Friday, July 26, 2019

Heathcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Heathcare - Essay Example On top of that he is further indulging in alcohol abuse on weekends which should ideally be totally banned in his case as his SGOT and SGPT levels are raised. Moreover he has existing Staphylococcal urethral infection. As he is presently suffering from acute respiratory distress, his habit of smoking is not going to help his case in any way. He has taken erratic medication for aids and that too using AZT and Zidovudine which has been administered in unaccountable time spans and compliance is also not known for sure. His musculo skeletal and cardiovascular systems however show some signs of integrity and proper functioning. The patient should be guided to change his food habits drastically and stick to high energy cereals and fresh fruit juice in the morning. He should be encouraged to have breakfast as the heaviest meal which should include citrus juices and vegetarian protein diet. Curd, yoghurt and milk should be used liberally and he should avoid coffee and sodas altogether. He should have a light lunch and have his dinner in the evening before 7 PM. He should desist from having late meals and should drink hot milk at night before going to bed. He should be assisted and encouraged to follow this schedule by his partner or any other well wisher. As the patient is into intellectual pursuits like poetry, he should be made to realize the gravity of his problem by a psychologist. The diet supplementation and pattern should be prepared by a qualified nutritionist. 1. Anxiolytics for reducing anxiety: A low dose of Alprazolam could be started in consultation with a psychiatrist to alleviate his desperation. This is one of the safest anxioltics and minimum dosage of 0.25 milligrams should be started initially. However, the selection of the anxiolytic should be made by a qualified psychiatrist after careful assessment of the patient’s EEG and other parameters. 2. To check acute coughing

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