Friday, May 17, 2019

Treetop Forest

Statement of the problem The furtherance team at Treetop Forest is experiencing many problems. Their productivity is decreasing and affecting the rest of the de fall apartments negatively. The unsupervised employees ar s wishinging off, are not motivated and are adopting norms that are not fitted with the company. Inventory be and the risk of damaged stocks are also increasing. The timber of the carriage of the finished products is also decreasing, resulting in a loss in the market share in the industry, therefore being unable to compete with other companies.Cause of the problem Social loafing is causing the come in productivity in the packaging team. This tendency to withhold physical or intellectual labour when performing a sort out task1 represents the slacking behaviours of the employees in that department. The lack of supervision is also one of the of import causes of or so of the problems stated. The crowds cohesiveness is causing them to be cede in similar manner s, as elongate tasks, even though the behaviours adopted are not in line with the norms of the rest of the company (taking yearlong breaks etc).Because this departments location is further than all the other ones, the employees feel isolated and excluded from the company, causing their lack in motivation. The root words poor murder is causing an overstock which results in high stemma costs and risk of damaged stocks since they have to be stored outside ultimately causing the poor appearance of the finished product which affects the buyers decision. It can be assumed that it is a bigger classify due to the tasks that need to be performed, which affects the group in many ways.In larger groups, friendships develop, participation decreases and insulation increases resulting in process loss a group performance difficulty stemming from the problems of motivation and coordination in larger groups. 2 Solutions and Consequences 1. To counteract the social loafing the company should In crease feelings of indispensability. Doing this within the group would motivate the employees. Increase performance feedback, so that employees will know how to improve themselves as well as knowing what they did well. Reward group performance. Pros Highly motivated in what they are doing They would feel belonging to the company since they would know what the companys goals are. 2. To have a more structured environment, Treetop should hire and train a saucily executive program only for the packaging department. Pros This solution will decrease inventory costs and increase the production and quality of the finished products. Effective communication between the other departments to balance the productivity levels Cons The salary and training of this youthful employee will increase the companys costs. 3.To reduce the overtime costs, limits should be put on the heart and soul of overtime hours an employee is allowed to use, along with a deadline for a specific gist of products. Pros This would decrease the overtime salary costs This would increase productivity due to the fixed goals. This would decrease the extended break and lunch times. Cons Because these goals are imposed, the employees may be reluctant to achieve them. To avoid this situation, the goals could be discussed therefore increasing the probability of their achievement. Recommended SolutionIt would be recommended to implant supervision since it is the main cause of all the problems the company is faced with and because of the many effects it would have on the situation. The group needs structure and a supervisor would therefore help resolve most problems. Implemented Solution Immediately, communication should be improved between the departments to stop the unbalanced productivity. This would resolve part of the inventory costs problems. Upper management should also put someone in charge of the packaging team. If costs of hiring a new supervisor are too high, an existing supervisor could be disposed more shifts.Although hiring and training costs are high, the company will benefit from this addition in the long-term. The new supervisor would counteract the social loafing the company is experiencing. The supervisor could be trained to focus on the motivation of his group (rewarding good performances etc). This supervisor is also the one who should limit the employees to a certain amount of overtime hours they are allowed to. The supervisor would reinforce the companys norms, eventually eliminating the self-imposed ones in the group (longer breaks). The supervisor would also promote group cohesiveness and a pleasant working environment.In the pithy term, upper management could host a meeting or assembly between all departments to grass them feel interrelated and important to the company. This could be a great motivation for the employees. In the long term, group evaluations could be necessary to measure the groups performance and to see if the actions taken are re solve the problems. ________________________________________ 1 Johns,G, & Saks, A. M. (2008). Organizational Behaviour, 7th edition, Toronto Addison-Wesley-Longman. 2 Johns,G, & Saks, A. M. (2008). Organizational Behaviour, 7th edition, Toronto Addison-Wesley-Longman.

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