Sunday, June 9, 2019

How to Develop Self-Confidence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How to Develop Self-Confidence - Essay ExampleIt is rightly said that self confidence is all in your thought. The first step that should be interpreted for the learning of self confidence is to realize ones own self. First of all make a list of qualities present in the character and read it daily until your mind starts believing on such qualities in the character. (Robert Anthony - Self-Help, 2005)Another important way to develop self confidence is self talk. It is in truth important in the way of success to express all your thoughts in the figure of words. For such ability one has to eliminate self doubt from the genius. at once this quality develops in the character it will become helpful in every race of life.Self praising is also an important activity for the development of confidence. One should praise himself that he is gorgeous, talented and possesses all the qualities that one should have to be a successful person. This appreciation will of course help him in reducing hes itation from his behavior. In contrast, never criticize ones own self. It plays a great role in suppressing the self-belief. It may demodulate the mind and develop feeling of hopelessness in ones character.Self confidence may also generate by the elimination of bad habits from the personality and replace them by positive activities. If an individual gets command on his behavior he will definitely become confident in his all dealing of routine life (Coon et al 2009).One more important thing that should be mentioned here is that there is no need to hide your progress in any race of life. Let the spate know your efficacy towards your objective. To hide anything would always irritate the mind. It keeps suppressing the confidence.Once the confidence has developed avoid the company of people who diminish your self confidence with their negative comments and opinions. Continuous

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