Thursday, July 25, 2019

English Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English - Assignment Example My motivation to study English law as my major evolves from different factors. First, as a lawyer, I would manage to assist other people attain justice within the English law system, and have the opportunity to do my best since I love working under lots of pressure. For a long time, most of the court cases require superb track of record in successfully handled cases, and despite my little experience, I believe that such records are attained by lawyers who engage in intense research and lots of accuracy and attention to detail. I also trusted my confidence and strong communication skills since most situations that had to deal with always demonstrated a material difference. For instance, I contributed immensely to the success of a mock local campaign that involved verbal and written evidence in a situation that required compensation of Australian Aboriginals for the oppressions received from white colonialists. A good boss must contribute to social change, be influential, and sensitive to and flexible in the ever changing business environment. Being influential means getting their followers to not only accept, but also respond to their persuasion through wanting to do what should needs to be done. Good leaders are thus great communicators using visionary ideas that impact a strong imprint of ideology on their followers. Sensitivity to changing business environments facilitates the identification of new trends, develop strategies to improve, and flexibly develop fresh knowledge and systems to handle arising changes. Such bosses also encourage others to adopt rules, roles, and norms that propel responsiveness to change through strong decision and problem-solving strategies. Good bosses also promote social change by ensuring that their employees assist each other to attain a common mission and goal. In most instances, the poor in the society who end up in court cases with wealthy people tend to lose. However, the as a defense lawyer in such cases, know

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