Friday, April 19, 2019

Career In Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Career In Business - Essay slipThis cut across presents an analysis of the development gained from my work status as a result of three weeks actually life work experience with an organisation. Hence, the report evaluates my performance during the work placement and the attainment of predetermined learning outcomes from the work placement. In the second year of my studies, I got the opportunity to intern with one of the fastest maturement organisations in my home country. As an international student, I found this opportunity of mellowed value and desirable as I had a vision of furthering my career as an accountant back in my country, China. I believed that taking the internship in my country would provide me the experience I needed of working in a Chinese work environment, and would further help me network around in my workplace, which would be helpful in my career after graduation. My work placement took place at Shen Zhen Underground social system Company Ltd. The construc tion industry is one of the highly booming industries in China (China Infrastructure Report, 2012), with Shen Zhen being one of the high growth companies in the country. Getting a chance to work in an industry that has been changing the landscape of the country was quite an honour for me and I wanted to be a part of the growth process. I worked within the accounting and finance department of the organisation, where the primary responsibilities included maintaining the petty cash and performing former(a) tasks as directed by my supervisor. I did the work placement for three weeks this summer, and this report expound the actual activities done during the time period of my placement. The remainder of the report is divided into seven sections. The first part willing give a background and overview to work place organisation, Shen Zhen Underground construction Company Ltd. This is so as to understand the context within which the internship was completed. The send section will identifyi ng the intended learning outcomes from the work placement that I expected and thought I would gain from taking an internship with the company. The third section then details the work placement area and work activities as well as tasks completed. The fourth section analyses the wellness and safety policies as well as procedures within the organisation to understand how safe it was to work in the organisation. The sixth section will be the performance review of the work placement taking into stance my own perception of performance as well as actual achievements in the work placement. Finally, the report will conclude to sum up the report as a whole. Overview of placement organization As noted above, my work placement took place at Shen Zhen Undergr

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