President of Germany also duplicate up as the Head of State and is normally elected by the Federal Convention (Bundesversammlung), which is the institution make up of members of the Bundestage and some members of the State delegate. The President of the Bundestag is the atomic human activity 42 highest official and the Bundestag its elf elects him/her. His/her responsibilities include the overseeing of the bodys daily sessions. The Chancellor on the other hand doubles up as the head of Government and is the third highest official who is nominated by the Germany President and hence is elected by the Bundestag. A constructive motion of no confidence by the Bundestag is what is necessary to remove the Chancellor.( Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union)thriftinessIn Europe, Germanys National Economy is the largest. It is ranked the third largest in the world by nominal GDP, but ranked fifth in regards to gross domestic product. As per 2006 statistics, the average growth stands at 2.8% per annum. Germany has been renowned world over since the industrial age as one of the best motor innovators and has greatly benefited from the globalized world economy. (Berghahn V. R, 1987)One of its major drivers of its trade economy is the trademark Made in Germany, which the world has continuously associated with st urdiness and durability. This has turned out the country to be the worlds top exporter with the export figures as at 2006 standing at $ 1.133 trillion generating a trade surplus of approximately 165 billion. 70% of its total GDP is generated by the service domain with 29.1% workd by the industrial sector and agriculture falling behind with about 0.9%. (Berghahn V. R, 1987)Germanys automobiles, machinery, metals, and chemical goods contribute greatly to the export portfolio. In solar and wind turbine technology, Germany leads the world (Global Wind Energy Market ). Amongst its most popular brands include Siemens, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Nivea among others.Germany uses the common market currency the Euro and the country stands out as a major advocate for the European Union.Society (People and Culture)The majority German population is made up inhabitants of ethnic Germans and over 7 million foreigners. Majority of the foreigners are made up of the so called guest workers who were mostly Turkish workers, who in the 1950s and 60s were invited to fill in for the labor shortages, Germany thus has quite a good number of ethnic Turks. Many political and economic refugees from the world over especially the developing world choose Germany as a prime destination. (Country profile)Germany boasts of having one of the worlds highest levels of education with exquisite technological feeler coupled with an unrivaled economic productivity. University enrolment has steadily risen and has more than tripled since World War II the trade and technical schools that are sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany support the universities. The majority of the population is made up of the middle class with a per capita income standing at $ 28,700, this is combined with a comprehensive mixer welfare system that caters for the universal medical care and unemployment care besides other social needs. (Berghahn V. R, 1987)culturally Germany is usually called th e land of poets and thinkers (Wasser J. 2006). Religious and secular currents that have taken place in Europe for a long time have continuously shaped the German culture. One of the most famous German classical music composers is Ludwig Van Beethoven (Wasser J. 2006).GeographyThe geography of Germany is rich and diverse ranging from the high the Alps in the South, the Bavarian plain, and the flowing hills of central Germany to the coast of the North and Baltic Sea. This makes the countrys countryside fit worth visiting, it all looks like a miniature train landscape packed with the nicest of old towns, mediaeval houses, gothic churches and small villages its exotic (Country profile)Global PositionGermany has continued to play a very authorised role in the formation and the continued strengthening of the European Union and has continued to cultivate a very close relationship with France. One of Germanys closest allies has been the U.S, whose help was quite valuable during the 1948 Marshall Plan to rebuild Germany after World War II. Ties with America have gone to other areas like trade where a more balanced trade relationship has continued to flourish. (Country profile)REFERENCESBerghahn, Volker Rolf. (1987) Modern Germany Society, Economy, and Politics in the 20th Century. 2d ed. Cambridge Cambridge University Press.Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union Retrieved on sixth March 2008 from U.S. Library of Congress ,Global Wind Energy Market 2006-2011, Retrieved on sixth March 2008 from www.windtech-international.comWasser, Jeremy. (2006) Sptzle Westerns Spiegel Online International Retrieved on 6th March 2008Country profile Germany Retrieved on 6th March 2008 fromhttp//news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/country_profiles/1047864.stm

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The 2008 Presidential election Essay Example for Free

The 2008 chairwomanial alternative Es gradeThe 2008 Presidential election w adverse soon be upon us as some states have moved their primaries closer to the evidence day. It therefore would behoove every individual, no matter how apathetic they think that they are about the semi semi semipolitical process, to identify it and where they lay within the political spectrum. It is a source of great contention for all trusty citizens, when others dismiss our political process and then later complain when they have d sensation nonhing to spay the status quo and do non even k in a flash the names of the candidates. This could have identified myself a a couple of(prenominal) years ago. I took a greater inte residuum in the history of politics than what was happening to my countrified in the present day.I then became aware of politics and therefore, needed to know where I stood and wherefore.. This does not always hold true and there are certainly exceptions. However, the fact t hat republicans base their beliefs on their religious belief and Democrats base their beliefs upon the Constitution first and mayhap their corporate trust as well, such renders as abortion, gay marriage, stanch cell research and the break down of the the Statesn family, all have compelled me to place one basis deep in the republican fellowship and the other foot outside of both parties in the occurrence that the Republican Party forgets the faith of the mint that they represent as did the pop Party during the 1960s and 1970s. I consider myself a Kennedy Republican severe moral and religious faith, unashamed of the greatness of this commonwealth, compelled to improve conditions for minorities as well as the poor, moreover always pushing self business, self control and fiscal conservativism One of the earliest and most powerful factors in a variety of aspects within my life, has been my family. It is ironic that the individual who I learned the most from, now votes diffe rently than I do. My father is a member of his trade union at work so he is compelled to vote for the Democratic Party. He does however disagrees with their stances on different social issues. The rest of my family agree with me and usually vote as I do. I come from a nuclear family and as a result, certain experiences are seen as an enigma rather than what was once the norm. My childishness was far from perfect. However, at the end of the day, I knew that my parents would always be there to meet my needs as well as a few of my wants.This did not happen by chance barely finished hard work and preparation. My parents were married when they were young but did not have children until seven years into their marriage. The reasons for this are two fold First, they didnt have the money to raise a family and second, they first wanted a stable marriage in which to bring a child into the world. As a result, I was afforded a few more opportunities and benefited directly from my parents re sponsibility.That is one reason why I am a strong believer in personal responsibility. If a person commits a crime, it is his fault alone for committing that particular infraction. That is why I am against an unfettered welfare sy hold in which positive reinforcement is given for proscribe behavior. This does exclude those who are truly down on their luck and despite their best efforts, cannot find stipendiary employment. This does not mean however, that an individual with no job, no education and no significant other who would be there to share the financial and emotional burdens that come from having a child, should continue to receive an escalated rate of allowance from the presidential term, beca intake that person chose to have yet another child that they cannot support.The child should not be punished for the commanding behavior of his or her parent but the parent should not be rewarded as well. Unfettered welfare irks me to no end. My father worked two jobs in order to support his family. My mother is obese and is in ill wellness but still works 50-60 hours a week. Rather than apply for disability benefits which she would surely receive, she cannot have to accept payments from the political science for services that were never rendered. My father is a painter in the summer and a school teacher the rest of the year. One summer day, he was painting outside and lost his balance. He fell and fractured his ribs on an air conditioner unit. He was back to work in two days with a bandage on his abdomen. As a family, we were never poor and he could have afforded to stay domicile for another week but if he could work, he did and continued to do so, six days a week, fifty two weeks out of the year. As a result, I am firmly against continuing g all overnment sanctioned positive reinforcement toward negative behavior in the form of unfettered welfare payments. The real welfare system was started under President Lyndon Johnsons War on Poverty (Schlesinger, 19 65 pg. 761) where it was assumed that people would urge on and claw their way back to blend self sufficient but just needed a helping hand in the process. It could not be fathomed then, as it is still hard to comprehend today, that people would submit to receiving welfare payments for decades and would even have more children out of the motivation of receiving a larger government check. I feel that it is the responsibility of the parent, more than society and surely more than the government, to raise and support that child.I also believe that if the government is going to help and give aid to those families who are temporarily low from hard eons that should be afforded to them while encouraging that individual to find another job as soon as possible. The government does not exist to serve as a babysitter for the American people. This is not what the rights expressed in the Constitution states and it contrary to the American work ethic which helped to give America the influence t hat it is long enjoyed. Hard work, responsibility and self control, I learned from my parents.As a result, I find it hard to prescribe to modern Democratic thought that seeks to protect abortion when parental responsibility would have avoided such issues, unfettered welfare while the individual is able to work and universal health care when it is the responsibility of the parent to pay for the bills of their own children. The second great factor that influences me is my religious faith. more than and more people are identifying themselves as atheists. The Republican Party has shown that they have little room for them.. Therefore, they go, sometimes by default, to the Democratic Party and affect the political party that used to stand for Christian values. It has become a sad reality but one cannot hope to gain the Democratic nomination for President unless he or she is pro choice and pro gay marriage to some degree.Also, umteen Democratic are for stem cell research in which the hum an embryo is destroyed in the process. The Republicans do not have a monopoly on what is right and moral.. However, the terms The religious right and the secular left-hand(a) are becoming more and more accurate, although there are many exceptions. As a result, as long as such issues remain so destructive to the American moral fiber of this country, mistakes that the Republicans make, including many aspects of the War on Terror, it is understood, will not last forever and therefore, people should not be faulting their vote over to the Democratic Party. No matter how long it takes, the war will be over before babies will be given the protection of life that is seen in the Constitution and if our forefathers were alive today, would huddle at the fact that the practice of killing a human life, sometimes by piercing their intellect with a steel rod, is allowed and tolerated in this country. The Bible states that God knew us while we were in our mothers womb. (Bible, 2000 pg. 328) Abo rtion is avertable in 99% of the cases if the parents only possessed the desire not have sex until they are pull in to endure the full consequences. Some of the blame should be placed at the feet of those who perpetrate this notion of a blameless society in which the consequences of sin which is now regarded as vile as a four-spot letter raillery, is real and should be avoided. The aforesaid(prenominal) can be said for the issues of gay marriage and stem cell research. Such things God takes very dangerously. However, the fact that nearly 20,000 murders happen every year with the use of hand guns and Republicans fight so hard to keep that right, might seem to disappoint God as well. The Republicans do not have a monopoly on what God wants for this country. However, serious Christians cannot get past the nous of legalized murder and the continued acceptance of homosexuality by our government. Such notions appeal to many Americans and compels others to wonder what our forefather s would say if they were given the chance to commend on what has happened to the morals of this country.There are many on the political left that shake their head in frustration and disgust when they hear such motivations behind the Republican Party. This will likely be the case as religion becomes a four letter word more now than in recent history, As Muslim extremists hurt, not only the religion of Islam but all religion as those on the outside looking in and trying to understand those who require a faith as religious fundamentalists and radicals. There has been a minor resurgence of faith in America but as much as Christians and others of faith push for America to be the country that it once was in the area of religious freedom and expression, secularists will push back just as hard. Although a controversial figure, Bill OReilly corrected identified the problem as a culture war. It was saddening but not surprising that during the Clinton Presidency, the Christmas Tree became rat her a holiday tree. When crosses are for supply shipden to reside in the side of the road as a family member tries to honor the death of a loved one, Christmas is now referred to as X-mas and American soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to their country in a time of war, yet cannot have any mention of God at their burial if the government is going to admirer it.When that occurs, it is hard to believe that there is not a definite war on people of faith in this country and, from my point of view, it is perpetrated by people who identify themselves as politically liberal. This is not an test to vilify all Liberals in such a way. The Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, yes Lyndon Johnson, simply does not exist anymore and Democrats of faith are forced to choose their party over their faith as the two have less and less in common. Once I began to identify with the Republican Party as I grew stronger in my faith, I then wanted to know my role in the political socialization and if I had any role in it. I avoid fights and heated arguments on the issue of politics. Discussing NAFTA or the growing trade deficit is not worth the loss of a friendship as my friends can become rather heated in their discussion of politics. I find it refreshing that I discuss politics with people my own age who actually follow the news. There are many who have become so apathetic about anything that does not involve popular culture, that to discuss politics, one would first need to be aware of the very basics of American Civics to which many are completely ignorant.In those case, I tend to inform my friends about what is going on and sometimes, spin the information to perhaps gain another convert. I would conclude however, that everybody, especially the media, does the same to a much greater degree. If soulfulness hears the details of partial birth abortions but then the media, in an effort to calm the moral scandal of the viewer, informs them that such things happen in less than 1% of the abortions in this country, I would then inform the same individual that with more than one million abortions committed every year, if only 1/4 of 1% of babies were subjected to this procedure, that meant that every year, twenty five hundred babies were having their brains pierced by a metal rod a baby with the same number of hands, fingers, feet and toes as one who had just been born. (Johnson, 2004 pg. 1A) The Republicans will probably lose their bid for the tweed House this year as the war in Iraq has made most Americans tired of the Republican Party and their mismanagement of it. Even the strongest supporter of the White House, questions when and where the Iraq war will end. This will cause a number of people to switch their allegiance to the Democratic Party. However, for the individuals like myself who are in this for the long hooking and wish for America, not to become a theocracy, but to remember and respect what made thi s country great, to pooh-pooh those who would seek to revise this countrys history and the basis for its laws.However, in an age of such apathy towards such serious issues that face the country in favor of who is the latest to survive the round of cuts on American idol, I am just happy to discuss politics with any informed and enlightened individual, irrespective of their political leanings. Such discussions serve as a welcomed and relaxing respite from what has become Americas most copious export mindless and fleeting popular culture. I will follow with great interest, the road that the rest of the country takes during this presidential election next year.WORKS CITEDJohnson, Mark Partial Birth Abortion fling Challenged by Dems USA Today August 12, 2004Schlesinger, Arthur A Thousand Days John F. Kennedy in the White House juvenile York Doubleday Press 1965Toobin, Jeffrey The Nine Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court New York Doubleday Publishers 2007The Holy Bible New Yo rk Oxford University Press 2000

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With close reference to the setting Essay Example for Free

With tight reference to the linguistic context EssayWith close reference to the setting of psycho and Edward Scissor hands discuss how the directors use elements of the black letter tradition. The gothic tradition is rooted in many great works of fiction such as, Wuthering high and Dracula. It comprises many distinct features including mediaeval architecture, lighting and the colouring material black. Setting is a in truth important sight of the gothic tradition. In the two use up texts studied Psycho and Edward Scissor hands, the directors subscribe used the gothic tradition to create interesting effects. To define the word gothic when being used in the sour of a novel, whizz bum say that it contains supernatural or horrifying dismantlets. Alfred Hitchcock the director of Psycho, uses many legal television camera conjectures passim the film to add depth and tension to the nimbus of the scene that the witnesser crumb easily relate to. For example when Marion the enticeing female role is traveling on the track in her car towards the Bates Motel, prior to her arrival the scene shows a very open and light space nigh her. There is lots of opposite traffic on the same stretch of road and gives a front of safety in numbers to the viewer.As the sunset starts to emerge the lighting dims and Hitchcock uses a medium close-up nacreous of Marion in the car, the focal point being her face that is the only luminous thing that rump be seen. The background behind her is not clearly visible and is set to a chivalric tush view. As she continues to drive external further from her home the weather changes to heavy rain, the whole atmosphere draws in on her and the frantic music that plays adjacent to the fantastic camera shots results in a penetrative impact upon the viewer. As she continues driving it comes to attention that there is no other traffic visible.So lightedarily driving stamp start the highway Hitchcock takes a shot that shows wha t Marion would see from behind the windscreen. He takes a high shift shot facial expression down on to the road and each that can be seen are the road markings lit up by the headlights and only stretches so far as approximately 100cm in front of the car. This gives a whimsy of isolation and curiosity as to what lies on the tarmac ahead. When Marion finally pulls of the highway and into Bates Motel, superstar of the fist camera shots we see is of a large place in shadow.Hitchcock films it apply a low angle shot to shop the reside look more(prenominal) superior and threatening, this camera technique is used to make the viewer happen vulnerable. The dwelling is of a very knightly nature, the lighting especially created to set the old, menacing house in a black shadow so that the outline is only visible, creaseing against the night sky. The house has a very surpass ramshackle appearance and there are only two lights that can be seen both coming from two upstairs windows t hat are set closely on iodine of the corner rooms.The blinds of both windows are drawn and then the viewer is able to see Mothers figure as a shadow walking past the window, and almost looks like a ghost more than a human. Later, when Marion is in her cabin, Hitchcock takes a camera shot of her standing in front of a mirror. He vigorously does this to reinforce in the viewers mind the illusion that Psycho is not a film scantily reality as if there was a camera crew taking the shot then they would be seen besides n the reflection.Hitchcock then diverts the camera to an open window beside her bed, it is almost as if it is letting the immorality in from the outside of her room and the view beyond the window frame is of the house. The house has become even darker and no visible features can be seen eg. The front door. It is completely shot in darkness and is just an outlined silhouette, next to the house stands a single very ugly drawn tree that is also in shadow, only allowing its shape to be seen due to the lighter background.This creates a very eerie timber that the music adds to which all highly compliment the Gothic Tradition. Behind the motel is an isolated, desolate area that is largely overgrown and is where the swamp situated to dispose of Marion and her be unyieldingings lies. It is enclosed by spindly trees that contract no leaves or blossom this makes them look dead, and makes the area look unattractive. The colour black is used very much throughout this film to emphasize all the Gothic elements that Hitchcock has used to perfect the setting.When Marion accepts the invite to go and eat her dinner in the parlour from the main office, stuffed birds surround her and Hitchcock makes a particularly remarkable shot in which Marion is in the bottom right hand side of the camera and behind her left shoulder can be seen a huge owl with its wings spread out to make her look like she was its dupe that it was about to pounce on, kill and eat. The stuffed b irds are everywhere and those towards the ceiling almost look as though they are circling above her in flight.They are made to look even more menacing by their shadows that create a larger image of them that creates an enlarging image of them. The birds are all birds of prey and in one shot that focuses of Marion you are able to see a stuffed crow behind her which symbolizes death At one point during this particular scene Hitchcock uses a very clever camera shot in which hes in alignment with one of the birds of prey to show that the bird is a representative of him and his evilness.The bird that represents him is then seen above two pictures of naked women who represent Marion when shes in the shower, so in a sense almost gives apart what will happen next through imagery The birds are the most Gothic features of that scene exclusively all the other props that are used also take a leak a Gothic appeal, for example- the swirly, long candlesticks. To emphasize the charactors of the two people Hitchcock has placed the light beside Marion so that when the camera shoots at her, her face is lit up and when it focuses on him he is in shadow and in a darkened corner away from the light.Just before he commits the murder Hitchcock takes another shot of the house on the mount using the same low angle camera technique that gives the impression of power. The two lights that were bright upstairs flummox now been turned down to a minimal level of lighting and dark black clouds have congregated in the background which gives a far more atmospheric feeling to the surroundings of the Motel. Hitchcock chose to make all the bathroom facilities and decoration brilliant white so there would be a bigger more lucive contrast with the blood red when Marion was stabbed to death.When she is in the shower Hitchcock always uses a medium close-up, high angle shot to show that Marion is vulnerable, small and weak. However when the camera is on Bates it looks up to him like the house and so gives him a sense of superiority as well. Edward Scissor hands the other film studied, also showed Gothic elements that had been used to create a successful effect by the Director, James Burton. Burton starts the film off with a magical fairy tale beginning where a grandmother is telling her granddaughter a bed judgment of conviction story.As she starts to tell it the camera shoots through snow which eventually reveals a big hall on top of a cliff. Suburbia the small community of average people lies below the cliff and contrasted the mansion that stands upon it, is a brightly coloured, happy and social place. Burton uses camera shots to depict the huge contrast surrounded by the community and the isolated, solitary house on the hill. Within the mansion walls, where the only resident is Edward Scissor hands, the camera pans through an overgrown driveway into a magical garden.As Peggy Boggs, one of the main charactors of the film enters the mansion drive the whole setting takes a vast atmospherical change. The set from being very unbowed and tidy, changes almost indistinguishably to an overgrown, unkept, confined garden. Such props as stone gargoyles are used to emphasise the Gothic feeling that Burton tries to pass to the audience. What strikes one as most odd and is a great contrast to Psycho is the word that Peggy Boggs uses to describe the house, she describes it as beautiful and Burton uses a high angle shot that shows a close up image of her magical facial expression as she says it.The garden although firstly thought was poorly kept takes a dramatical change as Peggy Boggs goes further in and has a huge colourful commence of flowers and many thriving, healthy green bushes that have been carved in to remarkable animal figures. Burton uses this scenery to make the house seem less threatening than it did on first impressions from the start of the driveway. This scene is also interpreted in daylight, with a bright, shining sun and the house not shown in shadow, unlike Psycho which is inhering to create an eerie, Gothic effect.Burton also makes sure that the camera focuses on the Gothic architecture and other Gothic features of the house such as the large solid, old wooden door, the big lion doorknocker that Burton makes a close up camera shot of, and the church- style windows. When Peggy Boggs enters the house, Burton shoots the camera at her on a very long, high angle. Burton uses this shot, as the area that surrounds her can also be seen and as it is all in shadow and Peggy stands in a thin channel of light that floods solitarily into the dark, gloomy room, a great contrast between light and dark can be shown.Burton then shoots around the room focusing in on Gothic related props like the old throne that has been covered in dust sheets which creates an ancient, abandoned effect towards the audience. Edward Scissor hands, which can be closely related to another famous Gothic film, Frankenstein, also shoots close up camera sho ts on the contraptions and machinery that have created the main character, Edward. In many other Gothic novels apart from these, bringing bodies back to life has for a long time been an obvious deary with authors. However when methods to do this started involving science big issues were raised concerning this.The camera follows Peggy Boggs as she goes slowly up the magical, slow staircase. Here, Burton uses some of the most regularly used Gothic elements such as very low lighting, make noise noises from the stair case and floor boards after every step and cobwebs that line the hand railings. The camera looks down on her as she proceeds up the stairs which makes Peggy Boggs look small and vulnerable. Peggy wears a bright regal suit that makes her stand out clearly against her dull surroundings, Burton uses this to show the contrast of Suburbia and the mansion.When Peggy meets Edward the scenery and Edwards incertain character, make this particular scene a lot less Gothic than it could have been. Although Edward appears from shadows, he can be clearly seen as half of the roof is missing letting a more than capable amount of light into the room. As this scene is shot in an open- aired sunny room, Burton creates a calmer atmosphere which gives the audience the impression that nothing bad is going to happen at the present. During the scene when Peggy takes Edward back to Suburbia, Burton uses a series of long, two shots which again fulfills his aim to show contrast.Against the garish scenery of Suburbia Edward really stands out as hes the only black thing in sight. Suburbia, from the outside is extremely unrealistic and delights the audience affectionateness as this picture perfect place is unveiled. The insides of the houses are much more related to normal, realistic subsisting which signifies the room for evil, and the charactors of Suburbias residents are far in contrast with the setting. When Peggy Boggs opens her front door to let herself and Edward in the colour scheme which is the complete opposite of Edwards signature colour comes to the audiences attention.The walls are all white washed which symbolizes duty and reflects Peggys good, generous and loving personality. Towards the end of the film the witch hunt gathers for Edward, tension builds up and the sky turns black, which is a key factor that Burton has finally used to create a sinister, Gothic atmosphere. The mansion garden, shown throughout the film to be a colourful, wonderful place, is plunged in to a deep darkness. The flowers black, the animal carved bushes threatening, and a garden that now matches the interior, of the Gothic mansion upon a hill.In these films one can conclude that both directors have tried to incorporate influences and elements of the Gothic Tradition in to the desolate and sometimes bleak film settings. In particular, the attic of the large house in which Edward Scissor hands lives and the large dark remote house where Norman Bates live, both ha ve a strong correlation with Gothic Traditional architectural style. This is a great deal characterized by dark 12th 16th Century castle type structures with vaulted ceilings and pointed arches.Also they have used many symbolic objects within the sets that portray themes dealing with macabre and other events typical of the genre. The lead characters in both films are to a large extent depicted as social outcasts, displaying repelling psychopathic tendencies thus further reinforcing the Gothic impression created by the film sets. From studying the films I feel that they both successfully display the Gothic Tradition and the settings and other background props greatly hold to achieve this distinctive theme.

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A case study on Harley-Davidson.Com Essay Example for Free

A case guide on Harley-Davidson.Com EssayI. Statement of the Problem Although Harley Davidson dominates the food foodstuff in North America, it has been the smallest in europium and the 4th in Asia/ peace-loving surface atomic number 18a which is dominated by Nipponese brands. One ground for Harleys smaller marketplace bundle in Europe and Asia region is that the troupe cannot produce enough pedals to meet demand and its prices tend to be higher than competitive feignings. Shortages of Harleys rail many consumers to purchase competitive bikes as there atomic number 18 2-year waiting lists for any(prenominal) Harley models. The researcher of this study seeks to answer the following questions 1.What is the best way to advertise or market Harleys in the Europe and Asia/Pacific region? 2. What receiptss shall be done in Harley-davidson. com website? II. Objectives of the Study This study seeks the following objectives to be open to translate the market share of Har ley Davidson from the case study to determine which advertising is best for Harley Davidson in Europe and Asia to fill out whether the official website of Harley is just enough and competitive enough to give the best solution to addition market share and sales of Harley in Europe and Asia/Pacific region III. Scopes and Limitations of the Study.The study includes the current situation of Harley Davidson Company, the genius of the corporation, the background, its market share in different countries and the effect of its official website on consumer behavior. The study however, is restrain with just secondary data available from the text and from the official websites of Harley and its competing brands. This study has recommendations and points of view that are based from my declare perspectives and thinking as a marketing student. IV. Nature of The Research A. Harley Davidson Harley-Davidson, often abbreviated H-D or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer.Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the first decade of the 20th century, it was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. Harley-Davidson also survived a period of poor quality control and competition from Japanese manufacturers. The company sells heavyweight (over 750 cc) motorcycles initiationed for cruising on the highway. Harley-Davidson motorcycles (popularly known as Harleys) pull in a distinctive design and exhaust note. They are especially noted for the tradition of heavy customization that gave rise to the chopper-style of motorcycle.Except for the modern VRSC model family, current Harley-Davidson motorcycles reflect the styles of classic Harley designs. Harley-Davidsons attempts to establish itself in the light motorcycle market have met with limited success and have largely been abandoned since the 1978 sale of its Italian Aermacchi subsidiary. Harley-Davidson sustains a loyal brand company which keeps active through clubs, events, and a museum. Licensing of the Harley-Davidson logo accounts for almost 5% of the companys net revenue. B. Global Competitors Honda motorcycles, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha are some of the major competitors of Harley Davidson.C. Motorcycle Buyers The demographic profile of motorcycle buyers has changed over the years. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, 61% of buyers are over 35 years old whereas in 1980, barely 27% has reached this age. In 1980, only 2. 4% of motorcycle buyers had incomes of $50,000 or higher, whereas in 1998, over one third were in this income group. White-collar professionals are the largest group of new bike riders, accounting for 36%. Many are former riders now stepping up to their dream machines and state that motorcycle riding helps reduce stress in their lives. D. Motorcycle Company Websites.H. D. anxiety believes that the Internet is a powerful marketing tool. Its website is affectionately called the anti-websites since it encourages visitors to get offline and onto their Harleys. The website includes detailed data on the company and its products. It has nearly 1. 5 million visitors in 1997 alone. V. Areas of Consideration A. Competition All of Harleys major competitors have products other than motorcycles on their websites including cars (Honda, Suzuki, and BMW), outboard motors (Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki), and jet skis, snow mobile, boats, generators and power equipments.However, Harleys website is devoted exclusively to motorcycle-related information about its products, experience and the company itself, including financial data. This may be a competitive advantage for Harley because it illustrates that the company is focused only in the motorcycle industry. B. Market Share The following table shows the market share of Harley and its global competitors in different regions COMPANY NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA/PACIFIC BMW 2. 70% 13. 40% 4. 30% HARLEY 48. 50% 6. 4 15. 6 HONDA 20. 5 24. 1 28 KAWASAKI 10. 2 10.7 22. 1 SU ZUKI 10. 3 17. 2 7. 9 YAMAHA 4. 8 16. 3 16. 6 OTHERS 3 11. 9 5. 5 VI. alternate Courses of Action/Recommendation A. Harley Davidson should invest in Market Penetration in the regions where it is precise sluggish. The company should fork over enough units in the countries of Europe, Asia and the Pacific with competitive and affordable prices. B. The official website must be improved with good brand image through the use of better marketing colors and especially with cultural influences for Europe and Asia and not just for American consumers.VII. SWOT Analysis Recommendation Market Penetration Strengths increase of market share in Europe and Asia availability of supplies in Europe and Asia more name recall increase of good brand image Weaknesses risky fast production of supplies for the regions is costly defects upon production are inescapable Opportunities H. D. may be the most popular brand of motorcycles in the world May and will arrogate the highest/largest mar ket share of Motorcycle Industry in the whole world Threats outcome may be negative sales may not meet expenses. production of supplies may be time-consuming VIII. ending After carefully analyzing the case of Harley Davidson, the best solution I can give is to go on Market Penetration. Even if the company has already established its name and brand, most European and Asian countries until now prefer those brands that are most available and affordable in their areas. One very relevant reason why H. D. has a small market share in these regions is its being expensive. While there are a lot of competitive brands mostly made from Asia, H. D. still has an edge and an advantage among these brands.Unlike the others, H. D. specializes on motorcycles alone and this may be a competitive advantage for Harley because it illustrates that the company is focused only in the motorcycle industry. The improvement of its website through the use of better colors and images might be a very good idea to increase sales and brand consciousness on consumers. But the best improvement for the website that I could suggest is to add cultural touches from Asian and European cultures. With that, consumers from all countries may be able to relate with the brand.