Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Analytical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Analytical - Essay Example Is media, too, entitled to change its view from ethical to business oriented? While, we cannot take the huge task of judging the media across the world, we will be focusing on the Australian media scenario, learning form the facts, analyzing a few media channels and coming to a conclusion – Is the contemporary Australian media following in the wheels of entertainment more than education? While the question, indeed, is big, the discovery towards the conclusion will prove to be startling nevertheless. One of the presets of any education in media explains its students that the first and foremost task and responsibility of media towards the viewers is to â€Å"inform.† However, are these precepts only a part of the necessary and age old course material, or do these young students really do follow these in real lives becomes of question. Several nations have seen a change in their media trends. Australia, too, cannot ignore the changes that have come about in the media scenario. Be it broadcast or the print media, the changes that have come about are inevitable. However, are these changes absolutely necessary, is the big question. Several researches have been conducted and several journals and news stations monitored. The results of all have come to the same thing – the Australian media is, indeed, giving in to the pressure of the monies and becoming increasing more business oriented than any other time earlier. While we have explained that media is changing the scenario, how is it that we reached the conclusion? The same is cited here. The Australian media is enjoying what is called as the complete â€Å"editorial freedom and freedom of speech and expression† like no other media in any democracy across the world. Despite the freedom that the journalists and media exercise, the journalists are often blamed by the citizens and masses in general that they abuse the power that they have been asserted with. Even when the Princess Diana

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