Monday, October 28, 2019

Undergraduate research program Essay Example for Free

Undergraduate research program Essay University of Delaware is one of the leading undergraduate research universities in the country. Many students are currently enjoying the benefit of these services that the university offers. The Program Aims The university is determined to bring out the best out of their students by given them the chance of being in the forefront in the knowledge and creative works, this they achieved by making the undergraduate and even the new students work as an assistance or a junior member of their faculty research team preparing them for the research future and making them to have the opportunity to review the professional researcher’s works so as to expose them to the act of gathering ,evaluating and sharing results with the scientific, artistic or scholarly community. Participants and Eligibility The research program is open to all interested undergraduate. Student who wants to develop themselves in the area of research sometimes some exceptional students are given salaries or stipend during summer, stipends are given. The only requirement is to have a cumulative grade point index of at least 3. 00 to ascertain the level of seriousness to academics so that it would not affect the academics performance of the students Functions of the program The program provides the students with the general information about the research experiences The way to approach the faculty researcher that the students might want to work with Assistance to undergraduates that are writing their projects for the Honours Degree to make distinction in such projects Means of funding the research work through faculty sponsors and scholarships Provision of research reading room in which have the archives of the past senior research works are placed so as to make references to them Many opportunities for students to presents and show case their research papers. Reference University of Delaware (2007): http://urp. udel. edu/basics/policies. aspx. Retrieval date; 12th May, 2008.

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