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Political Rhetoric Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Political Rhetoric - Essay ExampleThe Institute is a think-thank which offers its expertise and look for to progressives to help the latter understand and learn how to communicate effectively their messages across. 1Lakoffs contri simplyion to political rhetoric is his study of metaphors in relation to political discourse. Lakoff asserts that metaphors ar not merely occasional figures of speech but is a cognitive phenomenon implying that language in itself is metaphorical. The ability to create metaphors is made possible by the use of a source domain as a reference to a target domain using areas of experience or semantic frames. and then the metaphor war on terror and others like it coined to refer to the 9/11 incident was drawn from the war frame idea signifying a rigorous battle against an enemy. 2 The function of metaphors in political rhetoric, according to Lakoff, is that they determine how people perceive phenomena and hence, how they act. Metaphors likewise act to highligh t a particular formulation of a phenomenon whilst concealing some other aspects. In addition, Lakoff theorises that the processes of thinking are structured metaphorically which is turn is reflected by speech but when metaphors are utilize intentionally, they become debatable. 3Murray Edelman (1919-2001) was a multi-awarded professor who taught at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin until his death in 2001. He initially focused his attention in the field of labour-management relations but eventually turned to the subject of symbolic politics and the subjective part of politics and power, which would pre-occupy him in the next forty years of his life. Some of his works are The Symbolic Uses of Politics in 1964 Politics as a Symbolic Action Mass Arousal and Quiescence in 1971 Political Language wrangling that Succeed and Politics that Fail in 1977 Constructing the Political Spectacle in 1995, and The Politics of Misinformation in 2001. 4 Edelmans books were s een as major

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