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SPORT DEVELOPMENT IN THE COMMUNITY Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

SPORT DEVELOPMENT IN THE COMMUNITY - Assignment Example In addition, physical activities help to encourage the youth and the disabled to attend school as it gives them something to look up to thus, increase the rate of school attendance in the community (Smith and Waddington 2004). The disabled, elderly, pre and postnatal are the greatest beneficiary of physical activities as physical activities enhances their social life, technical skills and communication skills thus, help to keep these group of people in line with the community. Hence, physical activities directly affect the community, as it is the main form of ensuring the continuity of the community, society development and regeneration (Stormann 1996). Physical activity is a branch of physical education since it has trainers and professional instructors who teach and offer instructions as a formal education. Physical activity is for people who need adaptation to participate in physical activities. Adaptation is research and practices that serve people of all ages who do not get good services offered by sport sciences and are disadvantaged in accessing opportunities provided by physical activities (Stormann 1996). It extends’ beyond disabled people and includes the aged, young and obese individuals, among other categories. Adaptation is provided in terms of appropriately modified and designed sport equipment( for example prosthesis and wheelchairs), using a different skill of instructions, modified task criteria , nonverbal instructions and increasing or decreasing court dimensions (Vail 1992). It is all about matching personal interests and strengths with the appropriate activities, to promote participation in physical acti vities. This is regardless of the population engaged in the physical activity. Leisure World Colchester is a physical activity centre, which serves the local community, students and members of

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