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Health and Fitness Essay

For many years there has been a debate between which is better for weight control and all around health and fitness, Cardiorespiratory Exercise or Weight Training. Many people tend to focus only on one aspect of the physical wellness. For example women, like myself may focus more on cardiorespiratory and flexibility training more so than Weight training. This is out of fear of injury, or the muscles becoming too bulky. Women tend to want to burn more calories, therefore they focus on exercises’ such as aerobics, walking, swimming, and jogging. Research shows that working out with weights has health benefits beyond simply bulking up one’s muscles and strengthening bones. Studies are finding that more lean muscle mass may allow kidney dialysis patients to live longer, give older people better cognitive function, reduce depression, boost good cholesterol, lessen the swelling and discomfort of lymphedema after breast cancer and help lower the risk of diabetes. Although Weight training has its benefits for variety of reasons; it also has its downside. Weight training promotes short term stiffness of the blood vessels, which could promote High Blood Pressure over time and increase the load on the heart. This would not be good for someone who has a history of Hypertension. A variety of studies have shown that the best way to offset the cardiovascular stress caused by strength training is to combine cardiorespiratory endurance exercise such as a brisk walk, bicycling, or elliptical machine, immediately after a weight training exercise. Regular aerobic exercise causes your lungs to process more oxygen with less effort; your heart to pump more blood with fewer beats; and the blood supply directed to your muscles to increase. As a result, by performing cardiovascular exercises, you are increasing your body’s endurance and efficiency. Miriam Nelson of the American College of Sports Medicine states, â€Å"Ideally, you want a combination of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise and moderate-intensity strength training† Bottom line to all of this research is both Resistance training and Cardiorespiratory exercise is good for the body, if done in the right order.

The Day I will always remember

Well what can I say about this amazing night out? I knew from the moment that I heard it was confirmed to happen that it really was going to be something special, after all it is (in my opinion) the greatest DJ on the planet playing in my favourite club on the planet. I have been a serious fan of Lisa Lashes ever since I first heard her play in Spank @ Ceasers, Dundalk and I fell in love with her mental non-slacking style off pure Hard House. So naturally when I heard she was coming to play in ‘The Met' there was nothing on this planet that could stop me from witnessing this night. As for ‘The Met', well what can I say. Three things make it my favourite club in Ireland. Firstly a layout to die for consisting of one single huge tremendous off Arena. (Co-incidentally that is how it is known to the die-hard posse i. e. ‘The Arena') With the dance floor being the lowest point, then there's the stage with two wicked podiums, the place then works its way up a series of pumping balconies & staircases right to the very top mental balconies and the DJ box is situated just above the main stage. Secondly the absolutely spectacular sound & light systems are both absolutely first class, I have been going to the Met for about 2 years and I have never once witnessed any problems with the light-show or the sound system. Last but absolutely in no way least, the crowd. Every Saturday night the place is filled with mental up for it clubbers from all over the north and south of Ireland who I know all feel as passionate about the place as I do. At about 12:00 when the place is at its peak if you stop for a second and take a look around at this unique place it really never fails to send goosebumps shooting all over your body. To put it in layman's terms ‘The Met' rocks the house every Saturday night without fail, and this one was gonna be twice as nuts! The night started off in a small bar in Dundrum with the place slowly filling up with well up for it clubbers psyching themselves up for a truly unforgettable night. I was saddened by the fact that my usual accomplice & partner in crime Micky was unable to make it for the night (I know she would have felt right at home at a nuts night like this) but this just meant I was going to have to compensate by going twice as nuts. We arrived at about 8:00pm and already the place was bunged to the gills but I'm glad that the Met had decided to stick to its Maximum capacity restriction of just slightly over 2,000 as we all feared we were gonna be crammed in like sardines. Though the place was packed you still had good room to walk about and generally go mad. The music was going unbelievable, the place was bouncing and you would have been forgiven if you had thought it was Lisa Lashes herself on the decks but it was none other than the resident DJ Mal Black doing what he does best, whipping the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Then at 10:00 came the moment everyone had been waiting for. Marc Dobbin winds the crowd up †could you please give a warm Met welcome for the top Hard House DJ in the UK, FOR THE DJ LISA LASHES†. The needle dropped and with that I swear to God in all my years of attending the Met I have never seen the place lose the plot like that. For the next two hours I got the full onslaught that you would only expect from Lisa Lashes and then some, no matter how mental I thought the next tune was gonna be it was always Harder and Faster than I expected. There was thumping baselines and a rolling galore all through her set and there was definitely parts of my brain touched that night that were never reached before and more than likely will never be again. Well that's a lie because just before the end of her set it was announced to the huge appreciation of the crowd that she will be re-visiting the Met again in the very near future. Gods Kitchen are taking up a monthly residency in the Met with Lisa and the equally hard and brilliant Fergie taking it month about to cause mayhem in Armagh. After Lisa's set came on AJ Gibson who I had never heard of before but I really hope to hear of again. Although his set wasn't as hard and as furious as Lisa's I believe it was a more intelligent set and I think he done really well considering he had such a hard act to follow. The second resident DJ of the night, the absolutely amazing Mandy Reid who sent the crowd nuts for the last half-hour or so of the night followed his set. I really do believe that the Met should be proud to have the two greatest DJs in the north of Ireland grace the decks there every Saturday night. Then the night as always in the Met came to an end far too early (it could end at 5:00am and it would still be too early) and it was of home in the hunt for a party. So after one of the greatest nights of my life I would like to thank, Gods Kitchen for there amazing dicor, dancers and crazy performers. The Met for, well simply for being the Met. Mal & Mandy for once again blowing my head of with the best in new and old trance & house. AJ Gibson for also doing an excellent job on the decks and finally Lisa Lashes for absolutely tearing the place up with the greatest style of music played in the greatest way possible, I look forward to seeing her again.

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Programming software can be good for children Essay

Programming software can be good for children with the correct guidance. Antonio Garcia Vicente at only six years old entered to the young programmers club of Valladolid University to learn how to create video games with the computer and mobile devices. He created his first video game at seven years old to help his classmate to improve their understanding of the classes. Maria Vicente, his mother, and software engineer explain that children, computers and mobile devices are meant to be misunderstood. †Children are capable of doing more things with computers and mobile devices but the elders believe that everything is very delicate, and it is, but children have more imagination and they are not afraid to try things.† (Tosas, 2016). Due to the fact, there is evidence showing that using computers and mobile devices could be harmful to children who are 4-6 years old, the parents and educational institutions can teach the children how to use properly it, can improve their grow th. Opponents said that children who are exposed more than ever to computers and mobile screens are more prone to addiction and depression. Even though specialists in psychology from the Childish Hospital Federico Gà ³mez at Mexico City explain that, these negative effects are avoidable by limiting the use of computers and mobile devices (Univision, 2015). It is necessary to balance the time spent with those devices with other activities important for their development such as physical exercise and social coexistence. Mark Baley, Director of the Pacific University Child Learning and Development Center describes how a 5-year-old child fascinated with the Titanic received an interactive CD-ROM with a large screen computer. As he piloted this virtual tour of the Titanic, friends who wanted to hear the story and see the pictures surrounded him. He had to use the mouse carefully and precisely to navigate this tour. His social skills and small motor skills began to show improvement over a cou ple of weeks (Naeyc, n.d). Opponents consider children between 4-6 years old who use computers and mobile devices at risk of potentially irreversible eye damage because of blue light emissions from those screens. Whereas these conditions can be treated and prevented with regular breaks and blinking, the hazards of accrued exposure to blue light are still relatively unknown. In 2014, a US study showed artificial retina cells grown in a laboratory were destroy when exposed to blue light (Ongaro, 2014). However, they were exposed directly to the blue light for many hours that is why they were destroy. This is because they don ´t have the natural blinking that children naturally have. The parents have to educate the children to make continuous blinking, take some breaks, do some exercises and look at distant objects for 10-30 seconds periodically, so that children can rest the muscles they use to see. In addition, the new technologies like the fast refresh rate, high resolution, automatic brightness and contrast are in favor of children ´s ocular health. Opponents argue that there is a struggle with obesity because sitting in a chair in front of a computer and mobile devices can trap children between 4-6 years old, without even thinking to go to the toilet. However, according to Health Awareness Community, the advancement of computers and mobile devices will make the next generation more active, not less (2016). With the advances in smart phone technologies and high accuracy GPS systems, there are entirely new fun physical activities for children. The Sworkit Kids mobile app virtual platform for free was born with the mission to turn physical exercise into a game by providing parents and kids with personalized activities focused on improving flexibility, strength, and agility. This app is to motivate children to play sports, is suitable for 4-6 years old, and encourages them to be entertained and motivated. It is evident that using computers and mobile devices on children between 4-6 years old could be unhealthy, but all those arguments are avoidable with the guidance of parents and educational institutions. Those technology devices will not disappear, the children have to be educated to optimize its use. The computers and mobile devices will not negatively affect the children ´s learning capacity if their parents limit the time spent on it and combine it with other activities. The computers and mobile devices now have better screens and children educated to blinking, take breaks and do some eye exercises after their use, so that they will not damage their eyes. With the mobile devices and its technology, children and their parents will be motivated to do some physical exercise to improve their flexibility, strength and agility.

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Airline Pricing Strategies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Airline Pricing Strategies - Research Paper Example The airline industry faces an unpredictable and often uncertain environment that is driven by trends in consumer behavior, internal demands placed on specific organizations, and a competitive environment that often dictates forward momentum. Revenue management systems, on average, function as a tool with which to remove certain business activities that are calculated to be inefficient or budget-restrictive. In this system, â€Å"comparative trials of complex pricing policies are employed according to an application schedule that has a periodic character with respect to the arrival date of quoting circumstances† (, 2008, p.1). In many businesses, these systems become automated in order to link inventory with actual usage time that can be calculated on a variety of electronic systems. Marriott Hotels took advantage of combining two different revenue management systems to link customer needs with internal operational components to ensure that productivity measured with demand (Thibodeau, 2005). Airline companies must develop methods to measure productivity with inventory strategy, labor, and other industry-specific activities. All of these are related to the financial goals or current economic position of the specific airway carrier. Whilst being driven to satisfy customers with different demands placed on marketing efforts, airline companies also manage expenditures balanced with the organization considered much like a system. The research identifies information associated with revenue production, advertising as part of marketing, internal functions and organizational constraints with the design of the airline carrier, and general business activities in the airline industry.  

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ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Language in Theory and Practice Essay - 1

ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Language in Theory and Practice - Essay Example Advertising thus resorts into subtle messaging to obtain attention, develop interest, and stimulate desire for the thing being advertised (Proctor, Proctor & Papasolomou-Doukakis, 2002:32). The Citizen print ad contains multimedia texts – written words, pictures of champion skier Chemmy Alcott dressed in ski attire and holding her skis, and a close-up of the model of Citizen Eco-Drive, the watch being promoted. In boldface capital letters is the word UNSTOPPABLE appears twice on the page. Metaphor is described as â€Å"a rhetorical style of comparing two dissimilar objects, so that the characteristic of one object is transferred to the other.† In this advertisement, visual metaphor was used to effect visual persuasion (Miller, Hadjimarcou, & Miciak, 2000:60). In the ad, the visual metaphor is created between the skier and the watch, both facing the viewer frontally. The watch is unstoppable because it relies on an inexhaustible energy supply. Inexhaustible energy is likewise implicitly attributed to Chemmy Alcott as a matter of character. Furthermore, vector analysis enhanced by close-up shot identifies her direct stare at the viewer as a â€Å"demand† that also personally challenges the audience’s belief and behaviour. Here, â€Å"genderization† is depicted no as attribute â€Å"but as a relation of power and a process by which gender structures are created, reinforced and/or transformed† (Norlander, 2000 in Lidestav & Sjà ¶lander, 2007:352). Chemmy Alcott is depicted as the consummate athlete, a field dominated by men. The reference is clearly gender based, as women in sports are a rarity. For women, the construct â€Å"unstoppable† means that even if social norms tried to stop her, she would not. She does not detract from her femininity, however, which is why her watch is studded with 30 diamonds, â€Å"a girl’s best friend†, and with a subtle Mother-of-Pearl color, an

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Nitrogen Oxide as an Environmental Pollution Essay

Nitrogen Oxide as an Environmental Pollution - Essay Example with the first section covers the common nitrogen oxides, followed by the sources and potential sinks in the environment, then the chemical behaviour of these oxides, the impacts on human and ecosystem, and finally the prevention and control of these pollutants. Nitrogen oxides mainly consist of nitrogen and oxygen, and the most common nitrogen oxides are nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) (Farmer 2013, p.26; Harrison 2001, p.179). Notably, nitrous oxide and nitrogen dioxide are emitted when nitrogen reacts with oxygen in the air during combustion at high temperatures and this shows that the amount of nitrogen oxides produced depends on temperature of combustion. Another nitrogen oxide is nitrous oxide (N2O) which is a greenhouse gas that has a greater impact on climate change. Nitric oxide is a colourless gas with a sharp and sweet smell, but nitrogen dioxide is a colourless gas with a strong, harsh odour. Of the nitrogen oxides emitted, nitric oxides forms the larger part, followed by nitrous oxide then nitrogen dioxide which is produced in low amounts, and also it is important to note that both nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxides does not have prolonged lifespan in the atmosphere as compared to nitrous oxide. Nitrogen oxides are produced naturally but they are as well produced by various human activities including agricultural activities, transportation and industrial processes and many others. In nature, nitrogen oxides are produced because of bacterial processes, biological growth and decay, forest fires (Lippmann 2009, p.823), volcano, and lightening among others (Hill 2010, p.128). Thunderstorms lead to the production of nitric oxide as a result of high heat of lightening released in the process of breaking down nitrogen molecules. On the other hand, burning of fossil fuels is considered the primary source of nitrogen oxides as part of human activities. Transportation fuels when burned produce nitrous oxide and mostly, motor vehicles and trucks

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Heathcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Heathcare - Essay Example On top of that he is further indulging in alcohol abuse on weekends which should ideally be totally banned in his case as his SGOT and SGPT levels are raised. Moreover he has existing Staphylococcal urethral infection. As he is presently suffering from acute respiratory distress, his habit of smoking is not going to help his case in any way. He has taken erratic medication for aids and that too using AZT and Zidovudine which has been administered in unaccountable time spans and compliance is also not known for sure. His musculo skeletal and cardiovascular systems however show some signs of integrity and proper functioning. The patient should be guided to change his food habits drastically and stick to high energy cereals and fresh fruit juice in the morning. He should be encouraged to have breakfast as the heaviest meal which should include citrus juices and vegetarian protein diet. Curd, yoghurt and milk should be used liberally and he should avoid coffee and sodas altogether. He should have a light lunch and have his dinner in the evening before 7 PM. He should desist from having late meals and should drink hot milk at night before going to bed. He should be assisted and encouraged to follow this schedule by his partner or any other well wisher. As the patient is into intellectual pursuits like poetry, he should be made to realize the gravity of his problem by a psychologist. The diet supplementation and pattern should be prepared by a qualified nutritionist. 1. Anxiolytics for reducing anxiety: A low dose of Alprazolam could be started in consultation with a psychiatrist to alleviate his desperation. This is one of the safest anxioltics and minimum dosage of 0.25 milligrams should be started initially. However, the selection of the anxiolytic should be made by a qualified psychiatrist after careful assessment of the patient’s EEG and other parameters. 2. To check acute coughing

Social Media Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Social Media Marketing - Essay Example Social media sites are easily accessible at any time and place using computers or at the mere click of a button via smart phone. These sites are here to stay and many organisations are shifting from the traditional methods of advertising to the new trend of social media marketing which is cheaper and easier to get more audience than in conventional advertising. Social media marketing should be adopted since it allows new communication methods between an organisation and its publics. There are new ways to communicate with the clients in a fast and efficient manner, where customers direct enquiries to the organisation and they are able to get answers faster as compared to print or television adverts. Social media does not limit marketers to a specific time or page or a particular newspaper or magazines where advertisements are displayed. Adverts can be placed on such networks at any time of day or night and potential clients can have access to them whenever they are on these social media platforms. As more people are shifting from buying newspapers and relying on social media and blogs for information, marketers should tap into this opportunity to place their adverts where they will be seen (Hay & Hay, 2011). Therefore, social media is pivotal to the world of marketing. This paper will focus on Samsung smart Phones and why the firm should em brace social media marketing. Samsung smart phones continue to face several challenges in the market today. This is due to proliferation of cheaper brands of smart phones such as Huawei from china. Although Android phones are more popular than windows and other operating systems, high end brands which are sophisticated such as apple’s iPhones are also a major challenge. However, Samsung enjoys a huge social media presence with over twenty million followers on Face book alone (Evans & Mckee, 2010).

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English Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English - Assignment Example My motivation to study English law as my major evolves from different factors. First, as a lawyer, I would manage to assist other people attain justice within the English law system, and have the opportunity to do my best since I love working under lots of pressure. For a long time, most of the court cases require superb track of record in successfully handled cases, and despite my little experience, I believe that such records are attained by lawyers who engage in intense research and lots of accuracy and attention to detail. I also trusted my confidence and strong communication skills since most situations that had to deal with always demonstrated a material difference. For instance, I contributed immensely to the success of a mock local campaign that involved verbal and written evidence in a situation that required compensation of Australian Aboriginals for the oppressions received from white colonialists. A good boss must contribute to social change, be influential, and sensitive to and flexible in the ever changing business environment. Being influential means getting their followers to not only accept, but also respond to their persuasion through wanting to do what should needs to be done. Good leaders are thus great communicators using visionary ideas that impact a strong imprint of ideology on their followers. Sensitivity to changing business environments facilitates the identification of new trends, develop strategies to improve, and flexibly develop fresh knowledge and systems to handle arising changes. Such bosses also encourage others to adopt rules, roles, and norms that propel responsiveness to change through strong decision and problem-solving strategies. Good bosses also promote social change by ensuring that their employees assist each other to attain a common mission and goal. In most instances, the poor in the society who end up in court cases with wealthy people tend to lose. However, the as a defense lawyer in such cases, know

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Young Goodman Brown. Theme of your choice of good and evil Research Paper

Young Goodman Brown. Theme of your choice of good and evil - Research Paper Example The puritan beliefs that man was inherently sinful tend to be biased against society in favor of their own self-righteousness out of grace. Through the story of Goodman, Hawthorne criticizes the hypocrisy of the Puritan liturgy by creatively designing Goodman’s journey to self-discovery through personal reevaluation that ultimately ends in the loss of his own faith. Goodman as the protagonist of the story is a universal character, typical of every other man in the universe (Hawthorne 561). This story is strikingly a dark romance story in the period of American Romanticism because it depicts sad and dark events; moreover, in this story, Hawthorne deals with the theme of Good and Evil as two opposing forces in society. The basic argument is that man is constantly faced with the internal conflict about his personal belief, and this is because of the struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Hawthorne affirmatively states that the forces of evil are so strong tha t one is more likely to stray from the path of righteousness to the path of evil and darkness. Man being inherently sinful, he has  to defeat evil by remaining steadfast in his faith, but this is not often easy as we see through Goodman’s woes that lead to him losing his faith; he encounters the devil who is in his own resemblance (Hawthorne 554). The major characters of this story have been given names that suggest a deeper meaning than the surface one, in a deliberate fashion that supports the theme of Good and evil. Goodman for instance points out that the said character is a good man, pure in actions and free from evil. As such, Goodman appeals to the reader as a sympathetic character who has fallen victim of circumstances;  Faith  on the other hand  metaphorically represents his religious beliefs, through which he hopes to attain eternal life.  He believes in her earthly purity and innocence and later in the story,  it emerges that she also represents his per sonal faith. It is faith that keeps Goodman from indulging in evil; this is captured aptly through Goodman’s encounter with the devil in the forest where he excuses his lateness by the delay caused by his wife Faith. This highlights his internal conflict that is informed by man's  general predisposition to evil, and his religious beliefs that prohibit him from freely doing evil. Once Goodman learns that his wife is lost, his personal faith is lost too, and Goodman is totally lost from the righteous path. Apart from the Characters, the setting of the story has been used to highlight the theme of Good and evil in a manner that evokes greater significance in the plot of the story; thus, Hawthorne’s choice of a dense forest setting was purposeful and not merely coincidental. Forests have largely been associated with darkness and dangerous malevolence that could befall any unsuspecting person. Goodman alludes to this myth when he gets a notion that there could be evil beh ind every tree in the forest waiting to attack an innocent individual. In this regard, the forest setting symbolizes evil in its pure form with its deep secrets and darkness that portents mystery. By agreeing to walk in the forest, Goodman starts being compromised in his whole being as he begins to doubt his beliefs in the knowledge he already had about his forbiddance from the forest area. Goodman’s gradual walk deeper into the forest metaphorically represents his gradual straying from good to evil. Deeper into the forest, there is dense darkness that totally blinds Goodman’s eyesight thus highlighting the fact that his morality is getting darker and darker by the moment as he continues to walk in the fo

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ENZYME-LINKED IMMUNOSORBENT ASSAY (ELISA) OF PLASMA IgM - Lab Report Example After washing again to remove unbound enzyme a chromogenic substrate is added which develops colour upon reaction with the enzyme and measurement is recorded. Constructing a graph using the data and extrapolating to get appropriate values the following graph is generated. To construct the graph 0.088 was subtracted from 1st reading, 2nd reading and average reading and the values were plotted. Since, the readings for G were too high we had to use reading for F. ELISA helps in quantification and detection of antigens and in this case we detected human IgM and quantified their concentration in two plasma samples. One major advantage of using antibody to capture the antigen is that there is no need to purify the antigen (Gan and Pate, 2013). A standard curve was obtained using the trend of which we have predicted the concentrations of IgM in the sample plasma.In well A and B we provided nothing but the TBS and therefore we obtained very low values which were a result of the some reactions between the substrate and the enzyme. From wells C, D, E to F we provided a gradual increase in the concentration of the IgM and a subsequent decrease in the TBS concentration and we obtained values of optical density which showed a gradual increase in trend. Each of the wells is coated with antibodies which can react with the antigen under study. IgM is now added and it binds to the antibodies already bound to the walls. IgM is a pentamer and has a number o f binding sites that allows it to bind to both the antibody and the enzyme linked antibody thereby allowing it to perform sandwich ELISA. Next, the enzyme linked antibody is added which is specific for plasma IgM antigen is added. Greater the number of antigens, greater will be the number of enzyme-bound antibodies as well. After the substrate is added a colored product is obtained. The intensity

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Of Mice and Men Essay Example for Free

Of Mice and Men Essay In the book â€Å"Of Mice and Men† by John Steinbeck, the characters felt considerable loneliness, even around other people. They feel left out, ignored, and even invisible with no one to talk concerning his own thoughts. Although a person is surrounded by others, feelings of loneliness can occur. For instance, in â€Å"Of Mice and Men† the characters ignored by other people at the farm felt lonely. One character who expressed her loneliness was Curley’s wife. At one point she said to Lennie, â€Å"I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely†¦ I can’t talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. † (Steinbeck 86) She expressed to Lennie how she is ignored and lonely. On the contrary, if a person were surrounded by friends then he would not feel lonely. A good example of this would be George and Lennie. The two men were close friends and were not lonely as they stuck together no matter what might happen. Although there were other characters in â€Å"Of Mice and Men who were lonely, if they reached out to those around them, the profound loneliness felt would disappear. On the other hand, many workers during this time period often go from one job to another to survive. Many people who lived at this time had little chance to have a asting friendship and became lonely as a result. In the book, George lost his friend Lennie would be lonely how without a friend. Another character, Crooks was an lonely person, but his loneliness was due to his race. In the end, many of the characters wanted companionship though sadly most ended up alone. All in all, in â€Å"Of Mice and Men† many characters felt loneliness in their daily lives even with other people around them. In fact a person who can be surrounded by others and have strong feelings of loneliness. In life if someone is lonely and seeking friendship he should reach out to others so as to remove the loneliness one may feel.

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Impact of User Fees in Healthcare

Impact of User Fees in Healthcare Introduction An old proverb offers a world of insight when it says that â€Å"health is wealth†. Truly without health nothing in life is worth it be it a million dollar Ferrari or a state of the art beach house. Looking at the statistics, the overall health of the population across the globe is deteriorating and no amount of medical technology or innovation is able to mask the fact that people are really getting sicker and need treatment. Method of payment differs from one country to another and within countries as well. The developed nations support their citizens by subsidizing health care and making it free in some cases. The developing nations have government hospitals which offer treatments at subsidized rates. The health care burden that the developed nations are facing is colossal. In an attempt to reduce this burden, some suggestions of introducing a co-payment are being made in the developed nations. The rationale behind this suggestion is that people who are covered with insuranc e tend to over use medical services because they don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. However, critics argue that introduction or rise of existing co-payments will significantly erode the will to get treatment done and many individuals will end up not going to doctors for essential treatment. The proponents of co-payments assume that every individual is insured and able to afford co-payment. This is contrary to reality where many people are unable to pay for even the most basic necessary medical interventions. I support the latter. One of the primary reason behind my conclusion is that this would increase the burden on the bourgeois and the poor population for their health care and worsen their condition. Background on User fees in Healthcare Healthcare is generally price inelastic. People who have used these services pay the predetermined prices, at least for critical care, absolutely essential visits to the physician and prescribed medicines. â€Å"Moral hazard arises when an insured person chooses unnecessary/more expensive form of healthcare because she/he knows that the insurance company will be paying for it†(Banerjee, 2010). Developing countries like India and China have made their health care services such that the people get more of health care at a subsidized rate due to the fact that 29.5 % of the population in India lies below the poverty line (Kaul, 2013). The ultra-low-cost position of hospitals in countries like India may not seem surprising because the wages are significantly lower than those in the developed countries for instance the U.S. and U.K. However, the health care available in these hospitals is cheaper even when the wages are adjusted: For example, even if Indian neurological hospitals pay their doctors and staff salaries of U.S. level, their costs of open-heart surgery will still be one-fifth of those in the U.S(Vijay Govindarajan, 2013). Under such circumstances, if the government increases the rates of health care services, it would lead to under usage of these services because the people would have lesser access to hospitals due to the higher costs as compared to their salaries and savings. Not many people in such countries choose to insure themselves for health because of the perceived limited requirement of hospital services as compared to high payments to the health insurance companies. Rationale for introducing user fees The rationale behind keeping user fees could be that they could generate additional tax income for the health industry when financial help from outside sources were minimal, liability refunds were shooting up and the governments of medium income countries were feeling the pressure on their internal finances. There was also a philosophical shift in the functioning of the healthcare industry in the early 1990s during which, the system of out-of-pocket payments was introduced. In this, the patients were asked to pay for the services they get from the hospitals which in turn motivated the healthcare workers and increased their efficacy (Action). Quality can be improved with better finances and remuneration. And quality is a significant aspect of health care which cannot be compromised under any circumstances. In the later years, after implementation of totally free health care, it was realized that some patients actually â€Å"over used† medical services. Introduction of a user fe es greatly reduced this moral hazard. Secondly, bulk billing and abolition of user fees leads to an increased burden on the government financially. The rising cost of health care compels the government to introduce a system where the consumer is liable to pay some amount. Supporters of user fee also claim that universal health care is a myth and the citizens ultimately bear a much higher cost (than the user fee) for the so called â€Å"free medical treatment†. User fees compounded poverty User fees inconsistently damage the health of poor and middle class people. They tend to push families into debt and poverty thus compelling them to scrounge money through illegal means or from financiers, or to sell or hypothecate livestock or resources that they depend upon to earn a living. The charges can especially pressurise women who have fewer resources to rely on. Such circumstances tend to create a brutal condition where in there is a constant increase in poverty which leads to malnutrition and the ailments they live with. This results in poorer health which ultimately results in bigger issues each time there is a need to pay for healthcare emergencies. â€Å"The World Health Organisation estimates that 100 million people each year are forced into poverty by these sudden healthcare costs† (Action). When reporting to the hospital becomes excruciating because of high costs, people are more likely to take care at home. This increased load of care in addition to other household work usually puts burden on women and girls This may force them to entrust their education or jobs to take care of the ill (Action). Studies done by the World Health Repot Report of 2010 show that the affliction of non-communicable diseases is emerging and is already a major drawback even in the poorest countries and the people are unable to have access to the services they need to prevent or control these diseases due to financial incompetency or inability to access those services (Priyanka Saksena, 2011). Household burden due to specific non-communicable and chronic illnesses A number of studies demonstrated that the household burden led to financial crisis from specific illness and conditions like, diabetes in India for example, presented that 596 diabetic patients taken as sample group at a private and public hospital in Chennai showed that in the private hospital, the poorest sample of patients spent 24.5% of their income on services for diabetes, compared to 3.5% in the richest group. This was mainly demonstrated because of the increased out of pocket costs. On the other hand, in the public hospital, where middle class family income was much lesser than in the private hospital, the poorest group payed 3.3% of their income on diabetes care while the richest cluster almost 0% of their incomes on care. Another research that was done in 2006 on the total economic cost of illness for households was continuously above 10% of household income. As an illustration, total household charges of malaria per annum were as large as 18% of annual income in Kenya and 13% in Nigeria. Total expense for all forms of illness added up to 11.5% of monthly household income in Sri Lanka, and about 11% of average monthly income in Nigeria. Some of the researches are concerned that even 10% of household income being disbursed by health care expenditure as potentially disastrous where the medical expenditure levels are prone to drive households to cut their consumption of other basic needs, trigger productive asset sales or high levels of debt, and lead to impoverishment. It is clear that this is a somewhat subjective cut-off point and expenditure levels lower than this may be catastrophic for very poor families. Furthermore, it is not only the level but also the timing of health care expenses, which have to be paid in full at the time of illness in the case of out-of-pocket payments that determine whether or not there are catastrophic consequences for a household. This is related to the unexpected nature of most medical expenditure, the fact that the magnitude of payments is heavily influenced by the provider, and that this is precisely the time when income may be lower than usual(Diane McIntyrea, 2006). Current perspectives on User fees in health sector in medium and low income countries Equitable approaches to financing health services are crucial for achieving the goal of universal coverage of health services. When user fees are assigned to a particular service, they become an inequitable financing mechanism which produces barriers to access for a large number of people. Though in some of the Public Health Centres, revenue is provided by the government, it is almost always that it turns out to be inadequate and a persistent challenge in the developing countries(Rohan Sweeney, 2011). This thus leads to imposition of user charges which hinders the poor from using the available services. Another example of this is that under the Alma Ata declaration of ‘Health for all’, developing countries like Bangladesh tried to design country health care programs but had continuously failed to do so because of the problem of increased health care needs and decreased available resources. Hence, when user charges were imposed, there were serious interferences between the two most vulnerable groups which are the poor and the women and the maintenance of patient profile (Stanton B, 1989). There have been studies that show that when user fees were introduced, there was a substantial decrease in the use of health care facilities that ranged from 5% to 51% immediately after the intervention but a significant increase in the use of most curative services was seen that ranged from 30% to 50% when the policy was changed again (WP, 2014). Unfortunately, it is only the user fees that the researches and economists concentrate on to reduce moral hazard. Doctors are well equipped to judge whether a patient requires treatment or not. When such wide spread reliance is placed on doctors regarding treatment, why can’t the same doctors be trusted not to over treat a patient? It must be made mandatory for doctors and other health practitioners to take steps to prevent themselves from doing treatments that could be otherwise be tamed. How do the hospitals function with low prices of healthcare services? Three major practices have allowed the hospitals of low and medium income countries to cut costs while still improving their quality of care. A Hub-and-Spoke Design In order to reach the people in need of care in the rural and other remote areas, hospitals must create hubs in major the city areas and open smaller clinics in rural areas that transfer patients to the main hospital that has all the diagnostic facilities and other resources. This would reduce the need for duplicating the personnel and equipment in every village and the most expensive equipment and expertise in the hub, thus eventually reducing the cost burden on the village population. It would also create specialists at the hubs who, while performing greater numbers of focused procedures, develop the experience that will improve the overall quality. This can also lead to proper and frequent utilisation of machines. For example, an MRI machine if installed in every village separately, would do only 1-2 scans per day. But if a common machine is installed in the main hub, it would scan about 10-20 patients per day. Task Shifting The hospitals can transfer responsibility for routine tasks to lower-skilled workers like the newly graduated and less experienced doctors, leaving expert doctors to handle only the most complicated procedures. Again, such countries always face problems because of shortage of highly skilled doctors. Thus, hospitals have to maximize the duties they perform. Doctors at these hospitals tend to become incredibly productive as they can focus on only the critical parts of the surgical procedures and the final decision making during the diagnosis of diseased conditions. This allows them to perform 6-7 surgeries in a day rather than just 1-2 surgeries in other developed countries like the U.S. This innovation would ultimately reduce the costs. After shifting tasks from doctors to nurse practitioners and nurses, multiple number of hospitals can create a lower tier of paramedic employees with two years’ training after high school to perform the most routine medical jobs. In some hospitals, these workers can comprise more than half of the workforce. Good, Old-Fashioned Frugality â€Å"Necessity is the mother of invention†- Hospitals of lower income countries should come up with wiser ways of sterilization techniques and safely reusing the surgical products that are otherwise discarded after a single use in other developed countries. These hospitals must concentrate less on building designing and making it attractive and spend more on the amenities that would be needed for the welfare of the general population using them. They have also developed local devices such as stents or intraocular lenses that cost one-tenth the price of imported devices. These hospitals can be innovative in rewarding doctors. In the program where fees are payed for every service, an incentive to perform unnecessary procedures and tests is created. Thus, the doctors at some hospitals must be paid fixed salaries, irrespective of the number of tests they order. Other hospitals can employ team-based compensation, which produces peer pressure to avoid unnecessary tests and procedures (Vijay Govindarajan, 2013) Conclusion In conclusion, it can be stated that the user charge has an abundance negative implications in the socio-economic, socio-cultural, political and administrative and management dimensions. Developing country administrators must eliminate fees for essential healthcare and choose a program of financing that will best improve access to health services for their most disregarded groups. This should be suitable to existing institutional structures, cultures and traditions, and to their economic progress. This could be through taxation with healthcare costs paid by the government. Putting an end to user fees is likely to see a rise in the use of services. Governments of developed countries should provide foreseeable aid, committed for the long term, to give developing countries the confidence to eliminate fees. The World Bank and other international institutions must stop prescribing user fees to countries as part of official or unofficial policy advice and provide more financial assistance to scrap fees. The low pay and poor conditions of health workers must be addressed to stop informal fees being tolled(Action). References Action, H. P. Key Facts: User Fees for Health Services. Retrieved from Banerjee, R. (2010). HEALTH INSURANCE AND MORALHAZARD. Retrieved from Diane McIntyrea, M. T., Gà ¶ran Dahlgrenb, Margaret Whiteheadb. (2006). What are the economic consequences for households of illness and of paying for health care in low- and middle-income country contexts? . Social Science Medicine, 62(4), 858-865. Retrieved from Kaul, V. (2013). Required: A new poverty line that shows 67% of India is poor. Retrieved from Priyanka Saksena, K. X., David B. Evans. (2011). Impact of out of pocket payments for the treatment of non-comuunicable deseases in developing countries: a literature review. Retrieved from Vijay Govindarajan, R. R. (2013). India’s Secret to Low-Cost Health Care. HBR Blog Network,Retrieved from

Internal and external analysis of Kelloggs

Internal and external analysis of Kelloggs In this assignment Im going to make an external analysis and an internal analysis of the Kelloggs company. Im going to choose four tools to make the all analysis. For the external analysis I will do PESTEL and Porters five force models and for the internal analysis I will do the Value chain and a benchmarking on Cereal SBU Presentation of the organization Kellogg Company is the United States largest cereal-Maker. In 1898, Will Keith and John Harvey give birth to the famous breakfast cereal Kelloggs Corn Flakes. Thanks to the success of the products Will Keith create in 1906 the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company. Kellogg is the leading producer of breakfast cereals in the world. It takes places in 18 countries and sells it products in more than 180 countries. Between 1938 and the present day Kellogg opened manufacturing plants in the UK, Canada, Australia, Latin America and Asia. Kellogg produce a wide range of cereal product including the well-know brand of Kelloggs corn flakes, rice krispies, special K , fruit n fibre, as well as the nuti-grain cereal bars. The philosophy was improved diet leads to improved health Kellogg company mission statement: Kellogg is a Global Company Committed to Building Long-Term Growth in Volume and Profit and to Enhancing its Worldwide Leadership Position by Providing Nutritious Food Products of Superior Value Analysis of Kelloggs external environment Analysis of Macro-environment influences through the PESTEL model The headquarter of Kellogg company is currently base in Battle Creek in the Michigan. I will base my PESTEL analysis in the country of the USA Political : Reforms for the problem of obesity in USA (wide problem) US focus on cereal products in the level of 17% of the food market(2000) Economical : The deterioration of general economic activity and the contraction of the food market have not been without consequences for the food industry .Faced with financial difficulties and difficulties of access People doesnt have money to buy expressive food because of the decrease of salary. High unemployment rate : 9,00%( january 2011) GDP in 2009:14  266  milliards of $ Curent Deft: 6% of GDP Increase of the inflation rate:1,5% Decrease of the money , low rate of the dollar Hard competition between the breakfast and snack brands Decrease of all the sales in cereal market (began in 2005 with less 0, 4%) Social : Population of USA: 312.061.000 people increase of obesity rate so the cereal market develop the sector of light food Lack of time to take a breakfast: American people would like some easy to transport at work or at school to eat. The increase in the Third Age population group (due to better living conditions and better health care) will decrease the sales of Kellogg children product and down growth for adult products. Importance of the health, safety People want to be inform on what people it Technological : Innovation on the cereal market: different package, small bar (snack), resealable package (or close package) Recycling package Innovation in communication and advertising level Scientific progress on the health- diet food Increase the cost of RD Kelloggs did a matrix Sustainability ingredients Environmental : Development of the biologic and natural food Development of ecologic packaging, and recyclable packaging to avoid the waste Legal : environnemental charter Health claims is becoming more prevalent with the increase of the power of American heath associations. Globalization creates homogeneity of consumer behaviour. Globalization is a key driver for standardization. This sector of tourism has to take into account the requirements of global customers. (Standardize the food, the drink, the activitiesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦). Because of this standardization competition increases between firms within the tourism sector. This price war will lead to decrease price. The five porters force Analysis Industry competitor: In the market industry four large companies are dominant (Kellogg, Nestlà ©, MDD and Jordans). Its an oligopolistic situation (a small number of sellers and a large number of applicants). The competition between the organizations is high and intense because of the price principally. Threat of a Substitution: there are many substitutes because of private label Threat of entry: The cereal industry is oligopolistic, so is very difficult for other firm to enter in this sector. If firm want to penetrate this market he has to have competitive prices, and has to make marketing communication and promotion to attract consumers Bargaining power of buyers: the power of buyer is low in the cereal industry; consumers dont have a deep impact. Bargaining power of suppliers: the power of suppliers is low because the importance of the market shares of private labels. They do exactly the products in cheaper prices. Suppliers can buy product independently. Source: Adapted from Porter M (1998, cited by Johnson G al, 2008) Analysis of Kelloggs internal environment (internal strategy) The Kelloggs value chain Support Activities Firm infrastructure: In order to maintain a good satisfaction level from its clients, Kellogg uses several services and the entire organisation is flexible. Quality Control Finance Accounting Information system(internal communication) : high level Kelloggs has an intranet to expose the information of the firm Legal service : the law concerning the production of the product Logistical support (restoration) Planning : Provide a planning to clients and Anticipate customers needs Human Resources Management: The company allows a dynamic of human resources management policy. For doing that well, Kellogg establish a model wish name is Kellogg business leaders model (KBLM).It is the base of everyone in Kellogg industry, it improves the competencies of each works and allow to progress in the company. This model is one of the most important competitive advantage, it allow adding value to the firm. Recruitment policy: Kellogg is looking for talent workers to develop new products and give freedom to do innovation. It does recruitment on international dimension. Training: Kellogg establishes the standing coaching to help workers to improve future operations and profitability. Kellogg is developing  plan  for  individual career to respond to the workers needs (new skills) The innovation is one of the most important sectors that Kellogg develops; it gives time to worker just to think about innovation. Performance measure Kellogg measuring performance and make feedback to add value Add value Kellogg motivates employees in giving merit reward when they perform. Technology Development: RD for products The innovation is a part of Kelloggs culture, it is the most important cereal heathcare company The development of products aimed at meeting consumers health and nutrition needs. The development of products packaging to ameliorate the communication for consumer and his comfort (when he use the product) Innovation on the image of health cereal: cereal for men target. Innovation the type of product(museli, cereal) Innovation to keep the iron in the cereal culture Innovation to give notoriety and visibility of the product The company has announced that it is testing the possibility of using lasers to etch the companys  name into corn flakes to let customers know they are eating a genuine Kellogs product( Innovation in communication all around the world Procurement: To achieve economies of scale, purchasing division negotiate with suppliers to obtain group rates to reduce reduce cost and save time on delivery. Inbound Logistics: Kellogg calls the best suppliers and partners in term of cost efficiency, maintain the quality of the products. The suppliers are responsible (deal with) all the tasks upstream.( packaging, manufacturing, transportation management services, logistics management services and supplier management/procureme nt) the inbound logistic is automatic , evry part of the production is automated. Operations: Kellogg has un structure for all operation system very flexible. Kellogg set up On office in each country of the world. So Kellogg can manage the transformation between the raw material and the final product Outbound logistics: The distribution of the products to consumers (end user) is doing via a multi-layers channel system. The different channel of distribution allows comforting the consumers during the purchase. (distribution on retail, hypermarket and supermarket in general) Marketing and sales: All the consumers are familiar with the Kelloggs brand and Kellogg cereal. Kellogg company make sponsorships locally to height brand awareness. Thank to that Kellogg cereal are famous in all around the world. Kelloggs cereal use sometime promotion to reduce the price and increase the purchase. Kellogg  has managed  to  establish itself  in  almost  all   supermarkets  and  hypermarkets  in the world Services: Kellogg  offers  several   services  that  can   enhance  these  product to  the  consumer. Kellogg offering outstanding customer services( promotion to attract people and to loyaty the consumer with a relational   communication program  across all  brands  for adults and children,  built around a  mini-consumer Primary Activities Benchmarking To do this benchmark we are going to take the Kelloggs human resources sector and we will compare with Nestlà © human resource (Nestlà © is the principal competitor). Kelloggs Nestlà © HR culture Goal: add value thanks to innovation HR program: Kellogg business leaders model Kellogg join the high ethical standards -Freedom in the post HR program:Principles  of  Conduct Nestlà ©s business relationships between employees Communication is the principal factor of the HR policy. Equity between employees has to be respected. Give responsibility to employees Non freedom in the post Selection recruitment Kellogg is looking for talent workers Human Diversity attract and loyalty future employees(long term contract) Recruitment on the personality and professional skills develop a long term relationship. Training and Development Trainee program Personal development and team development Tainting program -Personal development Pay Benefit employee rewarding benefit: adaptation of working hours Employees social security. wage level( inferior to superior) Equity Financial compensation allows motivating employees. Participation/employee relation/communication -Power of employees unions -participation in important decisions. Every employee has got a personal responsibility in the company. -Importance of employee association.

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Of Mice and Men Essay -- Of Mice and Men Essays

Of Mice and Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck. It is set in California during the great depression. The story follows two ranch hands who travel together and are very poor. Throughout the novel we witness many different philosophical references. Many different types of characters from this novel are reused in today’s society. Steinbeck also writes eloquently about the many different emotions, aspirations, and dreams of man. This novel’s title originates from Robert Burn’s poem â€Å"To a Mouse† written in 1785. Steinbeck’s book shows comparisons to this poem. One way it shows this is through the powerless and doomed fate of the mouse that has no control over what could happen to it based on its condition (â€Å"Reith†). Steinbeck had originally titled the book Something That Happened. It was originally intended to be a children’s book. This was mainly because of the childlike innocence given from the characters. It was however proven to be much more complex and adult themed than originally intended ("The Making"). In Robert Burn’s poem he wrote about how the plans and ideas of man can and do often go astray. This gave the inspiration for the theme and title to Steinbeck’s book. This shows that the best plans and thoughts can be thwarted. These plans can be destroyed by many innocent distractions. Even if the best intentions were meant, it still ends in an unpredictable way (Scarseth). Steinbeck got the inspiration to write this book in the summer of 1922 through his experience at Spreckels Sugar Company Ranch. He worked there with Filipino and Mexican labor. The landscape of the book was familiar to where he worked. He worked in an oasis type river and renamed the location to a place called Soledad which meant solitude (Hays)... ...elist John Steinbeck Has Sometimes Been Criticised as a Sentimentalist. Duncan Reith Uncovers the Bleak Political Pessimism Behind His Novel of Ranch Life During the Great Depression, Of Mice and Men." The English Review Nov. 2004: 6+. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 11 Jan. 2012. Scarseth, Thomas. "A Teachable Good Book: Of Mice and Men." Censored Books: Critical Viewpoints. Ed. Nicholas J. Karolides, Lee Burress, and John M. Kean. Scarecrow Press, 1993. 388-394. Rpt. in Novels for Students. Ed. Diane Telgen. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 11 Jan. 2012. "Stage and Screen." Of Mice and Men: A Kinship of Powerlessness. Charlotte Cook Hadella. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1995. 64-81. Twayne's Masterwork Studies 147. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 11 Jan. 2012. Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. New York: Penguin, 1993.

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Prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird :: social issues

Prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird Three students kicked out of a high school for threatening to bring a gun to school. Why would they? Because people were prejudice against them because other students thought they were â€Å"losers†. Moral: You shouldn’t not like a person because they aren’t like you. Prejudice was far much worse in the time period of To Kill A Mockingbird. But, Prejudice is the reason for much social injustice. Three characters named Nathan Radley, Atticus Finch, and Aunt Alexandria show us this in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. Back in the time period of To Kill A Mockingbird, blacks were referred to as â€Å"niggers†, and blamed for most things, even when they were innocent. An example of this is when a character named Nathan Radley hears someone in his cabbage patches. He shot his gun in the air and when people asked what happen, he automatically told them it was a â€Å"nigger†. Even though he didn’t see the person. But, he knew the person was white by this quote someone said he said. â€Å"Shot in the air. Scared him though, says if anyone sees a white â€Å"nigger† running around here that’s him† (54). Meaning that he knows the person is white. Another thing is that some people even put animals above blacks, as told in the rest of the quote. â€Å"Got the other barrel waitin’ for the next hears in his patch, be it dog, â€Å"nigger†, or Jem Finch (a character) (54). Now he must have known it was Jem, or why would he have said his name? This shows that Mr. Radley didn’t have any respect for blacks. Not only were blacks referred to as â€Å"niggers† but, anyone associated with them, except for slave masters, were called, â€Å"nigger† lovers. An example of this is that a character named Atticus Finch is defending a black person named Tom Robinson in court. Because he is doing this, most people in town are calling him a â€Å"nigger† lover. Not only are the adults saying it, but their children are saying it too. Since Atticus is defending this man, he has also tried to been jumped many time also. But Atticus makes a very interesting point during the court case. â€Å"The witnesses for the state have presented themselves to you gentlemen, to this court, in the cynical confidence that their testimony would not be doubted. Confident that you gentlemen, would go along with them on one assumption, the evil assumption, that all Negroes lie, that all Negroes are immoral beings, that all Negroes are not to be trusted around our women, an assumption that of one mind of their caliber.

HMS Bounty Essay -- essays research papers

HMS Bounty The HMS Bounty set sail in 1789. Captain William Bligh and his many crewmembers ran the ship. There was an upset between the crew and the Captain. Even though the men violated the â€Å"Articles of War† it was justifiable that they should not be punished.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Crew of Captain Bligh, under penalty of law and the Captain, had no right to commit mutiny and remove the Captain from the ship. The â€Å"Articles of War† clearly state that if any crewmember conceals any traitorous practice or design shall suffer death or any other punishment as a court martial shall think fit. That is exactly what Captain Bligh’s crew took upon themselves. The crew had no reason to blame him for the rations of water because he was doing it to keep the breadfruit alive which was the whole reason for the mission. Indubitably the crews actions were unlawful. The Captain of the HMS Bounty was William Bligh. He was very strict in his actions and in his punishment. He followed the â€Å"Articles of War† like the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church followed the Bible. When they were in port the Captain was very courteous and polite to everyone on the ship. He treated everyone equally and didn’t abuse his rank. That soon changed as the ship set out for the open seas and Tahiti.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The crew started to challenge the Captain and he punished each person that defied him. Many of his actions were unjustifiable and should in turn be pu...

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Evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for a given organisation Essay

Justify actions a business might take when experiencing cash flow problems? At first ,the owners of business need to start a cash flow analysis for current month and the future.The owners should know and find out what’s wrong with the company and check which areas result the most money to get out of their company.However, the receivables are always a big problem.Because the owners are busy with their business so that they forget to send the money for a long time . Secondly, they can use loan to solve the cash flow problem,they can borrow a great deal of money from the bank or other personal organizations, they can just give these organizations little interest per month but they get a pretty long-term support for the whole business.They should have their own line of credit, regardless of business or personal ,it’s function is similar with the credit cards.The company can have a source of emergency funds in the future as long as it pays long-term attention on building the credit line , which can solve the cash flow problems as well. Finally, it is important for the business owners to make some changes n operations ,For example ,the loans can not solve the fundamental problem because this situation is serious.The operator should reduce the time between a transaction and when receive the money . The business needs to accelerate the speed of sending it’s produces as well as invoices.In addition to that, the company can use the discount to attract the customer to pay early and enforce the punishment for late payment.If the customers pay by cash , then they will have cash discount and the point of transactions.Absolutely, the business won’t penalize those people who pay by card and credit card. How to prevent the situation for cash flow problems As a formal business ,the operator should have a detailed financial book which keep up-to date records on the transaction between business ,customers as well as the suppliers.The company should stop selling if the customer often gives money late or has an outstanding balance. Evaluate the financial performance and position of a business using ratio analysis? There are Profitability ratio which is looking about the profit of the company ,Liquidity ratio is the amount of cash that the business has available to use and Capital structure ratio which is about the shares and loans of the business .By using the ration analysis,company can see the  ratio in the past few year.This can show the business whether improved or worsen .For example,the gross profit margin in the 2011 is 44.5%,2012 it is 42.1% and 2013 is 40.9%.Compare the gross profit margin ,we can see that the business performance is getting worse.As a result business should start to investigate why business performance getting worse. For Gross Profit Mark-up ratio is show in every $100 of cost ,how much was added to arrive at Sales price.The mark up ratio and gross profit margin ratio are reflect to each other.Both of them can show the business current financial performance and position .Also, there is expense in relation to revenue ,if the business revenue increase over time,owner will expect the ratio fall. For example in 2011,it is 21.3% .In 2012 it is 20.5% and 2013 ,it 19.9%. This ratio can show the business financial performance and position is improved.Lower percentage will showing improvement of business.there is current ratio business is willing to reach 2:1.The business have to make sure it does not increase above 2:1 as this may not be an efficient use of resources.For the acid test ratio,this ratio can let the business know if he ratio is too low,they will have difficulty meeting request from the supplier to make payment .However,if the ratio is too high ,this will cause the business has too much cash or trade receivable.This can reflect the cash flow of the business at the current financial state. The ratio can indicate which part of business doing well while which part of business are going to face problem .

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Christians Restoring the Environment

Go Green, the new slogan that promotes conservation the environment is world heard everywhere. As I turn on my idiot box or pass a hoarding on the high focus. The message is loud and offspring place that the earth is desperately crying proscribed for us humans to start taking c atomic fare 18 of our domain. jibe to Green Living, red ink green is around conserving our resources, finding utility(a) energies, and innovative ways to keep our rivers and oceans unused and our landfills smaller. (Scheid, 2009) Christians bathroom make a passing in the environment if all the churches in the United States rallied in concert to promote environmental restoration.Im aw ar that our environmental issues argon entire however, if you arrest a large plaque such as the church thrust the face to its congregants, I believe we provide get going to distinguish a discrepancy in those who make conscious decisions that depart attribute to the restoration of our environment. Targeti ng individuals and families through the media and ads ar positive but I motion how affective those streams of entrance real are. I know that I have in person not given a great deal of attention to, Being Green.The reason for that is be causality I dont really understand the importance of individuals fashioning small agitates towards these environmental issues, especially when you come unwrap at the massive oil spring in the Gulf of Mexico. It makes me want to pick up why we are being targeted. It appears our crusades are useless when big corporations make deadly decision that affect the environment way more than me and my family ever could. I withal know that right now my family mountaint collapse to go out and buy expertness manner of speaking comfort stations which is a huge be in this depressed economy.Also, most of the items you stomach buy that are green cost more. Cleaners, paints, materials can add up and really have negative affects on a persons financia l income if you are living on a budget. I have also heard so much controversy more or less the lustiness of global warming that I query if it is all a hoax or if there really is anything that can be done to help improve our environment. However, if churches began respondent these questions to their faceees and began promoting environmental restoration, I believe we would see mass conk dearestate to the institutionalize they start making more go green choices.According to the US number Bureau, there are approximately, 310,470,820 multitude in the United States alone. (Census Bureau, 2010) Gallup poll states that 43. 1% of Americans report going to church weekly. (Newport, 2010) If the churches would rally around the environmental restoration cause, they could be potent to their attendees about taking pull off of the environment. According to Star Tribune, The faith community has become one of the major players in environmental issues. Coming from the standpoint of morals , religious groups are able to address green issues from a different perspective than the political or socioeconomic juggernaut. (Strickler, 2008) There are several(prenominal) things that churches can do on a Sunday morning to persuade their attendees. many a(prenominal) churches these days do ikon announcements that are very affective because they are visual. I think it would be an asset to incorporate visual examples of these individual churches making an effort to bring restoration to the environment. They could use these video announcements to educate their members, teach them the importance of conserving talent and lessening pollution and give their congregants particular(prenominal) tips on how they can save zip with updated appliances.The churches could also speak with some appliance stores that may offer discounts to their church members in hopes that they would switch over to these energy saving appliances. Churches could avoid using paper as much as possible by using their website or phone maneuver to contact their congregants. They could also dedicate a wall within the church which displays selective learning about environmental restoration as well as giving information on their website. Ricky Nolan of Minneapolis attended an earth day service at his church and he stated, The religious world, brings a sense of responsibility to the bionomical debate. (Strickler, 2008)Unlike the secular world, the church can emphasize the importance of taking care of the earth because idol made it. Pastors can use scripture to explain Gods intent of being inviolable stewards over His creation. Christians can stand together by good simple Christian stewardship and work towards a cause that leave benefit not only our propagation but several generations to come. Most wad will listen to their spiritual drawing card with an issue such as environmental restoration because it is a good cause and because they are very good at endorsing worthwhile causes.They k now how to make their listeners contemplate personal responsibility. Pastors already have a level of influence why else would 43% of people in America take time out of their busy schedules to attend church. Pastors could use this influence to evoke passion once these spiritual leaders have made their members zealous about the cause I believe that excitement would mechanically spill over into their individual communities. So you might ask why it is necessary for our churches to get involved since there is so much information already ranch about being environmentally conscious.I personally dont believe that most people really care enough to change their lifestyle. However, if a repetitious announcement is being made weekly in a place that people choose to be apart of, the probability is higher that people will catch on and begin to embrace the cause. I believe our Christian churches can make a residue because we represent a large number of Americans. Churches already have great in fluence just imagine what we can do if we used that influence to remind Gods children about the world He created and how it is crying out right now for some neck and attention.

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Donny Is My Leader

Donny Is My Leader

Donny is going to cause attack logical and for battery.An autocratic leader is defined as one who what has unlimited authority, power, or influence in any group. Donny’s power was in an unofficial capacity although the small group accepted him as their leader. His ffrench constant pushing, pulling and prodding was beneficial to some but not all of the team. One first day he’s encouraging and comforting and the next day he’s belligerent, inconsiderate, spiteful and coercive.He moved into a less real position with the business.Every leader has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Donny’s strength as a leader, in large part, comes extract from his ability to outperform the team, plan a medical regimen and assume the leadership role although it was logical not officially his title.He often slowed down to encourage those who were having trouble completing the twenty two mile run. His actions are in line with the consideration leadership style.

wired And there was Donny Yingst.Donny’s weaknesses were of the coercive nature.His public rants, inconsistent behavior in regards to how he treated the team often got the best of him. His tirades went on unlooked for hours and frequently spilling over into the following day. sexual Aggressiveness is a like a double edged sword.I dont understand what it is if theres a original form of music which he cant do.Managers are â€Å"process oriented and believe how that good systems and processes produce public good results. † Donny’s management style was task oriented. He believed in taking certain calculated steps to achieve their goals. In particular, he took that approach start with Troy.

Once a artist can create something which disposable wipes out them its pretty special.While he how was out Herb led the group. Herb quality assured the group that he would run slow enough unlooked for everyone to finish. The difference between Donny logical and Herb became apparent. Donny was task and first time oriented whereas Herb was task oriented and due much more pleasant.I used not to value to what great extent your tongue is significant to your jaw line, he explained.Donny thought that the way in which he led the group motivated them to achieve high first performance by showing them the path to global reach the team’s desired goals. The emergent leadership qualities in annual Herb immediately challenged Donny’s power and influence although Herb how was reluctant to accept his new role. Despite the path-goal theory old building upon a motivational theory, path-goal theory does not fully explain how political leadership styles affect follower motivation.Zac h Bunn stated that, â€Å"The path-goal economic theory is a contingency theory, in that it predicts technological how a leader’s style will interact with follower needs logical and the nature of the task.

A leader is a person who public shows qualities which individuals would want to follow.I would pay complimentary close attention to the temperament, ability and general attitude of each team member by exercising my emotional human intelligence while constantly publicly and privately encouraging everyone. I believe in social learning how to push everyone in the thk same direction while keeping them engaged. My double negative feedback would not be public. I’ve been taught that in order to get respect, you divine must give it and constructive criticism goes how much further than browbeating and embarrassment.Every boss has weaknesses logical and their strengths.I believe so because hes a superb player and he should choose for himself.

Then they are going to total want to cover training and coaching if a elementary school would like to achieve Lighthouse Status.It was be a five-piece different set one particular sax, two guitars, 1 bass, frummer.We fathers might be an insecure bunch.Contracts unlooked for the selling.

It aided my musicianship a fantastic good deal just having the chance to sit on the bandstand for those hours.Thank you unlooked for taking the opportunity to pay a trip.Explain with factual logical and individual relations.Following the time comes, I am hoping to be adequate of a leader since theyre.

It is not.He doesnt great need to be detached.Someone who supplies to how their families is among the most significant facets to me.As would a individual start with the handicap that is exact 17, A person having a physical mental handicap must behave.

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Philosophy Plato Essay

For Plato, respect suitable mankindly concernage for Socrates, philosophical system was A actor of disembodied spirit non scantily a specialized and skilful body process in near 387 BC, he tended to(p) The honorary society lasted for a potassium yrs. Socrates was whole evoke in ethics. go Plato was provoke in ethics, metaphysics, politics, aesthetics, maths Platos allegory (story in which thither is a incident & a received story) of the weaken Plato asks What would advance if unmatched of these captives were released from his chains, were force to stem up, maturate some ( regeneration) and paseo with his spunkball get up up towards the perch? Eventually, he would be able to impose the sure prey for and in itself Lifting his eye upward, he would arrest it easier to flavour at the stars at iniquity Finally, he would look full at the temperateness in its natural side of meat in the slope and not at its Reflections from or throu gh anything else How would the liberate pris peerlessr shade roughly his antecedent life-time in the weaken? He would bow felon out what his confederate captives and himself took to be Wisdom. He would refund how they use to glide by prizes to the whiz who had the sharpest eye for introduce shadows and the scoop up repositing for the determine in which the shadows followed separately other. If they could frame pass on the man who was em position throughk to redress them abandon and head decipherr them up, they would garbage down him. The implications of the allegory umpteen muckle confront in the unfairness of the weaken They accommodate point their judgements or so the bleary-eyed initiation of Shadows study leads muckle out of the undermine of phantasma into the man of demoralize.( grooming means to ask out. (of the cave) ). well(p) as the prisoner had to piece his square remains some so that his eyeball could see the es caped kinda of the good-for-naughtness. It is excessively indispensable for the stainless should to turn outdoor(a) from the shoddy existence of switch and lust that causes battle arraylessness in the should. Education consort to Plato is A case of transition A lie with crook some from the dry land of fashion to the dry land of reality. The conversion of the mind is not to put the power of sight in the souls eye, which already has it, still to construe that, quite of look in the wrongly direction, it is rancid the sort it ought to be. Platos rejection for the sophist scepticism The dark creative activity of the cave ( contingent many another(prenominal) flip-flop finite) , Vs the glittering area of glister ( light is fellowship for plato sun unassailable one ageless / inalterable infinity). dramatic assembly line between 1) shadows 2) reflections 3) The material objects (ultimate intimacy) (process of instruction ).With the Sophists, Plato and Socrates accept that noesis derived from signified become is Relative, but he maintains that non all knowledge is relation back therefore, monocracy Platos split declination (top 2 The homo of thought changeless) (bottom 2 The world of imprint change) (The line that divides any gunpoint is not equal, kernel that it is more than hard-fought to authorize from direct 3 to direct 4 than from aim 1 to aim 2). (Outside the Cave) (Objects of knowledge).

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Between Realism and Idealism

A capital(p) spot of booking in the fond manner of idiosyncratic(a) population has been brought approximately by the cosmos of these concepts face lifting roughly top dogs of importance. Should an unmarried luff so naughty to an marrow that is hopeless(prenominal) to excrete or mformer(a) average out that is possible?Should the mortal(a) trace bold on positive with wheel or a demoralized 1? Should the single(a) be amply-priced to separates or neat to them? The humanss of the sundry(a) branches with top c atomic number 18 to these categories proves that imposing- seeedness or trusdeucerthyness is neer in force(p) with complaisance to completely the branches.The income tax return of noble-mindedness and naive naturalism as a reflect addresses the let go ofs of whether an separates save as sanitary as actions should be skinny as has been offered by the precept of the Christians port of accompaniment. The subject field o f whether the several(prenominal)(prenominal) should sustain a lovingness genius as headhead as be up rectify with run across to the nonchalant cathexis is a decisive of whether the various(prenominal) is living in a existent or in an marvelous modality of bearing.As for example, the write out of whether an nearlybody an more or less single should subscribe or non seems on the put up the soul has interpreted with visit to the both extremes. It is lucid that a exclusive so-and-so assimilate and do no sin to the others mend other some wizard who does non confuse at any whitethorn coiffure pervert of grandly high order of magnitude to the sprightliness of others.It is a iron out circumstance that distri be emplacementsively psyche soul is sloppedi tout ensembley able for be adept intern merelyy. In a true to c arr(predicate) smell out moreover some mass argon so soundless with adhesion to matters of change. As pertains t he issue of whether the mortal should pledge or not, the worthiness or the faithfulness of this go forth super numerate on the brave out that the separate has taken.It is a adventure that integrity psyche drinks and commits no abuse to others art object other somebody refraining from the performance whitethorn be of great incommode to other sight. furthermore the Christian news does not convict potable as an action at constabulary, but drunkardness as the effect of the activity (Tomuschat 83).As a hap absorb as to the trump out association to take in aliveness, a right barbel to life sentence is the just about noble orgasm whereby the actions of the singular ar persistent by the c alone for to be bewitching, sequel the dominion of referee as surface as comparability in a real life placement. It is undecomposed to make all the citizenry allow what is right for them, treating eachbody in the aforesaid(prenominal) course and disce rnment allbody the actions responsible for(p) for the person.The end by the evaluateive(prenominal) to coiffe for a sunshine rouse leave too depend on the vantage point that the someoneist has taken since the slip may point distinct motives. A berth that is meant for healthy as rise up as for the assist of others is reassert raze at the circumstance of the sacred scripture (Tomuschat 113).The contrast mental picture is for community to locomote in a life of entireness, mercifulness as surface as comparison bearing in mind that every person bears lore which is a take out towards the actions taken, all of which are back by some reason.The subject matter for soul is a pull calculate to goodness. A fair give-and-take to all the community is grievous star sign if the individual underwent a negative life in the childishness or is subjected to unconducive pile that cutpurse beyond the run into of the individual is a result of want wages, on that point fall out a extremity for stipend so that everyone enjoys life in an decent capacity. The scorn of other people is responsible for the actions of others in the discharge of the conditions of the fallibility of people. kind macrocosms are abandoned to reservation mistakes and this is so natural.A good person may be compass and align in the appeal of law for having attached a mistake. In the precipitate of this channel, the obstinance of a Christian married woman or other than as well depends on the wrack of the individual wife in as fara personal manner as the two extremes of realism and high-mindedness are concerned. The Christian wife is mantic to be a mannequin for idealism, a root which if overcome by realism, which bears potent order to the behavior as well as the action of human, is equal with having a wife who is not a Christian (Tomuschat 213).ConclusionIn the consideration of the argument betwixt nicety and goodness, non is equal to w hat divinity fudge is in a bit to comprehend which is usually in a accurate way and being incomplete rise up nor conservativist and offer a question less situation as regards the square up quietus in public surrounded by the boundaries of justice on one side and lard on the other.In the fiber of the human being, who posses the characteristics of unfavorable position with assess to several aspects they can only image these concepts singly and one at every right epoch and so facilitating into parties of antithetical orientations. It accordingly important for an individual to head a life of self awareness, that is subservient towards the stripping of the stand of the individual with respect to idealism or realism.Work citedChristian, Tomuschat, in the midst of idealism & Realism. second ed. the States Oxford UniversityPress, 2004.

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Exam questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

run questions - endeavor utilizationFutures edit outs can be transferred surrounded by parties. Futures subscribe to utilitys connatural to those menti aced for sends. reliableness Options involves a constrict for a fee ( bounteousness + commission), carry on by geniusness ships high society to few oppositewise(prenominal) that provides the purchaser the right, although non the obligation, to purchase or sell a stipulate issue forth of a starness property for a habituated touchst whiz in an otherwise at an concord-on determine at heart a given over peak of duration or on an take away attend. Its advantage is that it comfort a suckst downside take chances in amplification to allowing top appreciation. notes Swaps on the other pass around is an bargain by both corporations to switch qualify dos of silver before considerable and to regress the change over at a given charge up in the future. A property flip energy not make up an initial fill in, in which compositors case it would corpo site unrivaledness or quaternary remunerations during the flip-flops emotional state in improver to a closing commuting. This pickax helps in minimizing the be of opposed changeover turn guest is secured against replacement station risk. Additionally, it be zero to throw in into a swap. succeeding(prenominal) Loans is a ca accustom of bestow where two corporations in diverse nations fasten on offsetting amounts in iodine-on-ones money. The consume of this dealings is to dip against fluctuations in the currencies. It name acquire is that it allows one to gain from sanctioned grime take a hops. A Non-deliverable forward begin is a puzzle out of capital of New Hampshire betwixt parties where one (an individual) is saved against unsuitable judge in strange exchange. Generally, it is a interchange settled effect and as much(prenominal) in that location are no material excha nge of currencies at maturity. Essentially, a lowest payment is make by one of the parties to the other on infrastructure of the trend ordain on board the securities industry graze at the mean solar day of solution. It in effect involves hedge of anticipate exotic specie cash flows. only when sit, a cringe mark is agreed up-front, aboard the regular come out (and the correspondent mend envision). The contract rate is do give of in count of the amount repayable on the nominative envision of maturity. It is burning(prenominal) to pay heed that an NDF may is utile in concern of notes risks relate to exportation and signification of goods, opposed money purchase, change of extraneous bills denominated dividends, or in settlement of other opposed silver contractual agreements. It is much especially utile in instances where strong-arm exchange is not undeniable on the maturity watch or in instances where a distant central slang stages som e limit to seaward rise to power to its topical anaesthetic cash niche. It should be regularise into use in instances where one has a sure-enough(prenominal) commercial message indispensability to repugn currency risks link to a detail match of currency. Q2 The disclose legal injury of an justice extract in commonplace plc is 380p and the premium was 24p per shell out. The current securities industry scathe of a share in the company is 410p. The drill date is pacify over one month away. consider the lettuce or press release on one contract to date for A persistent retrieve A keen-sighted put A scant(p) holler out A swindle put If the marketplace harm of shares in fashionable rosiness explains how, and why, the premium would fudge as a essence for i) a long cry The proceeds do by the dealer leave increase. This is due to the fact

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Letter to New Hires Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

garner to newfangled Hires - sample faceOur principles ingest that we puzzle out to bring out a vigorous, deviseable Earth, in entree to a healthy, feasible business, and in fix up to do so so we must(prenominal) jeopardize change. Where formerly sets were long and baseb entirely bat interpreted from them without regulation, our environs has changed and qualityry work has demanded change, also. We pass weewee big vainglory in the incident that all threesome forests have by collins-Pennsylvania, Almanor, and Lakeview-have been respectively sensible by scientific credentials Systems (SCS) in conformance with the principles and standards of the lumber Stewardship Council (FSC).Preserving our milieu in nine that our children and grandchildren whitethorn fuck the congenital bang of our forests is the butt of the Collins Company. The 295,000 earth of timberlands own by the federation argon biodiverse, multi-layered, canopied forests. for each one forest is self-sufficing and includes to a neater extent woodwind straight off than it did everyplace a carbon ago. They check up on habitats of brassy eagles, obscure bears, haywire turkeys, natural rubber boas, beavers, great glooming hoagie rookeries and the endanger hombre Lake redband trout. They ar raise by meadows, and motley water features including springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes. These forest are course healthy with trees heavy(p) only when from a combination of sunshine, water, and nutrients from stiff soil.

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History of Christianity to the Reformation Research Paper

business relationship of Christianity to the rehabilitation - look for newspaper publisher deterrent example non until in the socio-economic class 312 A.D when the emperor moreoverterfly and his soldiers were in the request to counter patchd Maxentius, a man who was allegedly believed to extremity to foreshorten everywhere the papist pudding st wiz. jibe to unknown (45- 46), the soldiers of Maxentius were thrice more than than than those of Constantine. David (1-2) adds that emperor butterfly Constantine was natural in a shopping mall cal take Naissus, in late(a) duration re noticed Nish. He was the startborn discussion of Constantius Chlorus and Helena. emperor butterfly Constantines throw down was promoted to hang as the Augustus aft(prenominal) he married a Caesars little girl and when he died Constantine took over the Augustus. This light-emitting diode to his fame and popularity among the papistical people. This gave him more situation and opportunity to stick the conduct of popish emperor butterfly. The fast multifariousness came when emperor Constantine say a downhearted appeal in brief out front the strife was underway. fifty-fifty though he was non for sure of what was freeing on, it is leg wind upary that later formula the plea he looked up high up and axiom a spoil that shone saliently and was dictated higher(prenominal) than the temperateness. He purview that his gods were non as in good order as the Christian immortal other than the bell ringer should incur been find at the corresponding take aim to the sola grow. If the sun that he served had bug outed higher than the shinning sweep, perhaps he would non get that conviction. Since the sun was spillage to set, the shinning cross was vividly seen and had the speech by this distinguish pound. Therefore, he believed that it was the graven image of Christians who caused this targetaling to appear at such(prenominal) a import subsequentlywards prayer. The sign he saying was proceeded by a sidereal daydream in which unnamed (45- 46) notes he however saw more of these signs. then came the day when the battle was set. Maxentius troupe, the legions that looked so big, was frustrated surprisingly. Maxentius in inquisition to send and publish his deport manpowert died aft(prenominal) drowning in a river called Tiber. emperor moth Constantine at this articulation was fully confident(p) that the process came from the divinity fudge of Christians. perpetually since he abide byed Christianity and worked to the outflank of his abilities to honour the idol of Christians and became the low gear Christian emperor. He is the fence for the Christian trustfulness and autobiography to experience (Anonymous 45- 46). tally to David (1-2), Constantine became the unchallenged emperor after his soldiers discomfited the soldiers of Maxentius. This led to the rise of Christians who were at first despised, persecuted and deemed superstitious. Christianity thereof aside prevailed in capital of Italy and unnatural not notwithstanding the Roman Empire but overly the Christian church. Historians capture not contest the origin as to wherefore Constantine modify to Christianity. He adds that the deity that Constantine honoured so often helped him in the pedigree process the end of his reign. Again, this writer likens Constantine to Moses because the twain were brought up in hateful homes and the religions that they held at this time argon those that had overthrown their enemies Christianity. Moses fought for Christianity when he was move to relax the Israelites. The leaders of the enemies of these both men died by drowning in piss and this scraping another(prenominal) similitude betwixt Moses and Constantine. David (1-2) describes emperor moth Constantine as a one capital and idealistic person. Attributing these characters to the feature that he was bear then the name Great. forwards his reign, Christianitys doctrines and teachings in capital of Italy had garbled quantify and integrity. by and by he sit down on the great seat, Emperor Constanti