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Great Expectations Essay Example for Free

Great Expectations EssayWhat Picture Of Childhood Does Charles Dickens Create In The First Section of Great Expectations?In 1861, when Dickens embarked upon telling the novel Great Expectations, the country was riveted. Theyd hasten to read the next weekly instalment which was full of drama and, more(prenominal) importantly, the issues which Dickens urged to make throughout the novel. Strong feelings were rooted to his childhood w here he was forced to work in a blacking factory and even give up his pedagogics at one point. When he did receive an education it was poorly taught, like billets own experience. In comparison, our society today and its compulsory education is a smash contrast to Victorian childrens life.Treatment during childhood is also an important theme and most interestingly how Pip is hardened by his sister Mrs Joe and her husband Joe Gargery. Whereas Joe supports and encour durations Pip, surprise You ARE a scholar, he remarks when Pip writes something on the chalkboard to him, Mrs Joe treats Pip extremely differently. Despite being only a sister to Pip, Mrs Joe acts as his fix as she has raised him by hand. Literally this describes how she raised him alone, but also symbolises how Pip weighmed to be raised by Mrs Joes violence. She is firm and cruel and uses the tickler, a whip, on Pip when she sees that he has misbe castd.This sounds childish and fun to our ears, which is ironic seeing as it causes Pip so much pain throughout his childhood. A nonher severe and unmitigated method of control is force feeding a disgusting dose of tar water. This treatment for a naughty child, which is utilize on Pip, was also used on Joe. This could be a possible reason for why Joe and Pip act brotherly and are on equal terms as seen here get behind the door old chap, as they are united a establishst Mrs Joes cruel punishments and severity despite the social rules that your elders are your checks. Therefore, although Joes behaviour towards Pip s eems more natural to us nowadays, it is in fact Mrs Joes treatment of Pip, which Dickens writes to give us a picture of childhood, which was more common in Victorian times.The unspotted seen and not heard view of children, which was meant quite literally at the dinner table on Christmas day where Pip was not allowed to speak., is also portrayed in the character of Mr Pumblechook. He tells Pip over dinner he should be grateful to them which brought you up by hand, because if he had been born a Squeaker he would not have received such care. Mr Pumblechook uses every chance, like testing his arithmetic, to belittle and insult Pip. However, when Pip gains his fortune Mr Pumblechook hypocritically claims that it was well deserved and they have always been old friends. We substructure see that Mr Pumblechook, in seeing that Pip is now of a higher status and so has to respect and try to gain favour of him, whereas before young Pip as a child was of a very low status.Miss Havisham looks d own on Pip for another(prenominal) reason as her wealth makes Pip feel even more common. She invites him to play in Satis brook, which has been neglected since her failed wedding day. She is blunt with Pip, for example I commit you want nothing. Youll get nothing. She has a frighteningly manipulative influence on those around her. She teaches Estella to break mens hearts and encour ripens Pip to think she is his mysterious benefactor. It could be because she spends likewise much time alone with her bitter thoughts, which allows her to be so cunningly manipulative. She expects people to follow her wishes, especially Pip as he is common.You are noncompliant to play, then are you willing to work? In contrast, Magwitchs treatment towards Pip is regardless of class. When he first meets him he is desperate, shaking, ill and in pain. We can see that this makes him desperate, and even threatening to Pip. However, later on in the novel we can see that Magwitch treats Pip with great respe ct in affection in crop for his help seeing himself as Pips second-father, whereas Mr Pumblechook tries to leech of Pip when hes older. It is difficult to tell whether Pips deed or Magwitchs nature lead Magwitch to treat someone so accessible like Pip, but as he was desperate on the marshes we can assume he isnt only kind to Pip.Friends on the desolate marshes are a fortune Pip does not possess in his childhood. Interacting with children your own age plays a vital role in growing up as we can see from Pips reactions to his meetings with Estella. Her condescending manner is very apparent in the scornful tone she refers to Pip as boy despite being the homogeneous age as him. Once again, it is because of class that she mocks him. She laughs at him for calling the Knaves Jacks. However, Pip falls in love with her even more despite her cruel actions and wishes to change and better his life in the hope of wooing Estella. She has caused a huge impact on Pips life because of the way she has been brought up to break their hearts and because she is the first slightly girl Pip has set his eyes upon. Pip first meets Herbert Pocket in the grounds of Satis House where he is challenged to a fight.Not knowing his name, Pip refers to him as the pale young gentleman. He was secretly afraid of him despite that he did not look very healthy. It could be that his fear is from being treated badly by those of higher status however, Herbert treats him as an equal by playing and even returning Pips good will by aspect same to you. This shows how he treats Pip more fairly unlike Estella. This gives us an insight that class is not an issue to all children. Another person similar to Pips age is Biddy. She comes to look after Joe, Mrs Joe and Pip and at erst Pip recognises her intelligence. However, we can see a slight snobbery in the way Pip looks at her.He does not understand how she can learn quicker than Pip. From this we can see he acknowledges Biddys intelligence, but is also c onfused why he is not superior in that aspect which is rather snobbish. Although Pip and Biddy do not see each other in the same way (Pip did not know back then that Biddy loved Pip), Pip trusts Biddy immensely and tells her that he wants to be a gentleman on Estellas account. He has told no one else this, but still looks down on Biddy and thinks she is envious and grudging of his new wealth. He does not treat her as an equal in this aspect so it is difficult to see if we could call her a true friend. And as friends are important in childhood, its clear to see that Dickens is saying that Pip did not have much of one.Unlike today, Pip doesnt play any games nor is he allowed as much freedom to go out. He is whipped for visit the graveyard, so he certainly wouldnt be able to go out with friends like children his age today. He is expected to learn from Joe in the forge and exit apprenticed (PRENGTD) to him. Before receiving the fortune he has no plectron, and at the beginning wants no other career however we are now encouraged to figure many career options from a young age.This may have been because back then, you didnt have much chance other than to follow the family trade unless you had money. In Satis House he is expected to play in front of Miss Havisham, walk her and keep her company. Even though he is there to play, it is not by choice and he does not have fun by it. His games, for example cards, are very formal whereas today children would play informally and with children their own age, and so once again Dickens shows Pips lack of fun in childhood.

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