Wednesday, June 19, 2019

HOW DO YOU RECRUIT THE RIGHT PEOPLE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HOW DO YOU RECRUIT THE RIGHT PEOPLE - Assignment ExampleThe best method is perceived to focus upon the star performer in the particular job in the company to be able to use them as a model which will make easy to recruit the office person for the dear job. Therefore, often this technique is used by making the top performer as a model in getting the refine(a) candidate. For making the right job translation the top performers are observed along the work they carry out. The performers have different attributes and it is easy to locate the attributes that is take for the job and it helps in finding the right candidate. It is advisable to use this technique instead of wish list technique. This technique might consume more condemnation but it will find the right person for the job (Johnson, n.d.).If an individual does not know who the top performers of a company are, they should plan for networking through talk with local chambers of commerce and business professionals who will hel p in creating the right model for delivering a good job description and find the right person for the right position (Johnson, n.d.).The article is good enough in generating an enhanced knowledge in the terms of recruitment of right person for the right good-hearted of job profile and provides information in how to develop the job description and in looking the attributes that are required for the job. There should be a match between the attributes of the candidate and the attributes that are required for the job.The article has depicted various ways in developing the job description for hiring the right kind of person for the job which one has studied in the text books and many other sources. The top performer observation in development of job description is definitely a good technique. There are certain similarities that have been experienced in the practical applications and that are written in the text books. For a person who is new in this field of recruitment, it is good if t hey follow this technique so that they can avoid mistakes. Even

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