Thursday, August 15, 2019

Effects of Media Mass Worksheet Essay

What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century?Communication to the public in the past has evolved through the 20th century through several stages as stated on the table chart shown on page 27 of Chapter 1 – Mass Media. It shows the evolution of mass media through different communication stages. Starting with oral/manuscript, to print and electronic and currently electronically to digitally. These different variances also determined which general public was being reached, the information that was being sent out and the amount of time to receive the information. Today in the 20th century, media can be reached be the masses, people can access the news and media through their televisions, internet, cell phones, social media networks and still newspapers. With the recent turn to the digital age of media coverage you are able to reach wide range of viewers and they are able to access up to date news and important information in a second. This tool can be helpful in emergency situations but can also cause may conflicts in opinions and misleading information. With the digital age and social networks, it allows everyone access to speak their mind, not being just a news-anchor or report from the past and present. There are many social and blogging sites that allow you to voice anything you wish. Allowing someone to rant or rave, demonstrate fact or fiction all at their finger- tips. Although this can be accessed immediately, some information may be basis or misleading, so the general public still will need to take caution when reading news and updates. How did each development influence American culture?During each stage change through the 20th century, it had also changed the taste and preferences of  the general public. Now with access to a wide range of media outlets and networks, common everyday people were turning into overnight celebrities and reality stars. The general public was able to access other prospects, parodies, and creative media outlets rather than just the few the public was limited to in the past. With the media at your fingertips it is hard to not communicate every chance you get. Checking email, having a cell phone that you can make telephone calls while traveling to help keep in touch with family also helps. This feature helped keep families closer and as a nation a tighter community to all events, rather than having to wait days or even months to receive important information. As through each development the cultures changed as described and pictured on Figure 1.2 – Culture as a Skyscraper. Going from the elite and selected few now there are many new forms of expression that can be found online through the internet. I do agree with the diagram and do see how the general public tastes have changed and even lowered, but living in the United States of America, has given each individual the right to freedom of speech and lucky for them others like what they have to say or do, which through blogging, tweeting or Facebook posts can help with popularity and a growing sensation.

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