Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Best Way of Reducing Stress

Almost stresses and difficulties of modern life are caused by high density of working when people face to hard problems in daily working. It seems to me that the best ways to reduce the stress is playing sports to relax and think wisely to find the best solution to overcome the difficulties. According to me, playing sports is the best way to relax and release the stress. When you get the stress it means that your body is tired and your brain is no longer sober. In that case playing sports gives you not only good physical health but also sober mind. Moreover, playing sports help you extricate yourself from negative thinking because when you focus in the game you always think positive therefore you will get fresh mental powers. In my case, whether I feel stressed or not, I always play my favorite sports at the weekend. In summer I choose swimming, in winter I choose table tennis or badminton. To me, playing sports at the weekend helps me free all the strains of the passing week and give me more power for the coming week. Along with the way that I have mentioned above, in order to get out of the difficulties, one more thing you should do is to think wisely and try to find the best solution for hard problem that you are facing to. When getting into hard problems, people tend to work continuously for very long time without a break and they think with high density of working will help them escape the hard situation. They are wrong, because the more they are tired the less their brain is intelligent. In my opinion, in that case they should reduce their work and think in another way before continue. For example, they had better discuss and share this problem with other friends and co-workers, more people have more ideas and the best idea will help them to solve the hard problem. Taking all above discussions into account, it seems very clear that playing sports is the most effective way for combating stress and thinking wisely is the most positive way to solve the difficulties.

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