Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Comprehensive research project into the next generation of the buzz Essay

A Comprehensive look for send into the next generation of the buzz word web 2.0 and the technologies that will define it - Essay ExampleIt is touchy to talk about internet without mentioning the Web.Internet started as a communication tool for U.S. military for manduction information over a distance. In 1958 the U.S. Department of Defense started the Advanced query Projects Agency (ARPA). The master(prenominal) aim of APRA was to develop defense technology but later it also became a hub for computer research and technology. APRA wanted to develop a method to connect its base site with its computer research laboratories dust at different locations in U.S. In 1960s, Paul Baran (at RAND) and Donald Davies (at UK National Physical Laboratory) developed a sweet technique called packet switching (as opposed to circuit switching) in order to make the data transmission system more reliable and efficient.In 1969, four computers (located at computer research labs of University of Cali fornia at Los Angeles, Stanford Research Institute, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah) were connected thus creating APRAnet. In 1971, more computers joined the APRAnet (including NASA and Harvard) and number increased to fifteen. The course 1973 saw ARPAnet going global and Norway (Norwegian Royal Radar Establishment) and England (University College of London) also joined the net. The networking protocol was called Network view Program. The total number of host computers connecting through APRAnet increased from 40 in 1973, to 111 in 1977 (Hobbes Internet Timeline). afterward APRAnet, other similar networks were created for special purposes. UUCP connected the computers having UNIX operating system and USENET (Users Network) connected academic community. Networks like CSNET (Computer light Network) and BITNET (Because Its Time Network) were also developed to connect universities and research centers. These networks had the capability to exchang e information with APRAnet and among apiece other. APRAnet was split into two networks in 1980s and a separate

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