Thursday, June 6, 2019

High School Graduation Essay Example for Free

High School Graduation EssayThroughout life people go through so many hardships. Whether it be skinny or bad there is always something that comes out of the situation. One of the most exciting however yet scariest events would be outset. So it was the daytime before graduation and we were having our graduation practice. Standing outside in the line alphabetical order me and classmates talked and waited for practice to start. The sun was beating down, the smell of fresh cut grass fill out our nose. We were all just ready to get it over with. Sitting talking with my classmates discussing our future plans. Debating whether or not we will miss high school, but knowing we will definitely miss each other. So at long last it came to practice walking across the stage, so the assistant principle called my name and shake my hand and handed me my mini diploma.Then it finally hit me like a speeding express train, I was about to graduate. May 18th 2012, finally it was here the day of my commencement. I can almost remember that day like it was yesterday, I awoke like on any other school day. That day was crazy, I was running errands and preparing for my graduation and after party. So the time had come for me to put on my blue and gold cap and gown with my gold stack which I had worked so hard for. I had so much sense of pride at the moment all I needed was my diploma in my hand. So the final moment had come and it was time to walk the field. The music stared and we proceeded to walk down the field to our seats.Glancing out at the packed stands I could interpret my family and friends. While waiting for my name to be called, I reminisced on all the good times Ive had in high school and all the friendships Ive made. Finally my row was directed to get up and proceed to the stage and my rendert was racing. Thinking it was finally over, no more high school. I hear my name called and I hear all of my family and friends screaming and clapping for me and it made everythi ng I had done to achieve the diploma my principle handed me after shaking my hand.As I was walking back to my seat with my diploma I was envisioning that I had just closed one chapter to my life and I was arouse to embark or my next journey. Graduation is an exciting time in a persons life, especially a high school graduation. When I think of family and friends gathering together to celebrate a joyous occasion, I feel I accomplished my strongest goal. It never occurred to me that graduation would be the end of my spring chicken and the start of adulthood. Graduating from high school was an influential event that gave me a new outlook on life.

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