Sunday, May 12, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

verbalism - Essay ExampleIn essence, it is intimately grasping, the text, poem or idea from the playscript and trying to excite good meaning of the word as contained in the text. What makes the book even more valu commensurate is the accompaniment that the authors gave attention to both the word, as well as the sentences as they are presented in the paragraphs. As if non enough, the book outlines the practical challenges uncounted in interpreting, as well as applying the bible teachings. It talks about grasping from the very practical, literal sense of the hands-on and of the practical know-how. through and through this, the book provides training on how to correctly interpret and handle Gods word. On the overall, the book is spiritually enriching abandoned that its focus on is on grasping the word of God. Through learning how to interpret the word of God, one would be able to get the very correct meaning of the biblical teaching as put down by scriptural scholars and it is through this that he/she would get a lineing God, as well as oneself. Certainly, there are divers(a) concepts and skills the book equipped me with. As outlined in the above text, the skill of interpreting the bible is sort of outstanding. The authors emphasized on the word to word, sentence to sentence, as well as paragraph to paragraph. For instance, in section 4 and part 5, the book talks about the informative journey New Testament and the interpretive journey Old Testament. ... It is worth noting, in this case, that the key purpose of this book is to help serious worshipper including college students learn how to read, interpret, and apply the word of God. Moreover, the distinction between the Old and the New Testament has been clearly been outlined in this book, and how the devil merge in so far as the message contained in the two chapters is concerned. The outstanding concepts, on the former(a) hand, includes the concept behind various version of the bible, the way of r eading bible following sentence to sentence, the discourses, following paragraphs, the holy spirit concept, application concept, the biblical historical concept and other many concepts. Certainly, the various skills and concepts as attained in this class are quite meaningful to me. I would make use of these skills and concepts in enriching my personal life alongside other people in the society. Through the skill of interpretation and reading the bible, I was able to understand well how to interpret the bible and thence have enabled me to make a personal decision in moving closer to God given the right interpretation. I will use this skill to help most serious believers to get to understand the bible well. Other skills are also of paramount importance as far as their pertinency is concerned. The concept behind the Holy Spirit and the word of God is also quite informative. The historical, biblical concepts would rise my understanding about the word of God and applying the many conc epts shall enable me provide the right information about the word of God to those I interact with. There are various concepts, as well as skills I look forward to study and practice. Key among them is the concept behind the Gospels, the revelation, the narratives used, the laws, the

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