Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Juliusz Slowacki We all have our favorite writers. Many of them are using their own, original language that we like or don’t. Very often basing on the language they use we can imagine their character and what kind of people they are or were. Their style of writing makes us be more familiar with them and with their books. But sometimes, even writers that are using very unique style of writing make a huge impression on us and I would like to focus on a novelist that presents that kind of writing. His name is Juliusz Slowacki (1809-1849) and he is one of the most famous Polish poets in the history. As you can see he was writing his books very long time ago but they are still very popular in Poland, Europe and probably in other parts of the world. I can say that he is not my favorite writer because his style of writing is not easy to understand and you have to be very focus during the reading. In addition to that, every person that wants to read some of his books should be very familiar with Polish and European history. On the other hand this is advantage because reading a book you are also studying a little bit of history. But it does not mean that I don’t like Slowacki and his books. I chose to write about him because his style is very familiar to me, and his books made a huge impression on me. Some of his books captivate, fascinate, release my imagination, and are taking me to the lands that I always wanted to see and visit. The fight for independence became the main topic of Slowacki's works. In his books like â€Å"Kordian†, â€Å"Bogurodzica† he is calling the nation to fight because in his opinion that is the only way to the freedom. Slowacki was writing about moral and political problems of the generation, which had lost the resurrection. He was a great poet loving his country. He also was writing poems inspired by the nature like â€Å"Rozlaczenie†, about his childhood, literature, but his main subject was always reflections about his nation and the suffering of Poland and Polish people. In my opinion his lyrics reached the artistic perfection. In supreme way he could recreate and portray human feelings. Slowacki is using many elements of language. His style is speaking to our imagination beautifully describing his times and the events.

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