Friday, August 23, 2019

Disscussion question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Disscussion question - Assignment Example Effecting of sanctions and embargoes might do more harm than beneficial to a country for this reason; it should be done carefully after assessment of the possible aftermaths. America at one point had an embargo on almost all commodities excluding oil; this was because oil is one of their economies’ driving forces. The other strategy is through innovations which drive towards sustainable growth and quality jobs. Based on the idea that US economy is reliant on fossil fuels, it is tremendously valuable for the US government to protect consumers and businesses against harmful price shocks. Lovett, Eckes & Brinkman (2004) further explains that it has been the government’s role to assure continuous supply of strategic materials such as oil. For a long time, the U.S has left this task to the national defense stockpile which ensures that materials needed are available in time of war and this meant leaving it to the free market to guarantee supply for the industrial economy. In order to trim down US dependence on doubtful sources of supply of strategic materials need to be based on a combination of approaches (Lovett, Eckes, & Brinkman 2004). Through planned purchasing and procurement, the state ensures availability of strategic materials. When it is done by professional, it is termed as supply management. This makes sure that there is a constant supply of the strategic materials needed to the state and in a reasonable time so that there are no cases of deficit (Lovett, Eckes, & Brinkman (2004). As many would believe, US policy should be aiming at increasing trade. It is fascinating to note that, not all Americans are happy with the policy makers as the majorly dwell on business importance coupled with overwhelming goodwill that incorporate other priorities. Eckes (2000) argues that for a long time, now majority of American have been supporting the trade policy as they believe that it will improve trade. For instance, in 2001, poll

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