Thursday, September 26, 2019

Airport Pasta-Sauce Interdiction Considered Harmful by Bruce Schneider Essay

Airport Pasta-Sauce Interdiction Considered Harmful by Bruce Schneider - Essay Example Ad Misericordiam is the fallacy he committed, which means appeal to emotion. How did he do this? His argument is based on how people feel whenever something of theirs is being confiscated by airport screeners, calling the act a nuisance and exemplifying the feeling of annoyance all throughout the editorial—even stating that the act of confiscation only â€Å"hurts innocent people† and is â€Å"a waste of time.† I believe that this is the wrong way for him to have argued against the confiscation of certain classes of objects, like his bottle of pasta, as even though he put invalid points, it still seemed like he was just mainly ranting about his experience, which left him infuriated. Also, it seems that he attacked the effectivity of the airport screeners based solely on the pasta sauce incidence, in which Schneider was certainly not trying to smuggle anything on board the plane that will or can be used for terrorist activities. Because they made a mistake this time and it caused Schneider to become irritated, he wanted to let everyone else feel whatever he felt—hoping that they will agree with him. Hence, he manipulated the readers’ emotions as a way of putting forth his argument for a more efficient airport screening process that will only identify and confiscate those that poses real harm However, what does pose real harm? This is my main point in arguing against Schneider. Colognes, hand sanitizers and other forms of liquid may be used to form a bomb. First, they may just be disguised as one of these common items and then later when they are on board the plane, terrorists can assemble bombs that can cause the lives of many. Furthermore, anything can be hidden in a bottle of pasta sauce, for instance. Very small parts that make up a bomb that can blow up the entire plane can be disguised in there. Do airport screeners have the time to look thoroughly inside? Moreover, will the pasta sauce still be of any use once they are done sifting  through it?  

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