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E-Commerce and Information Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

E-Commerce and Information technology - Essay ExampleIT implementation, therefore, requires evaluation measures that are effective in order to be successful in implementing the new technologies int supplanted for the organization. Theories check been evolving in recent years that are able to give guidance to an organization in implementing innovations. Technology Acceptance Model Technology acceptance model theory specifies the casual relationship present in system design features, the behaviour of usage and how the toll is easy for usage. TAM predicts the accept cleverness of a limited son of a bitch and any modifications that should be put in place for the tool, to be acceptable by the end applyrs. For an information to be accepted the users leave analyse its gain and how easy it exit be for them to use it. Behaviour intention affects the usage of information systems including the perception of how it is going to be utilised. An individuals positioning and the impact the tool to be used has on the performance greatly affects the usage of a system. It is true up to say that if an individual does not welcome the use of information system in the workplace tho has perceptions that it will improve work performance the individual will eventually use the information systems at the end of it all. With TAM, there is a link between what an employee at the work place perceives and the usefulness of the tool to be implemented. The extent to which technology will be used in an organization is mainly caused by technology diffusion1 moreover, an employees ease of use spot at the workplace will be influenced by a self-efficacy mechanism and his instrumentality. The behaviour and intentions a someone creates towards a system will influence the persons perception about the said system. In some cases, an individual may form a behavioural intention of a system and not necessarily have an attitude towards it. This creates a strong relation between a system that is the self-reported usage and has a perceived usefulness and it affects an individuals intention. On the contrary, perceived ease of use has a significant effect on the behaviour intention of and individual and it later subsides over a stopover. Behaviour intention of a person towards a system, therefore, is greatly influenced by its perceived usefulness and the perception of ease of use. DHL Express Finland, in a case study carried out by Kuula and Annu, adopted an IntraShip application in order to improve on their B2B customers who make orders at DHL.2 The orders that were made to DHL gave the customers a number one bugger off. Shipping orders, being an important severalise of a companys daily operations, made the consumers have a high level of usability and the experience they had been varied within a period of 6 months to 7 years. Majority of the users had been using the applications for a period not more than two years and later changed to other service providers other than DH L Express. The customers were satisfied with the changed accompaniment at DHL Express, and it was problematic, but it is also smooth using IntraShip application. The main issue with the customers was the fact that there were issues relating to the ability to learn of IntraShip, and this was regarding facilitating conditions such as training. Even though, the application had certain features that were harder to learn, most customers thought the application was saucer-eyed and in a matter of time, they would get used to it. Having internet and technology

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