Saturday, May 18, 2019

Educational Philosophy According Dr.Jose Rizal Essay

Vercaza, Kiervy G.096 Brgy.KainginBongabon Nueva,Ecija09488524035alkhaline_28yahoo.comCareer im personalisedTo be employed as one of your faculty memberEducation2011-2015Eduardo L. Joson memorialisation CollegeBrgy, Singalat Palayan City Nueva Ecija live of simple-minded Education2007-2003Bongabon National High SchoolBrgy. Sinipit Bongabon Nueva Ecija2003-1997Sto.Domingo Central SchoolBrgy. Sto.Domingo Nueva EcijaEmployment/Work interpretNovember 2014-march 2015Practice TeacherBongabon Central round-eyed schoolBrgy.Social Bongabon Nueva EcijaActivities/InterestMember- Future Elementary Teacher Association (FETA) 2013-2015 Member- Students-Teacher organic law (STO) 2014-2015Seminar Attended- Personality and Leadership Seminar- October 15, 2011 Seminar Attended- Love, Family relationship- January 27, 2013ReferencesMr. Michael EsguerraDean, College of Teacher EducationEduardo l. Joson memorialisation CollegeBrgy.Singalat Palayan CityMs. Josefina BalitonDean of Academic AffairsEdu ardo L. Joson Memorial CollegeBrgy.Singalat Palayan CityI hereby certified that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.Kiervy G. Vercaza applicator158 Brgy. VegaBongabon Nueva EcijaJuly 15, 2015Mr. Alex V. MantilePrincipal IIBongabon Central Elementary SchoolBrgy.Social Bongabon Nueva EcijaDear Sir MantilePlease consider my application to be one of your elementary teachers in Central Elementary School. I graduated recently with the Degree of unmarried man of Elementary Education at Eduardo l. Joson Memorial College and passed the Licensure Examination for teachers at the same year. I do erotic love to teach children and I am willing to do my very best to impart knowledge to throw up them and to prepared them for their future.During my college years, I became a member of Student Teachers Organization and Future Elementary Teachers Association. I similarly attended seminar about personality and Leadership seminar and love, family relationship seminar . My experience in my field study during my second year up to 4th year first semester at different elem. Schools in Palayan City has given up me training in the teaching profession. And I think my practice teaching prepared me and teach me closely enter the thing that Ive need to know with regards in education.I am confident o my teaching skills and ability, and very determined to succeed in the field of teaching. My experienced and education have fortify my goal to be one of the teachers which any school can have.I will make the some of my employment with Central Elementary School and feel confident that I will be legal teacher. You can phone me at 09109924316 at any time you are free. I looked forward to incline with all the faculty and staff of the school. rightfully yours,Kiervy G. VercazaApplicantEncl. Transcript of records096 Brgy. KainginBongabon Nueva EcijaJuly 07, 2015Mr. Alex V. MantilePrincipal IIBongabon Central Elementary SchoolBrgy.Social Bongabon Nueva EcijaDear SirDoes your school have a place for an Elementary teacher with college diploma in teaching profession and have passed the Licensure examination for teacher. Please consider my application.I graduated at Eduardo L. Joson Memorial College, Brgy. Singalat Palayan City. With the Degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. I am a member of the Student-Teacher Organization and the Future Elementary Teachers association. I think I am capable to be part of the school (Central Elementary School) as my academic achievement and experienced presented. I am very determined and will make the most of my employment with your school to be effective teacher.May I have the privilege a personal interview? If some clarification here my cellphone number 09488524035. I would appreciate your fully consideration.Truly yours,Kiervy G. VercazaApplicantEncl. Resume

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