Monday, May 13, 2019

Ethical Dilemmas Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Ethical Dilemmas - search Paper ExampleThe intention of this study is Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) that atomic number 18 known to provide singular services in health care. They offer their patients with the chance to opt for preferred procedural as hygienic as surgical services carried out beyond the environment of a hospital. ASCs were set up and hold up been serving people with their services for over three decades. ASCs have been successfully representing an outstanding and incomparable potency of enhancing quality along with their service towards their customers while concurrently bringing down the expenses over the years. ASCs are beingness considered to be an exception because of the mounting expenses of services in the health care industry. Developments in services and technologies in the health care industry are increasing the costs and in such a term ASCs are considered to be of great relief for the people. Great efforts are being do throughout the body polit ic in order to enhance the system of health care and ASCs have appeared to be triumphant in altering the services related to health care in a positive way. All kinds of surgical procedures were carried out in hospitals in the past. Previously, people needed to wait for months in order to get an appellative and patients had to spend quite a few days in the hospitals in order to recover. The concept of ASCs was veritable by physicians. They felt the need and recognized a prospect to set up a spiffing quality, lucrative choice and a substitute for the surgical services being provided in the hospitals. Physicians were disturbed and steamed of the postponements, inadequate rooms for carrying out operations and difficulty in acquiring new equipment for surgical procedures. This made them to look out for an alternative and build up centers with better facilities and services (Ambulatory Surgery Centers, 2002). Organizational Structures and Responsibilities The developers that are the p hysicians carry on offering force for growth of the already existing ASCs along with the new ones. Physicians relish more freedom while carrying out their operations compared to the hospitals. They are capable of

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