Friday, June 14, 2019

Community Foundations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Community Foundations - Essay ExampleThe ACF acts as a connection between conferrers, and the charitable money from the donors helps to improve the lives of all of the people sustentation in Central Texas. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides positions for over two hundred individual charitable funds.The capital of Texas Community Foundation handles over atomic number 23 hundred charitable funds that have been established by non-profit agencies, individual donors, and corporations. Some of these charitable funds implicate scholarship funds, special project funds, and donor designated funds. The task of the ACF is to help the funds back into the community to help in the supporting of charitable efforts, such as scholarships and grants. These grants support animal-related services, recreation, education, arts and culture, the environment, and health, among others.Some of the projects that the Austin Community Foundation sees to vary in the type of fund that is i t, and the fund, or project, itself. Unrestricted funds help the most pressing of needs of the community, allowing the Board of Governors to define on the recipients. Some of these funds include, but argon not limited to, the Austin Community Foundation Fund, the Emily Lake Fund, and Gatewood Newberry Endowment Fund. Donor advised funds are made through the consultation of the donor, which will benefit charitable organizations. Some of these funds are The Austin High School Endowment Fund, Austin playhouse Endowment Fund, and the Charity Partners of Austin Fund. Donor designated funds benefit the specific organization or fields of interest a few of these funds include A.I.S.D. Redesigning High Schools Fund, Jeanne Deason Fund for the Salvation Army, and the Sidney Burleson Smith Red Cross Fund.Non-profit endowments are non-profit organizations that provide permanent structure and professional investment

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