Saturday, October 5, 2019

Small scale Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Small scale Project - Essay Example Many researchers have proposed the sole solution to be based on proper management of the students’ times regarding the attendance of their classes and taking their assignments promptly and accurately. It is not easy however to control the students’ behavior in a university context (Cierno, Kilpatrick, Resnick, Saunders, & Best, 1996) given the large number of students and the uncaring nature of most of the university lecturers. The entire process therefore lies in the students themselves to ensure that they uplift their performances by properly managing their time and events while at school. This research paper will examine and address the factors that are important to the University of East London undergraduates to help them to learn effectively on their courses. This research will be conducted by using two primary qualitative data searching methods namely; the use of questionnaires and interviews. An accurate sample size will be computed from the entire university pop ulation to act as a representation for the generalization of findings for accuracy purposes. Data analysis will be conducted both qualitatively and quantitatively to allow for generalization of the generated findings to the entire student population. Research methodology Sampling criteria The entire student population is too big to be studied in totality calling for the use of just a section of the population. However, accurate sample size has to be designed in order to clean the data of biases of time and personal preferences. In line with this, accurate sampling techniques will be employed in this research in order to come up with a more representative result from the findings. Yamane formula will be employed in coming up with the most convenient and representative sample size. The formula provides a confidence level of 95%, (Bell, 1995). The method of proportional allocation will be used to allocate samples to strata. This method ensures that the sizes of samples from different s trata are proportional to the size of the strata. From the Yamane formula, Where, n= sample size N= population size e=level of precision Using the formula above, a total of 40 students will be extracted from the total population to be included in the sample frame for this research. The 40 students will be acquired by stratifying the students according to their grades based on their current years of study. The samples will be selected from each stratum by using simple random sampling method. This will ensure that a proper criterion is followed in selecting the sample string for the entire population. According to Carter & Thomas, (1997), random sampling techniques help in eliminating personal and time biases hence the main idea behind its choice. The entire population which is to be studied in this research, all students from the University of East London is very big and cannot be reached adequately using the primary data collection methods that would be employed in th

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