Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Daily someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Throughout the mental health aspect, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has been a prevalent clinical problem. From nursing care and evidence based practice, studies have shown that PTSD has been diagnosed because they were trying to escape from a situation that seemed impossible to deal with or to get relief from immoral thoughts and feelings. Throughout this paper the clinical concept of hope will be discussed along with nursing care interventions. The evidence-based literature presented will display how nursing interventions can assist in treating clients who have no hope, into a future which is promising and worth fulfilling. Hope is considered a state where a person has an aspiration or desire for a certain thing to happen. Throughout my clinical experience at the VA Hospital located in Montrose, NY, many of the patients stated they were present due to the loss of hope in themselves. In a nurse’s perceptive, hope is something they believe in. Nurses believe that their patients can achieve their goal of getting well and continuing with their lives to the best of their abilities. The purpose of the paper is to state how clients such as ones who are diagnosed with PTSD have lost hope in themselves. They need support and guidance from families, friends, and staff that work with them. A nursing model that can help the patients who have lost all hope is based on Jean Watson’s human caring theory. The theory states how caring is a part of the nursing job and one the duties for a nurse. Caring for a patient can help instill hope to improve their well-being. Reviewed literature will be pres ented and discussed along with the nursing model as well as with the co... ...d friends to strengthen their mind and body. Watson defines nursing as a human science of persons and human health illness experiences that are mediated by professional, personal, scientific, esthetic, and ethical human care transactions. By treating the patients as a whole instead of parts health care professionals such as nurses can help care for the patients and enhance hope in their hearts. Recommendations for the best nursing practice were to intervene as early as possible. It helps to group people who are going through similar situation to talk to each other to get insight on how they are dealing with the situation. Lastly, it would best to promote education and interventions when needed to allow the patients know that hope is always attainable but they have to be willing to care and listen to themselves and close ones among them to achieve hope.

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